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You're a Mess

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Out of all of your hair brained schemes, this has got to be the worst one yet. You’re a smart girl and you can admit when your plans are dumb. Including this plan, of going up to your girlfriends sister, of whom you accidentally had the hand in murdering, and asking her to help you control your abilities.

You shakily walk up her front steps to her door. This is a terrible idea. She hates you. She’d gladly murder you without a second thought if it wasn’t for Carmilla. Carmilla who you didn’t bring to be a buffer. Oh my god, you’re going to get slaughtered.

Just as you’re about to turnaround and race home, Mattie swings the door open. She’s looking gloriously terrifying as she stares down her nose at you. She basically towers over you in her red six inch heels.

“Gidget.” She says in greeting, her voice sending chills down your spine. She doesn’t look overly surprised to see you.

“M-Mattie!” One of her perfectly sculpted eyebrow lifts. It’s eerily similar to the way Carmilla does it that you can’t help but wonder if they were taught how to do that.

“What do you want?” She growls coldly in reply, looking you up and down.

You chuckle awkwardly as she glares at you. You were never good at talking to her.

“I am here, to ask for your help.” You shift on her doorstep as she looks you up and down.

“And what, pray tell, little one, do you need my help on?” Her hand moves to her cocked hip as she continues to glare at you. Her black dress standing out against the red wall paper behind her.

“I’m having issues… controlling myself around Carmilla… When other people are around. Talking to her.” You don’t know how to say that whenever someone so much as breathes in Carmilla’s direction you find yourself wondering the quickest way to commit decapitation.

Mattie brings you out of your reverie as she laughs loudly. Your eyes widen dramatically. It echoes around you as you stare at her in a mixture of surprise and horror. You don’t think you’ve heard Mattie laugh that sincerely before.

“I remember those days, controlling those urges were incredibly difficult. Come on in little one, this isn’t a discussion to have outside on my door step.” She ushers you in through the door as she chuckles. “I’ll be honest Gidget, I never thought you’d come to me with this.”

“I wasn’t going to,” You sigh, as she tsk’s under her breath, “I went to Carmilla and she said it was perfectly normal and easy to control but I’m still somehow struggling with it. Just like my second form.”

“Yes, she told me about that. I always new you’d be a pipsqueak.” She’s laughing at you again. You huff, which only seems to encourage her, and walk swiftly to her lounge room and plop down on one of her chaise lounges.

She walks in behind you and sits down gracefully across from you. She looks two seconds away from laughing again.

“Would you like a drink?” She asks, grabbing two glasses out of the cabinet next to her seat. It’s a minbar. Your already wide eyes widen further.

“Uhh.. Yes please.”

She smiles in your direction as she takes out a large glass bottle of a red liquid. Your nose twitches.

She gingerly pours you a glass of the beverage before she passes it to you. Your fingers wrap around the surprisingly warm glass. You draw it back to yourself and sniff it carefully. You almost drop it when you realise it’s exactly what you thought it was.

“Why’s it warm?!” You squeak loudly as Mattie chuckles at you yet again.

“Calm down, it’s Mulled Wine mixed with a little type A.” She takes a sip of her glass as she watches you desperately try and reign in your emotions. “I like my blood bags luxurious and warm. Sue me.” She drawls with a shrug. Everything about her is so casual. It blows your mind.

“Right…” You mumble, sipping on your drink with barely concealed disgust. You still haven’t got used to the idea of drinking blood. It’s so unnatural to you that the first time you had tried, Carmilla had had to fetch a bucket.

“Now on to this little problem of yours,” She says, crossing her legs carefully, “Most newbies, such as yourself, struggle with the increased libido. I didn’t think this would be a problem given your and Carmilla’s sexual history.”

You choke on the sip of wine you were taking. What does your sexual history with Carmilla have to do with anything?

“Mattie what?!” You sputter. Your face is bright red as you try desperately to forget about this whole conversation.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. When you’re a newborn, everything increases. All your natural instincts. So naturally your attraction to my darling sister would increase as well. It’ll calm down eventually.” You hide behind your hands as Mattie’s words hit you. The glass your holding awkwardly sits against your forehead. You don’t know what you did to deserve this torture.

“Mattie please.” You mumble, “I don’t know what this has to do with-“ She cuts you off with a wave of her wrist as she starts talking again.

“If I were you little one, I’d take advantage of it. Try out some new things. I heard there’s this store in town which sells some extremely pleasing appendages that I’m sure not only you, but Carmilla would enjoy.” Mattie’s voice is matter-of-fact and she’s acting like she hasn’t just given you an aneurysm.

“Mattie why are you talking about sex?” You cry, uncovering your face from your hands. Mattie’s eyes go wide as you stare at each other. Neither of you speak as several awkward moments go by.

“Isn’t that what you need help with?” She asks, placing her glass down on the table. You chug the rest of your glasses contents.

“No.” You whimper, rubbing your face awkwardly as you look anywhere except Mattie.

“Oh. Well why didn’t you tell me that before we started talking?”

“I tried but you just interrupted me!”