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Perils of Fatherhood

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Guren answered the door with a scowl, and it only deepened at the bright smile on Shinya’s face. He was two seconds from slamming the door when the blond lifted a plastic bag meaningfully, and the smell of curry made him pause. Grudgingly he peeled his fingers off the door and stalked back down the hall into the kitchen. The bastard could close the door by himself, it was three in the morning.

“I also got some medicine,” Shinya announced cheerfully, shaking another plastic bag. “You ran out, right?”

About three years ago, when he realized he could just collapse into bed and sleep it off. “Thanks,” he muttered, grabbing the bag from where it was dangling from slender fingers. He got a cup of water and, ignoring Shinya getting comfy on his couch with the TV volume turned down, walked into Yuu’s room. The small lump on the bed stirred slightly, but it wasn’t until he was right beside the bed that the kid’s eyes opened.

“I smell curry,” Yuu slurred, and Guren scoffed - the brat’s priorities were skewed to hell.

“Take your medicine,” he said without expecting Yuu to understand the words, and it was a relief that the boy managed it. Guren left after making sure the kid had passed out again, and he threw the medicine on the coffee table and collapsed onto the couch beside Shinya.

“Food?” the bastard prompted him, gesturing with a spoon to the one that was sticking out from the rice. Guren grunted and reached out to shove a mouthful into his mouth. Some sort of infomercial was on the TV, and how long had it been since he had seen these.

“I’m not even his dad,” he said, and he hated how lost he sounded even in his own ears. Shinya made a noncommittal hum in response, but didn’t comment. “I don’t even care about him.”

“Mmhmm.” The blond tilted his head. “Is that Yuu-kun coughing?”

He stood before he even realized he had moved. Shinya pulled him back down, laughter in the soft voice, “Sorry, sorry, I was just teasing you.” Guren narrowed his eyes dangerously at the blond, but Shinya only smiled serenely at him and offered the tray of curry. “When was the last time you ate?”

A beat, and he gave in, stuffing another spoonful into his mouth. “You try taking care of a sick brat.”

“Hmm, I think I’m alright,” Shinya said cheerfully, dropping the spoon in the rice to pat him on the knee, “I think you’re a great dad, Guren.”

“Shut it,” he grunted, leaning over to shovel more food in revenge.

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Guren watched his breath come out in white puffs, the cold seeping in everywhere even with his jacket, but especially into his back where he was leaning against his car.

“Isn’t this the fifth time this month?”

“Ask the brat,” he said irritably, reminded again why he was standing out here freezing his ass off. He turned to the voice - of course Shinya was wearing a shit eating grin. “Hurry up.”

The noise of assent he got was patronizing, and he aimed a kick at Shinya’s leg, but the stiffness from the cold made him miss horribly. It was kind of annoying that the blond had a coat hanger especially for this. He caught the gloves Shinya threw at him on reflex, stuffing them into the crook of his crossed arms along with his fist because that was the warmest place. “Where is Yuu-kun?”

“Upstairs,” he grunted, “where it’swarm.”

Shinya was laughing, the bastard. “Lucky him. Mika-kun is here then?”

“Vampire brat came with him.” The nickname fit the too old eyes and the too pale skin, like the kid didn't spend enough time running around outside doing idiotic things. Guren glanced up at the window to his apartment. “They better not be screwing on my couch.”

“Mika-kun wouldn’t do that.” He gave Shinya a flat look for that, and the blond conceded, “They do get carried away pretty easily.”

Guren eyed the slender fingers on the wire coat hanger, the fingertips steadily turning red, and he jostled Shinya’s shoulder. “Didn’t you say you could do this blindfolded?”

“Anyone would have performance anxiety if you’re breathing down their neck, Guren.”

“Bullshit,” he said, but the telltale click of the lock mechanism interrupted him. Shinya pulled the hanger out and opened the door with a flourish, and Guren rolled his eyes and shoved the gloves against the blond’s chest, ignoring the noise of mock hurt. He took the keys and checked under the tissues in the cup holder - yeah, there was Yuu’s wallet. If this wasn’t on purpose, vampire brat would have remembered to take it.

He was going to roundhouse kick Yuu at the first opportunity. He was a grown ass man, he didn’t need two brats playing matchmaker.

Guren stood and pocketed the keys, slipping the wallet into his other pocket. “Where’d you want to eat?”

“Hmm,” Shinya made a show of thinking about it, “That corner stall ramen.”

