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What to do about Magik?

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Part 1: Well now what?


Scott, Emma, and Erik (Magneto) were gathered round a table in a small conference room. Kitty and Illyana had just departed; Illyana was returning Kitty to the Jean Grey School so she could gather her students and explain what was about to happen. The negotiations were done and agreements reached. Professor Kitty would be bringing herself and her students to Scott's new school.


Scott was still rattled at his near death at the hands of Kitty. Emma was trying to play it cool but she was also unsettled. Erik was reserved, as always.


"It will be good to expand the student roster" was Erik's rather plain statement. "Allows for expanded interactions amongst the new students. Plus, having a cadre of higher trained student will facilitate the learning experience for the less skilled in many ways; rather like having upper classmen I suspect".


Time for a very important and long overdue discussion thought Scott. He initiated that discussion.


"I almost died out there Erik. Just an unphased hangnail away from death. I have... concerns about Magik's decision making process".


"She's not crazy Scott" Emma stated. "Well, at least a lot less crazy now. As bizarre as this sounds this is a good thing".


Scott was somewhat incredulous. "Good?! I seem to recall that you were the one that said she scared the hell out of you".


Emma continued. "She still does. But this is likely, in part, my fault".


"How Emma?" asked Erik. It was not often that the white queen admitted a failing of any sort.


"As you both know, Illyana and I continue to have therapy sessions". No need to talk about all the sessions, some had been quite unprofessional, but fun, and Scott would get all moody if he knew. "Illyana has always been.... hesitant in many things despite experiences to the contrary".  


"Hesitant? Emma! Kitty had her God Damned hand in my head". Scott's response was not helpful.


"Yes darling, I'm sure it was very uncomfortable. So rare to see our Kitty actually unsheathe her claws, but back to the topic at hand. Personnel interactions are... kept away by our Illyana, as you well know Scott. You were in her head, hell we were both in her head back when we were Phoenix. You know the mess that's in there".


Emma continued. "She absolutely believed herself to be unredeemable. She rather deliberately keep all of her former friends at arms length and went to great lengths to motivate them to abandon her. Well... things are different now. Whatever that beast Dormmanu did to her has resulted in some complications. Good complications all in all".


"Like Kitty's hand in my head"?


Erik had his concerns about Illyana, but seeing Scott all worked up was... somewhat entertaining and rather therapeutic for him. Nice to see the shoe on the other foot as it were.


Emma was sympathetic. "It's ok to be upset Scott dear. Feel free to keep shouting about Kitty's hand until you get it out of your system". Ok, maybe not as sympathetic as Scott would have liked.


Emma returned to her main point. "She... wants now. Wanting is a good thing. Complex human feelings have returned. She's trying to interact with people she's driven away. Interact in a way that does not involve slaying them, torturing them, harming them, you get the gist".


Erik got to the point. "What did you do Emma"?


"I had her make a list. Of ten things she wants. The list was for her and not for others, even me, to read. She was quite grumbly about it, considered it a waste of time. Then I told her to then make a list of actions for each item on her list. Actions on what she could do to attempt to make things on her list come true. She protested for awhile but then got that contemplative look in her eye that so concerns those of us who know her best. She really is a good planner when she sets her mind to something. In some ways even better then you Scott".


Emma concluded. "She's.... more complete now. She's actually acting on wants. She wants to fix her friendship with Kitty and this was a way to prove to Kitty just how much she's willing to do for her. I was able to scan Kitty, Kitty did not share her plans with Illyana, she thought that she had tricked Illyana into leaving the two of you alone so she could have a heart to heart talk with you".


"Great. Rather sure Illyana was not tricked. So not feeling very secure right now. She almost got me killed and none of you showed up to help".


"Well" Emma opined. "She did restrain us and was rather blunt about it. Said she was helping a friend and I got the mental impression that she believed she was helping you both. One has to admit that it did allow our Kitty to work out some issues, and you as well. I can't say I approve of the therapy technique, but the results do look promising for all involved".


At this point there was a knock at the door.


Scott massaged his brow. "Come in Magik, we were just talking about you".


The door opened and Illyana entered the room. She did not have her sword about her. She stood rather then sit.


"I hope this don't mean you're planning on locking me up again".


"Like we even could" stated Erik. "I always suspected that you were never truly confined in Utopia".


Illyana looked Scott and then Emma in the eye. "I was. I gave my word, the physical security was just extra. As you both knew after we became... well became".


"So were do we go from here"? Scott asked. Heck, make Illyana come up with a solution.


"I acted only somewhat impulsively. Kitty wanted the opportunity to kill you, but really wanted to be talked out of it. In truth she wanted to talk to you about how much you had hurt her. I left... certain safeguards in the event she actually tried to kill you; I didn't want Kitty doing something she'd later regret. I have... too many of these already, don't need to add more to the pile.  You both needed to talk. Well, you talked".


Both Emma and Erik exhaled and relaxed. Erik couldn't help but wonder how Scott felt getting a dose of his own decision making.


"I apologize for the abruptness of it but I think you all agree that the outcome is to the school's satisfaction".


Ends don't justify the means. An argument that nether Emma or Erik could really make. And Scott, well Scott had been making decisions that rather excluded him from making such an argument as well.


And Illyana? Two words, Hell Lord. Hell Lords always tend to look at the end results and not the means.


"How do you feel about this Illyana" Emma asked. A much better question it turned out.


"Somewhat guilty. Guilt at several levels which I find... surprising. But it would be nice to have Kitty around again, I've... missed her. Missed a lot of things".


Progress thought Emma. Progress.