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Normal Tuesday Night

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It was a normal Tuesday night when Peter Hale crashed through his roof.

Ever since the showdown with the nogitsune, Stiles finds he needs more time on his own these days. It’s not that he doesn’t love the others, he does, even Peter. It’s just that sometimes he needs to get away from the pitying/hurt/distrustful looks and reassure himself that he’s the only one in his head, which is pretty hard to do when the whole pack surrounds him with sound, noise and just general chaos 24/7.

Scott’s pointed out enough times in the past that, if it weren’t for the fact that he can hear Stiles heartbeat and the way he moves around, he wouldn’t be able to tell that stiles is in the house at all, his scent is so thoroughly ingrained. Which is why he chooses to hide himself in the attic - his room just isn’t a place he wants to be right now - besides he can never hope to predict when a member of the furry variety might jump through his window in need of his mighty Google-Fu™. His attic is safe since he’s pretty sure none of the werewolves know (or care) about it and his dad refuses to go up there since his mother’s death. So with a bit of belief, Stiles is so much more than his spark these days, and a book that he may or may not have “borrowed” from Deaton, Stiles has more or less soundproofed the room to any straying wolfy ears. He’s never actually “tested” it per say, but he’s never been found up here so he counts it as a win.

Stiles is sitting there reading, (making sure he still can read) a little bit smug and a little bit sweaty once he’d finished hauling a deceptively heavy beanbag chair up into the attic (not to mention that he dropped it five times and almost fell out at least seven), when Peter Hale, of all people, crashes through his roof.




Now Peter’s always been a little too curious for his own good, or at least that’s what he’s used to hearing from everyone. His mother, his big sister Talia, hell even his nephew Derek has jumped in on the bandwagon a couple times. Although where his nephew gets off telling Peter that he's too curious for his own good and that "he'll get himself hurt", when, he’s the one who was so curious about the female anatomy he almost got his entire family killed, he’ll never know. (The look on Derek’s face when he pointed that out was almost worth the visual of his nephew in bed with that bitch.) Point being, is that Peter always feels the need to know everything. So when Stiles starts slinking away from pack meetings, and slipping out of the, slightly demeaning yet aptly named, puppy piles, its no wonder that Peter follows him.

‘Is he going… Home??’ Peter shook his head in disbelief. He didn't understand. Why would Stiles feel the need to skip out on pack gatherings just to go home? Of all the possible scenarios that Peter had imagined, (drugs, a secret boyfriend, possibly even an underground fight club) sneaking out to go home was never one of them. Still that was one of the reasons he adored the boy so much, Stiles was the only one who could continually surprise, and possibly outsmart, him.

Peter listened intently as Stiles set his bag down by the door and headed into the kitchen, probably to get himself a drink or some sort of snack.

Sparing a second to take a quick stock of the neighbourhood, one can never be too careful in Beacon Hills after all, he breaks into a short run and jumped up, settling himself in the branches of the tree in the Stilinski’s back garden.

Now Peter isn't stupid. He knows that he isn't the only one that watches visits, Stiles like this. Derek’s scent is so thoroughly saturated in the tree besides Stiles window, it practically radiates through the entire block. He’s safe enough though, Derek’s far too dense to notice anything that isn't StilesStilesStiles. Frankly, this doesn't surprise Peter one bit. Derek's always been fonder of listening to his, ahem, “heart” than actually using his brain to figure shit out. Makes him entirely too easy to manipulate, but that's not Peter’s problem, especially when he's taken advantage of that fact too many times to count.

Peter takes a moment to mourn the fact that the only fun times he has with his nephew is when he's manipulating, or otherwise pulling one over on him.

Shaking himself out of it, and scaring some pigeons in the process, Peter startled when he realised he could no longer hear the boy’s heartbeat. Fearing the worst, (It is Beacon Hills after all and it would be Stiles' luck to get kidnapped in his own house) he scrambled to the top of the tree and flung himself onto the kid’s roof. Peter had barely landed when, for a split second, he could have sworn he heard a faint cracking sound before everything went black.