Guren shrugged, as if that wasn’t the place they always ate at after this. “I’ll pick up some curry for the brats.” Shinya gave him a knowing, fond look, and he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “He’s freaking annoying when he’s hungry.”

“Right,” the blond said indulgently, and the bastard somehow managed to fit what wasn’t said in that one word. If he didn’t think about it, he wasn’t picking up strays, and he definitely wasn’t turning a blind eye to the vampire brat practically moving into his apartment. “What curry are you getting for them?”

“Less talking, more moving,” Guren nudged Shinya with his shoulder, and the blond laughed. Knowing what the brats liked meant less complaints, that was all.

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Guren was already clearing his schedule in his head at the running footsteps in the hall, eyes cutting to where Shinya was perched beside him on the desk. His hand was halfway to his sword by the time Yuu almost broke down the door to the office, and then surprise got him back into his seat again.

“Guren!” The boy’s grin at least reassured Guren that he wasn’t going to need to mobilize the army right at that moment. He felt Shinya shift fractionally into a much more relaxed stance even as Yuu strode in to slam his hands onto the table. “Kimizuki said he knows where an old shrine is! Let’s go for hatsumode!”

“It’s already the fourth,” he pointed out, keeping his eyes on the brat even though he could see Yuu’s blond shadow hovering awkwardly outside the office. So much for hoping that the vampire brat could rein Yuu in a little.

“Yeah, so what?” The green eyes were practically sparkling. “Let’s go!”

He felt the distinctive urge to kick Shinya even before the blond spoke. “I haven’t had a chance for that either.”

“Great!” Yuu straightened with a little bounce, thrumming with enthusiasm, “Get us a truck, Guren!” The brat turned and left, hand unerringly latching onto Mikaela’s on the way back out and towing the vampire to god knows where.

Guren just narrowed his eyes at Shinya, who smiled at him with a shrug. “You have never gone in your life."

“Maybe it’s time to, then,” the bastard said airily. Guren sighed and got up, strapping his sword on. He might as well make his way down before Yuu decided to crash into his office again.

The reason for a truck was quickly evident when he found the whole Shinoa squad waiting for him in the lobby along with the vampire brat. They had formed a loose circle like some conspiracy ring, and the way they turn to him almost as one didn’t do anything to calm the raising dread. Guren exhaled heavily at the sight of them all lined up and expectant like that.

They at least remembered to stick the vampire brat in the middle.

“You’re all sitting in the back,” was the only thing he said before he pushed past them towards the motor bay. He just managed not to jab his elbow into Shinya’s side when he heard a snort from the blond. “I should make you drive.”

“Eeh?” Shinya dragged out the whine, smile still on his lips, “The trucks are so slow.”

As tempting as it was to swerve and throw the brats all out when they got too rowdy, Guren kept their course fairly smooth, one hand on the wheel and the other propped against his cheek and not shifting at all when Yoichi shot the horsemen in their way. Shinya just hummed, watching the landscape go by with a smile that might have reached blue eyes.

The truck had barely slowed before Guren heard them all jump out, and he sighed as he turned off the engine. He opened the door roughly in hopes that he’d catch one of them in the back, but of course the brats had scattered already, Yuu running hand in hand with Mikaela through the torii and up the stairs to the shrine.

It was a small one, with a name Guren hadn’t even heard of and nothing impressive, but everything was still recognizable considering it had been abandoned for years. He leaned against the truck and crossed his arms, not acknowledging Shinya settling beside him. His job was to babysit the brats, not the bastard.

“Hey, Guren!” Yuu’s voice carried easily, with or without the yelling, “Do you have change?”

Guren sighed as he stuck his hand into his pockets, coming up with a hundred yen. He flicked it at the boy, unsurprised and unimpressed when Yuu snatched it easily out of the air. The brat quickly turned back to Mikeala, talking excitedly over the offering box.

“He didn’t have that bandage when he went to your office,” Shinya noted, and Guren went back to crossing his arms.

“I noticed.” It was hard not too; the white bandage stood out against the tan skin and black uniform every time Yuu moved his head. “Your point?”

“I think he’s proud of it.”

He rolled his eyes. “It’s not a hickey, and he’s not you, kinky brat.”

Shinya laughed, because that’s what the bastard did, and Guren tried not to sigh again.

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Guren wasn’t exactly well versed in dealing with mild anemia. He was either perfectly fine or bleeding out. The former didn’t need fixing and the latter meant a blood infusion and a hospital bed. Yuu’s condition was neither, which meant he had to ask someone.

