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Our First Year Together.

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Niall had never thought it would have come to this. Sitting across from two old women, his mother beside him trying to get him to pay attention. Really it was hard enough to be here without wanting to run , couldn't she see that this was embarrassing.

Matchmakers is what they where even if they looked like just regular old grans, nothing special about them. And it wasn't like it wasn't common, a lot of people went to them for an arrangement. They had a few sheets of paper writing down his answers and humming gently to each other as if they were speaking a different language that only they could understand.

Niall had really thought he could have avoided this, it wasn't what he had expected. He was suppose to be with his ex forever, not dumped a month after their 3rd year anniversary. They were young but he had hoped it was going to last. That was till he found out the man was captivated by another and it hurt.

It was just shy of being two years that he had had his heart broken and of course he had tried dating it just never seemed to work out, no one was him. Everything had ended up hopeless or not worth his time. Followed by some odd jobs to get himself through music collage then getting into a university program. All that wrapped in one didn’t make Niall feel like much of a catch.

With a swat from his mother once again this time in the back of his head he finally finished up with the grans and thanked them. Standing up, as they were already humming about and smiling sweetly. Really this was a joke, it had to be, no way this was going work. They guaranteed their marriages but Niall was skeptical to say the least.

“Mum, why did we do this again? What if i hate who im matched with… I have to live with
them for the rest of my life.” Groaning as they left his mother just smiled happily, probably glad to see her son at least open to the option.

“Well you won’t be alone will ya?” She let out a laugh, amused by her own wit, leaving to get lunch as per Niall’s stomach growling.



One month was how long it took before he got a call from his mother, he had actually forgotten all about the matchmakers. It came while he was sitting on the floor of his apartment guitar in hand as he composed a few pieces of music for a class,

“Yeah, hey mum. I-Im kind of busy with scho-” Niall frowned as he was interrupted.

“Darling, i know you’re working hard. But listen. I heard back.” Niall had already put down his guitar and stood heading for the kitchen walking right into a chair on his way swearing under his breath.

“Fuck… “ Getting a ‘watch your mouth’. “Sorry mum, what did you hear from? what are you on about?” accent thick, as he reached the fridge pulling out a carton of orange juice and placed it to his lips.

“The Matchmakers! they’ve found you a husband.”

Juice went flying from his mouth as he sprayed, shit right the marriage how had he forgotten. “What…? M-me.. they found me a husband?” Making a gross face as he looked down at himself covered in juice and same with the outside of his fridge. Frowning as he went to grab a towel.

“Yes darling, aren't you listening.” He hadn’t been. as he told his mother to tell him again. “So they’re family name is Styles. And I have an informal coffee chat with them tomorrow, you know really have them tell me about their son.”

“Mum.. really this is so weird!” He threw the cloth back on the counter and sighed leaning against the counter. “What is this is just a joke. what if they are weird!”

Hearing her tsk on the phone he could just imagine her face. “Niall James Horan, I put a lot of money down on this to help find you a husband. So you will act elated that someone was chosen for you at all. “

Sighing one more time as he nodded. “Ok, ok.. but tell them good things about me. Maybe this will actually work. But what if they don’t agree.. what if they do?”

“Then my darling, you’ll be married off. I hope they are nice, you need someone nice in your life. Not like that last boy.” She talked on for a bit, finally letting him off half an hour later. He sat down and tried to focus on the music but it wasn’t flowing anymore, now he was getting nervous.


The next night his mother had come over, a gush of words of how nice they had been. Very lovely, and polite. And they were very well put together she mentioned something about an expensive purse. Making Niall pull a face, he didn’t care if there was money involved he had made it this far. “Mum, they don;t have to be rich you know. “ She just shushed him saying it was all part of the fun. It was very strange to hear his mother talk like this, they hadn’t had much growing up. She was a single mum and did everything she could, even moving the last few years of high school to london in the hopes it would better his chances with music.

