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There are moments in the history of media, where every available eye is turned to one phenomenon, one broadcast, one series. Reasons for watching may vary from mild interest, general concern, or personal involvement. Either way, everyone knows, and everyone follows. It had been almost a year ago that the world at large had finally accepted the existence of ghost, after two previous years of strange occurrences in the small city of Amity Park. It had been a slow process, given a firm, final push by one entity’s attempt at a worldwide takeover. This takeover was, thankfully, stopped by the ghostly hero Danny Phantom.

Ever since then, any brand of news involving the infested city was given a little more attention than the averagely viewed material. So it was no surprise when the moment the word Amity was included in one such broadcast, a broadcast that many eyes were already be turned upon, even more people made an effort to see it through.

“Early this morning, contact was lost with Amity Airlines flight 117. The flight departed from San Francisco, California at six a.m. this morning on its way to Amity Park, Minnesota. An hour before the event occurred, the plane veered from its designated route to Amity Park, and instead proceeded towards the Gulf of Mexico. Numerous attempts to make contact with the plane were met with radio silence. Moments before all signs of the plane vanished, the final attempt at contact received a short reply that workers were able to record. We have the recording here for you all tonight.”

“….crets…. so many… secrets. So many things you don’t know. You’d like to know, wouldn’t you? You’d all like to know. And I think I’ll show you, but not without a little fun first… hehehe. HehehahahaHAAAAA-”

“And the recording cuts off here. Among the known passengers was a senior class from Amity Park’s Casper High, returning from a school trip. The class included the children of many social elites, as well as the son of the world renowned ghost hunters, Maddie and Jack Fenton. This raises the question, are ghosts somehow involved in the disappearance? Military personnel were dispatched earlier this evening to search for the plane, but no evidence of a crash has been found.”

One newscast, that’s all it took. Now, that’s usually all that it ever takes, but this time there was something different. Something that, despite their unattached worry, aroused a deep curiosity in their minds. After all, how couldn’t it be interesting when ghosts were involved?