Preferably not an actual doctor. He didn’t trust them with so many human experiments around.

Asking his subordinates individually had the advantage of not making it a completely awkward group meeting, but it didn’t stop it from being simply awkward. Sayuri acted as he had expected, uncomprehending before flushing up to her ears and becoming an incoherent mess, Mito cocked her head to the side and asked him what the hell was wrong with him, and Shigure did the same just without the head tilt and with quieter judging.

He did figure out there were apparently two common remedies: herbal teas and iron supplements. Yuu wouldn’t have the patience to make a tea, and even if the vampire brat brewed it, he doubt the drink would sit well with the boy’s picky palate. The brat was good at taking pills.

He picked up the pills next to the convenience store he bought his breakfast in, stuffed it into his pocket and decided to forget about it for the rest of the day, because trying to think of how to give it to Yuu in a way that didn’t sound like 'stop banging all the time' was giving him a headache. His plan of procrastination went smoothly, between the paperwork, mind games against the Hiiragis, and unravelling vampiric scheming - at least, until Shinya waltzed in and was rudely reminded.

“Ah, right,” Guren muttered, pulling the packet from his pocket and throwing them at Shinya, “Get that to the brat for me.”

The blond easily caught the box and examined the label curiously. “I thought you were his father?”

“Then you can be his second one,” he shot back, slumping back into his chair. If he gave in after one jab he’d be wrapped around Shinya’s finger for the rest of his life.

“Does that make us married?” A perfectly arched brow came with that question.

“Married, with a bunch of brats.”

“Ah, how could I forget the kids.” Shinya lilted, obviously stifling a laugh behind a gloved hand, “I will go take these to our son, then; I guess I should also talk to our son-in-law about cutting back a bit on blood?”

“Yeah,” he said, waving dismissively with one hand and propping his head on the fist of the other, “You do that.”

“You’ll just have to give them the Talk.”

Guren snorted. “Get Shinoa to do it.”

“How could you ask that of our daughter!” Shinya was trying for scandalized, but Guren saw right through it at the way the blue eyes caught the light.

“She’ll love it.”

Shinya laughed, conceding defeat. “So, are we going for that lunch date or have you forgotten about it again, my darling workaholic husband?”

“I’ll go when I figure out the next trap my in-laws set for me.”

“Ah, don’t be like that, Guren.” The blond walked over and pat him sweetly on the shoulder. “Where is your sense of adventure?”

“Defeated by my sense of self preservation,” he answered dryly, but rolling his shoulder didn’t get rid of the hand. “You’re not going to leave me alone, are you?”

“You just never appreciate how much I look out for you,” Shinya sighed dramatically, “I’ll treat you this time.”

Guren pushed himself up and took his sword. “I’m going to order the most expensive thing.”

“You’d probably just want curry again anyway,” the blond laughed.

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Guren irritably tugged open the door the fifth time he heard quiet footsteps hesitate in front of his room. “What.”

Mikaela froze like the vampire brat had been hit with a talisman, but recovered quickly. “Yuu-chan said he didn’t want to owe you money.”

He looked at the money in the hand that was thrust out towards him. “I’ll believe it when he stops raiding my fridge.” He waved it off and brushed past Mikaela to the kitchen. A quick check in the fridge told him what he already knew - he was going to kick Yuu in the face for making off with his breakfast. He shook the milk carton and decided there was enough left. “Where is the brat?”

Yuu-chan,” the vampire brat’s steps went heavy with emphasis, “had special training this morning.” Guren just harrumphed and fished a bowl out of one of the cabinets to dumped the milk in, and found the box of cereal he was seeing far too much of. It was kind of pointless to have a vampire do strength training, but they can’t just leave Mikaela moping in his apartment every time.

It also smelled like he was being set up by the brat.

They had a short staring match when Mikaela turned from putting the milk carton away.

“You can stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“Looking at me like that.” Guren shovelled more cereal into his mouth. “Everyone’s tried to kill me at some point.” The red eyes only narrowed suspiciously at him, and he sighed. “I’ll say this once. You’re Yuu’s family. Yuu’s part of my family. That makes you part of mine. Short of you going insane, I’m not going to try and kill you.”

“You didn’t really adopt Yuu-chan, did you?”

“Hell no,” Guren snorted, “I’m not going to be responsible for a kid.” He didn’t miss how the red eyes flickered around the apartment, to all the shit Yuu left around, and he really didn't want to deal with this. He set the dirty dish down into the sink. “I can’t let you hang around me all day, so I’ll take you to the brat. Go put on one of his spare uniforms or something.”