He moved to sit beside her pulling his feet up on his small couch. “So.. 24 hours.. that’s how long they have to accept or deny.” Fidgeting, he hadn’t stopped moving since the night before, how was he expected to with this much going on. Getting up to pace, reaching down to pick up a sheet of music blue eyes scanning over scribbles of notes.

“Darling, don’t be so nervous.. It’s only been a few hours they have had to consider. Why are you getting so worked up. I really wish you would smile again, it’s been so long.” The look on her face read sad, as she reached out to still her youngest boy.

“Not this again mum, I-I do smile. I’m just worked up from uni and now this. It’s a lot.” He tried to force a smile even if it was small it was for his mother. Niall never use to be this quiet, normally with his friends or family he was loud and always ready to laugh. That had changed after the ex causing him to be more aware of how he came across. He shook his head to get thoughts of the man out of his head.

“Mum.. I-I’m just nervous that I don’t get to even meet him before hand. We are just thrown together.. maybe this wasn’t a great idea. I mean how much do you know about me now! What if they don’t realize there son snores, or only listens to death metal?” Not that he had anything against it it just would get annoying.

“Niall, I wouldn’t agree to this if I didn’t think it would be good for you. To grow with someone. Sometimes love can cloud your judgement. And he doesn’t listen to death metal. whatever that is.” She looked quite confused at the reference as she pulled the boy down to her side. “All we can do is wait. This is what you need, even if you don’t think you do.”

Niall moved to rest against her side, never too old to have a quick cuddle with his mother. Maybe this would work, maybe it would end up being awesome and just what he needed. But there was that small pull at the back of his head saying he was making a mistake, and it wouldn’t work. Divorce didn’t sound great neither did being unhappy for the rest of time.




Giving up his room for his mother, as he took the couch. Pulling the blanket over his head, his mind running over what was all about to happen. It wouldn’t stop. Next step they accept him, or not. Then they would plan a very small civil union ceremony just their parents and maybe family to join. And finally on that big day, they would finally meet.

What if he snored, or had a strange voice. Maybe the man was being forced into this, and wasn’t just sad and lonely. Or those old granny’s were just taking the piss and had found him the worst match possible.

He had finally fallen into a restless sleep his blankets tangled up from constant tossing and turning. No dreams just the constant anxious feeling of being trapped. That all too familiar panic feeling building up. Waking up with a start as he heard his mother calling for him.

“Niall!” She excitedly came into the living room, dressed and ready for the day. “Ni.. Nial! wake up. Come on, exciting news!” She moved over to the couch tugging at the sheets. “Come on, breakfast is on me, let’s get up. “

With a whimper for the lost feeling of finally being asleep and the sudden cold on his bare chest he sat up yanking at the tangled blanket to try to get it off of him. “W-what is it? what news?” Looking up as he rubbed his eyes, “Mum, tell me now please, I can’t wait till breakfast.” He rubbed his bed head and didn’t bother trying to sort it out he was to tired to try and pretend he had the same energy.

“Niall.. Sweetheart.” Her voice was calming down as she sat beside him patting his hair down. “They called this morning.”
That got his attention as he lifted his head, feeling a weird mix of excitement and nervous, with a dash of worry. “A-and?”

“They said yes.” She smiled so happily, it was so infectious. Causing the corners of his lips turn up too it wasn’t a full smile yet but it was close enough.

“Re-really.. they actually think I’ll be a good match for their son.. o-oh god.. Im getting married.” His eyes went wide, it had been such a strange 24 hours that this was a lot to take in all of a sudden. He was going to be someones husband.

“You’re getting married!” She was so elated, he definitely got his personality and joy from her thankfully. As he tried to hid his smile by biting his bottom lip. “So celebratory breakfast? Your treat mum?” Letting out a surprised laugh as he jumped up trying to get away without receiving a smack on his backside. Leaving to get ready for the day with his mind occupied with how bonkers this whole thing was and if he was really ready for any of this.