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One for My Baby

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Steve didn’t know why he let Sam and Nat talk him into this. He could think of a few things he could be doing right now than sitting at one of the local clubs watching his two best friends dip and grind with the rest of the people on the dancefloor, namely finishing the commission he had for the large painting that was sitting in their living room.

Places like this were easy to navigate for the two of them, Sam was tall, dark, and handsome and Natasha was…well Natasha. They could easily blend into the bars and clubs they were so fond of visiting after a long week of counseling and tattooing, respectively. Steve, however, who was 5’5 and hundred pounds soaking wet, had a little more difficulty dating.

“Besides,” Sam usually informs him, “you’re an omega, man. There’s plenty of guys out there who would like you.”

“And they turn tail when they see the hearing aid or catch me wheezing.” Steve would bite back.

And all that left in the dating pool were the numerous asshole male alphas and overcompensating male betas he’d dated in the past who wanted nothing but a slick hole to fuck.

He sighed, maybe he should hail a cab and head back to their shared apartment. His paints and pencils wouldn’t disappoint him. He was just about to get up and brave the wall of bodies to notify his friends of his departure when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. He immediately bristled, but turned around to see who it was.

“Is this seat taken?”

Steve’s intake of breath was swallowed by the loud bass pumping through the speakers of the club as he stared up at the most entrancing pair of blue eyes. The man’s hair was tied up in a bun, a few strands escaping and getting into said entrancing pair of blue eyes. His features were pretty but not overly so, and stubble dotted along a strong jawline. Oh wow.

He hadn’t realized (he totally realized) he’d been staring until the man gestured to the seat next to him, raising a brow. Steve blinked and snapped himself out of it quickly before this handsome stranger walked away. “Um, uh, no.” Smooth Rogers, smooth. “Go ahead.”

The handsome stranger grinned and sat down on the stool next to him, Steve catching his scent as he settled in and waved the bartender over. The guy was an alpha, which would automatically put Steve on edge again if it wasn’t for the fact that the smell was pleasant and not overwhelming, like smoked Applewood.

“A shot of vodka for me and my friend…” the stranger looked over at him in question.


“Steve here.”

The woman, a pretty beta, gave him a flirty smile before heading for a bottle.

“I’m not really big on drinking.” He was a total lightweight and he’d rather not have this night end with him being carted out by Sam, again.

“Bah,” the man waved. “You just haven’t had good vodka yet. Have you?”

Steve shook his head. Despite Natasha’s few attempts he avoided it after seeing its effects on Sam, who could hold his liquor with some of the best of them (just not Natasha). She had shared some of the “good, authentic stuff” with him and by the time they were finished Sam had stripped down to his underwear, singing Marvin Gaye out in the hall and twirling his shirt around. The neighbors had given them the stink eye for at least a week afterwards. Nat still had the footage and was waiting for the right time to use it as blackmail.

The bartender came back with their shots and the stranger started a tab, pushing one of the shot glasses over to Steve.

“I spent some time in Russia, so it’s not top notch but it’s good enough. Try it, I obviously didn’t drug it.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“James, but only my ma calls me James. Bucky’ll do just fine.” The man, Bucky, held out his hand and Steve shook it with his much smaller one. “Cheers!” Bucky swallowed the shot in one go.

Steve, who wasn’t stupid enough to challenge his lungs and just downing it like he did, sipped at his until it was gone. It was smooth going down but it still packed a punch.

Bucky caught the bartender’s attention and pointed to his glass and held up two fingers.

“So, Steve, what brings you here?”

“My friends dragged me here to be honest.”

Bucky snorted. “Same, but I feel better coming out with mine so he won’t be alone. He can take care of himself but Phil would kill me if I let him come out on his own because while Bruce is sensible, Tony is Tony.”

“Your friend’s an omega?”

Bucky nodded. “So, what do you do?”

Steve wasn’t really good with talking about himself, and two shots in and possibly counting, it probably wouldn’t get any better. “I’m mostly a freelance artist, but I tutor kids at the local rec center three days a week to help balance that out.”

Bucky grinned, and oh it was a beautiful sight. “I’m always excited to meet people who can draw an’ paint; ‘cept for those stuck up asses that just throw paint at a canvas and call it art. I can’t say much though since I can’t draw for shit outside of basic sketches. How’dja get into it?”

“My ma was a nurse. She’d always come home tired and worn out, so when I was a kid I’d started leaving little doodles around the apartment for her to find to make her laugh. She bought me a sketchpad and some pencils the first opportunity she could afford them and encouraged me to continue drawing. I’ve loved it ever since.” He was surprised how easy it was to tell him about a small piece of his childhood so easily, especially since his mother’s death two years ago still managed to choke him up sometimes. He fiddled with his shot glass for a few moments before awkwardly asking, “uh, so what about you?”