He could practically see Mikaela stomp down on a reflexive protest, leaving for the room the two Hyakuyas shared without a word. It was a nice change dealing with a kid so fast on the uptake, but he could have done without the damage that made Mikaela so broody.

The uniform was a little looser around the waist and tighter over the shoulders, and the black didn’t do the vampire’s pale skin any favours, but it made Mikaela a little less inconspicuous. Guren didn’t comment on how the vampire brat automatically trailed behind him, off to the left, and walked into HQ yawning. A few of the more observant passersby noticed Mikaela and stared, but he gave them a lazy stare and they found something else to look at. It was nowhere as bad as walking in with Shinya.

He ran a hand through his hair, trying to think of where Shinoa might had thought to take her squad to. It was like trying to figure out the mind of some beast, and he gave up after a sigh. “Hey,” he called out to one of the people pretending to not look at Mikaela, “where’s Shinoa?”

“I don’t know, sir.”

“Anyone who does?” he asked, scanning the lobby, and everyone else found somewhere else to look at. Probably not in the building’s training rooms, then, which left just about anywhere outside the walls. “What about Shinya?”

“Major General Hiiragi is doing an inspection northwest of the city.”

“Someone let Shigure know I’m heading out.” Guren lifted his hand carelessly as he turned and walked right back out the building, heading over to the tram. The vampire brat followed him quietly. He had yet to feel Mikaela lower his guard.

They emerged from the tram to sounds of fighting, and he felt Mikaela wind up beside him, obviously picking up more than he can, and then relax a fraction. Training, then, and he looked around for a conspicuous shock of platinum blond hair. He found Shinya sitting on a broken piece of concrete wall.

Guren pulled out an ofuda and felt Mikaela immediately stiffen, but he was off the stairs in the next second, aiming to put it right on the smug face when the bastard looked up.

Shinya dodged him by a hair, jumping off the concrete.

“Ah, Guren!” the blond greeted him brightly, and looked up to wave daintily at the shocked vampire brat at the stairs, “And Mika-kun, too. A father and son day?”

Guren rolled his eyes and stuffed the talisman back into his pocket. “You know where Shinoa is?”

“They went a little further up ahead,” Shinya gestured in a seemingly random direction, “but there hadn’t been any explosions for the last half hour, so they might be having a break. I offered to spar with them, but Kimizuki-kun was still a little sore about the last time we teased them.”

“They had a lesson to learn,” he shrugged, tipped his head for Mikaela to follow. Shinya fell into step beside him on the other side, probably sensing that the vampire brat would do better without being sandwiched between them.

“We should have a picnic out here sometime,” the blond suggested cheerfully, “It’s a nice family activity. What do you think, Mika-kun?”

“You can say crazy,” Guren put in.

“Guren, don’t try to turn our son-in-law against me.”

The red eyes flickered between them uncertainly. “I’ve never been on a picnic?”

“Me neither.” Shinya hummed thoughtfully. “I don’t think any of our kids have. You should plan it.” The blond looked at him with a bright smile, but Guren just kept his eyes forward.

“Unlike you, I actually have work.” He knew the moment Mikaela saw Yuu by the way the vampire perked up, attention completely shifted from the conversation, and he continued walking at his own pace as Mikaela took off. There was a tuff of wild hair that could only be the brat’s down the road, anyway.

Shinya laughed knowingly, and Guren growled, “Shut up.”

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Guren froze when he came home to all the lights on but the two brats conspicuously nowhere in sight. He counted the days in his head and swore when he came to the conclusion that yes, it was that time again. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with this shit after a mission, especially since Shinya had decided to follow him home.

It was his apartment, dammit, he wasn’t going to get kicked out of it.

Shinya made a beeline for his couch and flopped down onto it, completely ignoring his suddenly sour mood. “Did you find any new movies, Guren?”

“No.” He dropped onto the couch beside the blond, glaring at nothing in particular.


Ngh .” That was definitely not either of them, and Guren turned in his seat to glare at the wall behind him. “Mika-ah!

He hit the wall as hard as he could without sending his fist through. “Keep it quiet or stop screwing!”

There was a second of startled silence from the other side before Yuu yelled back, “Shut it, stupid Guren, we’re not screwing!”

“You shut up!” he shouted back, “You’re loud as fuck!”

