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“Interesting,” said Medic, and adjusted the nipple clamps.

“Mother fucker,” Scout panted, or something like it; the gag was quite a good muffler and besides, he was not very coherent. His eyes looked glazed, dark and half-lidded, though physiologically speaking this could have been for any number of reasons. Medic had a suspicion the cloth had soaked up a small measure of chloroform. Not a lethal amount; merely enough to dull some of the pain. Regrettable, but not overly significant in the general course of events.

He ran a hand down Scout’s flat stomach and pressed two fingers against the femoral artery, adjacent the groin. His pulse was so fast that the heartbeats nearly blurred together, like the thrumming of a high-caliber engine. Scout gave a small gasp, hips bucking, and clenched his hands in their bindings. His thighs trembled beneath Medic’s glove.

Responsive, Medic noted, though he didn’t pause to write it down. The procedure was strictly empirical. Scout was shaking all over in tiny, shuddering spasms, flushed and sweating, groaning low in his throat. The restraints stretched him out on the examination bed, arms spread wide and feet tied to a spreader bar above head level for better access. It had been quite a stroke of luck, to find the old thing in his stock. Medic wasn’t sure how efficient the arrangement would have been otherwise.

It was superbly efficient now. He took hold of the vibrator, buzzing steadily, and pushed it deeper, thrusting in then out—a strong rhythm, granting no quarter. Scout actually keened, high and needy, like an animal pushed beyond its limits.


When he finally released the cock ring, Scout climaxed immediately and messily, all over his stomach and Medic’s hand. He made several noises, similarly muffled by the gag, and by the time it was over could only lie slack in his bonds, shivering, though with less intensity than previously evinced. His heart rate took some time to return to normal levels, and even then he remained flushed, most distinctly in areas of the neck and face.

It was quite an attractive sight, in all frankness; certainly more appealing than Scout’s usual idiocy. A compelling instance of medicinal examination, as well. Medic undid the restraints—though he left the gag, along with the clamps—and made a note to induce the condition more frequently in the future.