“I’m an engineer.”

“What kind of engineer?”

Bucky grinned. “Most people just leave it at engineer.”

“Most people who find out I’m an artist try to get me to draw something on the fly.”

“Fair enough. On paper it’s robotics, but I like to get my hands into anything as long as I can create.”

Their conversation took off from there, falling into a sense of camaraderie that didn’t come easy with alphas for Steve outside of Natasha. They talked about their workdays, some of their likes and dislikes (“seriously, how do you not like mayo? It’s one of the most important parts of a good burger!” Steve wasn’t going to tell him that he doesn’t get along with eggs.), and even a couple of high school memories, while making their way through what had to be the whole bottle of vodka.

Sam and Natasha had spotted him with Bucky at some point, Nat scoping out the situation before giving him one of her secret grins while Sam gave him a thumbs up. Bucky looked back to where his gaze had fallen, giving the pair a quick wave before turning back to Steve. “Your friends?”


The longer they sat there the more physical Bucky became. Touching his shoulder when his head tossed back with a hearty laugh, a hand on his knee every so often; he wasn’t overbearing with his touches and Steve knew that if he gave any indication that he wasn’t comfortable then the alpha would back off. A first it would seem. The bartender came and went, throwing in a word or three when she could, but eventually backed off with a slight scowl when Bucky barely paid attention to her, much to Steve’s secret delight.

Eventually Bucky scratched at the back of his neck nervously before speaking. “Well Steve, and I really hope I haven’t read this wrong, but do you, uh, maybe want to get outta here?”

“Yes!” Steve blurted out before flushing. “Um, I mean, sure.”

Bucky’s smile was blinding. He waved the bartender over and picked up the tab, despite Steve’s protests, and stood up. Steve moved to follow suit, nearly falling as he realized that he may have reached that limit where Sam would typically have to help him outside. Bucky helped to steady him.

“You wanna tell your friends that you’re leavin’?” Bucky’s own words were starting to slur as the alcohol took a faster effect upon his standing as well.

Steve waved in their direction, hoping to catch their eye since he wasn’t sober enough try to penetrate the wall mob of people to get to them. Sam’s eyes caught him soon enough and Steve gestured towards Bucky and himself then to the door. Sam’s liquid brown held a note of concern and Steve glared at him, it’s not like he was some damsel in distress, and the beta relented, giving him a nod and a grin.

Bucky had done the same to a blond and a two brunets in one of the corners on their way out before the cool night air hit them. It didn’t take too long to flag down a cab, Bucky giving the driver his address.


The drive wasn’t a long one in theory, but with the fingers of Bucky’s right hand dancing long his thin thigh it certainly felt long. They pulled up to a very tall building, Steve insisting on paying the driver before they stepped back out into the night air.

Steve followed along as he was led through a very large lobby to what looked to be a private elevator.

“My floor, J.” Bucky said as the moved inside.

“Who are you -” Steve didn’t have time to finish before he was pushed against the back wall and soft, but firm lips pressed against his own. He was left panting when they finally broke apart and the elevator doors slid open soundlessly.

The lights turned on automatically as they stepped inside the small hallway that led to a huge living room area. Steve barely caught a glimpse of the expensive looking furniture before Bucky was back at him, strong arms easily lifting him up and carrying him through the apartment and to the bedroom. Bucky kicked the door closed behind him and crossed the room, sitting Steve down gently on the bed before nuzzling at his neck.

Steve gasped and wiggled underneath him as he felt himself becoming slicker.

“You smell so good, Stevie, so good.” Steve barely had time to think before his coat was gone and his shirt was ripped open, buttons flying this way and that. He opened his mouth to protest when pressed kisses up against his scent glands just south of the back of his right ear, drawing a loud moan from the blond.

“Bucky!” Steve whined and the alpha growled in response, his large hand trailing over Steve’s just visible ribs to his thin chest, his thumb circling Steve’s nipple.

Bucky trailed down his neck, nipping and sucking until his mouth joined his thumb and forefinger in the assault on the hardened peak. Steve squirmed beneath him as he switched sides, giving the other nipple the same attention. Satisfied with his handiwork, Bucky trailed down further with his tongue until he reached Steve’s belt. He looked up for permission with darkened eyes, quickly unbuckling it when he was awarded it with a sharp nod.

Steve tilted his hips up from the bed so Bucky could work his khakis and briefs off, pausing to divest him of his loafers and socks before tossing it all behind him. Now that he was fully naked and Bucky still had every piece of his clothing on, he was starting to feel more than a little self-conscious about this thin frame. His ribs were visible if you paid enough attention, his hipbones were prominent, and his knees were knobby.

