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By Whatever Means Necessary

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Darkness was all you could see, your eyes shut tightly, with barely any energy to open, and if Darkness had a sound, you'd be hearing Darkness too, not exactly silence but an ambience that surrounded your tired self.

You moaned slightly from coming out of your slumber, as you tried to move your achy limbs, but there was something pressing against you, holding you to wherever you were, no matter how much you tried to lift them up. You felt goosebumps start to form on your arms, the chilly atmosphere of the room causing you to shiver slightly, your hands and ankles being touched by a cold metal, keeping them tightly in place.

Your body barely had any energy to open your eyes, but with extreme amounts of strength, that's what you were able to do. The darkness faded away, only a bright light lasting that shot into your skull, hurting your eyes for a few moments until you were able to adjust from being in rest for.. how long?

You could barely remember a thing, other than the faint memories of pain, which you quickly realized still lasted throughout you, as you grunted slightly at the aching pain running through your bones. Once your senses started to come back to you, you could taste the harsh taste of blood in your mouth, obviously yours, as you moaned out once again, your entire body sore and weak.

Before long, your mind started to piece itself back into place, as you kept your eyes open, fighting back the urge to go back into your endless slumber.

You are currently part of the Resistance, and you luckily were one that knew of the plans up ahead, far into the future, but to your dismay, after a mission and a battle, many of your comrades and friends lost in battle, you were captured for having known what was to come. You barely remembered a thing of what exactly happened, but somebody knew of the fact that you've seen the plans, but your mind was too weak to even go through with remembering all the finicky little details, though they would definitely help with understanding where you were.

After your train of remembrance, you came back to your senses, looking down at yourself. Blood stained your boots, with heavy restraints on your ankles and wrists, leaving you motionless against the board you were on. You felt tears start to form in the corners of your eyes, disbelief of where you were.

You were on the ship of the First Order, captured against your will, and you were going to be forced to tell what you know, even if it meant dying here.

You'd rather die than give away the plans of the Resistance, you'd rather feel the sweet release of death than lead the Resistance and the light side to destruction.

You couldn't wipe away your little tears, trailing across your cheek, for your hands were held tight against the metal board, leaving your tears to fall onto your chest.

Before long, you heard the door open, as your head slowly turned to the noise, letting yourself be seen like this by whoever was entering the room.

A figure in a black cloak entered, with a mask covering their face. Of course, you knew exactly who this was, and why they were here, your fists clenching slightly as you fought back more tears. You were always a bit more emotional than the rest of your crew mates, always giving a few tears whenever there were causalities in either a village that was attacked by the First Order, or when people you knew had perished under the gun shots of the Storm Troopers.

Kylo Ren was here to try and get the information out of you through whatever means necessary.