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Cold Arms

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Rosalie chased after the deer with single minded intensity of a hunter, the doe was zigzagging, trying to lose the predator on her tail but unable to do so, Rosalie knew that she had the deer when a sudden breaking of branches was the only warning she had before a white cat flashed in front of her, beating her to the deer.

The deer hung lifelessly from the cat’s jaws and the cat directed a taunting look toward the vampire. Rosalie hissed at the cat and stalked closer just as the vampire comes within touching distance the cat drops the deer and moves forward, pushing against the blonde with her head. Rosalie brushes her hand along the white fur and the vampire’s low purr joins the cat’s.

They share the kill; the vampire fixes her jaws around the neck of the doe and drinks deeply, pulling the life blood of the deer into her own body while the cat fed from the carcass.

Once the two had had their fill the white cat stood and without sparing a glance at the vampire started away. The vampire followed the cat, her eyes fixed on the way it moved through the forest, controlled power and danger coiled and presented in a way that looked beautiful to any who would see her, something that might cause them to underestimate the deadliness of the creature. As they walked through the woods Rosalie became aware of the sound of running water and realised they were nearing the stream. While the white cat drank her fill, the vampire took the time to clean herself from her feeding.

Rosalie had been careful of her clothes while she washed in the river, which is why the sudden onslaught of water showering down on her startled her so much. Rosalie looked up to find the white cat carefully cleaning herself, carefully and deliberately avoiding looking at the blonde. The vampire growled at the cat who looked up as innocently as a large mountain lion could. Rosalie grinned and the cat read that as agreement, immediately standing up and shifting her weight between her paws, tail flicking excitedly.

Rosalie leapt at the cat who met her halfway, a clash of limbs and carefully aimed blows and biting without drawing blood. The two wrestled beside the river both gaining and losing the upper hand with an easy air and obvious playfulness.

Eventually the two stopped and Bella changed back into human form, but stayed sprawled out across the forest floor, Rosalie could hear her still quickening heart gradually slow as Bella relaxed beside her.

“You have fun running with Jacob’s pack?” Rosalie asks, her hands tracing the strong lines of muscle on Bella’s body, making Bella’s overheated skin shiver at the contrast in temperature.

“Yeah, he’s saying he might take in a few more wolves from Sam’s pack. A few of them weren’t too happy to be left out of a fight that could have affected the La Push pack -or their families in the Res as much as that one had the potential to do.” 

“He seems happier now he’s out from under Sam’s shadow” Rosalie said thoughtfully. “And I saw Seth playing… I think tag? With Emmett the other day. They were both running around and Emmett was laughing like an idiot anyway.”

“I think it’s a huge weight from their minds that they feel they can leave La Push if they want, now that they actually trust you not to hunt the humans here, and they know that Sam’s pack are going to be here if they aren’t.”

“Are they thinking of moving?” Rosalie asked curiously.

“Not at the moment, it’s just nice for them to know they’re not tied here for the rest of their lives. They’re still going to make sure La Push is protected, but Jacob said Leah is thinking about college, and she’s determined Seth will go now that they have the chance again.”

Rosalie hums in agreement and continues caressing Bella’s skin, Bella turns over and gazes up at Rosalie, the two hold eye contact until Bella smiles and sighs contentedly, turning so that she is half lying in Rosalie’s lap

“I never could have turned you Bella.” Rosalie says out of the blue, breaking the silence between them. Bella opens her eyes and looks up at the blonde vampire and sees worried golden eyes trained on her, full of emotion. “Even now when I know, I know more than anything that you are it for me, my mate, I don’t think I could… even if you weren’t a werecat and you could be turned.”


“It’s not that I don’t wish I could spend as much time as we possibly could together, I love you more than I ever thought was possible. But after everything that happened to me… I couldn’t have taken your life away from you, made you a vampire when I know how much it hurts, how much losing your humanity can take from you, change you.” Rosalie carried on, rushing to explain herself.

“Being a werecat was useful though, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have been able to help with the werewolves and Volturi, I’d have been a liability.” Bella said smiling gently, trying to bring the blonde out from her introspective mood.

“I’m glad you’re you. More than anything.” Rosalie replied smiling at the woman in her lap, but the smile was tinged with a sadness that made Bella’s heart ache. “I will be with you for as long as you want me. If you want we will have a lifetime together I promise you we will have that.”

Bella looks at Rosalie strangely, her brow furrowing as she sits up to face the vampire, trying to understand why the blonde feels she has to say this.

“How much do you know about werecreatures? About their mates and their relationships?”

“They’re very secretive.” Rosalie replies shrugging. “Especially towards vampires since we’re usually enemies.” The blonde adds wryly.

“Charlie told me that werecreatures match their mate’s lifespans, like the La Push shifters do when they slow down aging if they imprint on someone younger than them.”

“So what does that-”

“You are my mate Rosalie. You know that, you must know how I feel about you.” Bella says gazing intently into Rosalie’s eyes, holding the vampire’s jaw in her hand so the blonde can’t look away from her gaze.


“Our lifetime will last forever.”

Bella was watching Rosalie’s face intently so she saw the sudden change in the vampire’s eyes, and the slow smile breaking across her face as soon as they happened, she read the relief and happiness she knew Rosalie was feeling and a matching smile broke out across her own face before the two leaned in to meet each other, Rosalie carefully holding Bella who pulled the vampire to her as hard as she could, wanting to feel her as much as possible. Rosalie’s touch turned harder and would have hurt if Bella was human but being a werecat she growled low in her throat and arched into the touch, breaking away from the kiss long enough to meet Rosalie’s gaze.

“Silly vampire.” Bella murmured against the blonde’s cold skin, “You’re stuck with me for eternity.”

Rosalie’s answering smile was blinding and she leaned back in to capture the brunette’s lips, “mm lucky me.” The blonde replied in between kisses.