He moved to cover himself and started when he heard Bucky mutter “beautiful.” He felt a blush coming on, starting from his hairline to the center of his chest. He didn’t have much time to ponder what Bucky said when Bucky shrugged off his leather jacket, hesitating for just a moment before removing the glove on his left hand that Steve hadn’t noticed he was wearing and tugging off his long-sleeved shirt.

Steve gasped as gleaming metal was revealed, blending in with the soft tan of his skin where they met on his shoulder and a number of scars littered the area.

“Is this gonna be a problem?” Bucky asked gruffly, looking everywhere but at Steve.

Steve shook his head quickly, this wasn’t a problem at all. “If this and this,” he waved at his own body and pointed at the hearing aid in his left ear, “isn’t a problem for you, then your arm isn’t a problem for me.”

Bucky frowned, finally looking at him. “There’s nothing wrong with you.”

His medical history would beg to differ. Instead of saying something to that effect, he just gave Bucky a pointed look.

Bucky shook his head with a chuckle and kicked off his boots, swiftly shedding his impossibly tight jeans and underwear (were those Calvin Klein?!), revealing the rest of his build, muscular but not excessively so. His cock was the largest he’d seen so far, but not intimidating. The alpha climbed up on the huge bed with him, easing him up until his head was lying on the soft nest of pillows at the top before turning him over on his stomach.

Starting at the base of his neck, making him shiver all over and slowly leak onto the bed, the brunet kissed and licked his way down Steve’s back; his hands, both flesh and cool metal, rubbing up and down his arms and sides as he went.

Steve bit his lip when those large hands reached his bottom, firmly massing the small globes of his ass. For all of his slow exploration, Bucky didn’t waste time repositioning himself so that he was between the omega’s legs - he spread his checks and promptly licked over his hole, the blond moaning loudly in the quiet room as he was spread open by that talented tongue.

He moaned as Bucky’s tongue delved deep inside him, his breaths coming out in harsh pants (please don’t have an asthma attack, please don’t have an asthma attack) and more slick leaked out of him. Steve bit his lip as a thick finger joined Bucky’s tongue.

“Buck – please, hurry.”

Bucky added a second finger in response and Steve grunted, trying to push back against them. He couldn’t remember a time where he was this wet outside of his heats - he didn’t know if it was because he hadn’t gotten any in a while or if those before Bucky just hadn’t been as attentive. Most of his previous lovers would have already been knot or balls deep inside him by now. He could feel himself growing increasingly impatient.

“Come on, Bucky! Fuck me already!”

The alpha ignored him (of course) and added a third finger instead, pumping all three carefully, but purposely in and out.

Steve was on the verge of throwing a tantrum when Bucky finally pulled his fingers out and sat up. He was about to move away when the omega flipped over on his back and urged him forward.

“Steve w –”

“Don’t make me wait any longer, Bucky.”

“But –”

Fuck. Me.

Bucky tugged Steve’s thin legs over each shoulder and positioned himself at the blond’s slick entrance and slowly eased in. Steve felt so full as Bucky bottomed out, the brunet leaning down to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, stealing his breath away, as he waited for Steve to adjust.

Once Steve bit his lip and nodded, the alpha started slow at first before easing into a nice rhythm, both of them breaking the kiss to take in air, their eyes locked together. Bucky felt great inside him, but he needed just a bit more.


“But –”

“I can take it. Don’t treat me like glass, Bucky.”

He still didn’t look so sure but he listened to Steve nonetheless and put more of his weight into each thrust. Bucky’s hands slipped on the small traces of sweat along Steve’s legs and he moved his hands to Steve’s hips, leaning forward and changing his angle, searching for…

Fuck!” Steve arched up off the bed his fingers tangling in the thread of the comforter below him.

Bucky chuckled. “Found it.”

Each thrust hit his prostate and pushed him closer to the edge and he could feel Bucky hardening further and just a little more…

Bucky wrapped his metal fingers around Steve’s neglected cock and came with a loud cry. “Bucky!”

The alpha wasn’t far behind him and Steve shuddered as he felt Bucky come inside him with a groan.


It wasn’t until they’d both calmed down that Steve asked “Why didn’t you…?”

“Knot you?”

Steve nodded.

“Ain’t my place.” Bucky answered as he pushed himself up and crossed over to the bathroom. Steve could hear water running for a few seconds – he turned off his hearing aid and placed it on the bedside table - before Bucky came back out with a damp cloth, cleaning Steve’s chest, stomach and thighs, the rest could be handled later. He tossed the cloth in a random direction and bullied the sheets from underneath Steve, curling his flesh arm around Steve’s waist as they settled in. “Night, Steve.”

“G’night, Bucky.” Steve replied sleepily.

It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.