“I can be as lo- No, Mika, I told you it’s fine, he’s just being an ass. A dumb asshole!”

“Now, now, Guren.” Shinya was holding onto him only keep from falling off the couch laughing, the bastard. “Don’t mind him, Yuu-kun, Mika-kun. We’ll leave.” He was still not going to get kicked out of his own apartment, Shinya tugging on him or no. Guren walked under his own power into his room, on the other side of the apartment and the only place safe, and ignored the practical deadweight of the blond on his arm.

He couldn’t keep ignoring it when he started leaning precariously to one side as Shinya started laughing again. “Shinya.”

“Sorry, sorry,” the blond said airly, letting go and landing onto Guren’s bed with a little bounce. “Don’t be such a wet blanket; you’re his dad. And Yuu-kun’s reaction was so adorable.”

“You thought Shinoa throwing knives at me was adorable.”

“She was! She was so young, and she tried so hard.”

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, before deciding he really didn’t want to be awake for any of this. Shinya rolled out of his way when he sat down, and his legs didn’t connect with anything other than sheets when he swung them up. Typical bastard not to give him the satisfaction. “Wake me up when they’re done.”

“That’s no way to treat a guest.” The blond poked him in the shoulder. “Come on, Guren, I sense a story.”

Trying to push the hand away only had Shinya curling fingers in between his, effectively trapping it. He gave it an experimental shake anyway before resigning himself and leaving the mess on his chest. “Walked in on them once,” Guren muttered darkly; it was not a memory he wanted to revisit.

“Mika-kun needs to eat,” the blond pointed out.

“If I hadn’t walked in they’d have fucked on my couch.”

Shinya laughed. “Hypocrisy isn’t good, Guren. You like it when I bite you.”

Guren turned a glare on the blond and was met with a serene smile. “Not the same.”

“Now you’re splitting hairs.” Shinya made a thoughtful hum, and Guren felt the blond’s head rest onto his shoulder. The hot puff of breath fanning against his neck was definitely calculated. “We could always just be louder than them.”

He reached up with his free hand and flicked Shinya in the forehead. “No, you kinky brat.”

“That’s too bad.” Shinya chuckled, not sounding upset at all while curling up tighter against him. “Your bed is still the comfiest.”

“It’s a piece of shit,” he answered without hesitation.

“Beats mine,” the blond said cheerfully, nose brushing against Guren’s neck once, “Let me know if you change your mind.” He flexed the fingers of his trapped hand just to check how sleepy Shinya was, and got a soft squeeze two seconds later. The bastard was offering empty promises - not that he could get it up knowing what the brats were up to two rooms away.

“Right,” Guren said dryly. He shifted to tuck his free hand behind his head, stretched out a leg so that his pants were between him and Shinya’s cold feet, and settled down at the blond’s mumbling. It only took a few minutes before he felt Shinya’s breathing even out, and he slowly turned his head a bit, nose burying into silver hair.

No reaction, out like a light. Guren snorted quietly.

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Guren was a very light sleeper – the sounds in the kitchen instantly had him awake. It took a moment to identify what it exactly was, and then he was out of bed, pulling open the door of his room. The last time Yuu tried cooking, the stove had almost caught on fire.

There wasn’t a fire. Both Yuu and Mikaela turned to look at him at the same time with the same startled guilt anyway, so at least he knew the brat mentioned that they weren’t supposed to use the kitchen. “Mika’s making breakfast for us,” Yuu blurted out almost defensively, standing up from the chair so the kid was between him and the vampire brat. Guren wasn’t sure Yuu was even conscious of doing it.

“Breakfast,” he said flatly, because he couldn’t wrap his head around a vampire cooking food, and he stepped closer to look into the pan. The pancakes looked edible, at least, and the sauce in the other pan – strawberries? – actually smelled pretty good. He didn’t know where the ingredients came from, because his fridge sure as hell didn’t have anything fresh in it. “Why the hell can you cook?”

“Yuu-chan found a cookbook,” Mikaela answered, still that undercurrent of caution that made everything sound different from whatever the vampire talking to Yuu, “I tried the simplest recipe.”

Guren tried to think of why he’d possibly have a cookbook – ah, Shinya’s gag gift to him from two years ago, something about making his bachelor life less sad. “Yuu told you he set the kitchen on fire that time, right?” he said and moved to get something to drink now that he was sure his apartment wasn’t about to go up in flames.

“It was just the pan!” Yuu yelled indignantly at the same time the vampire brat winced.

“And you wanted to throw water on it,” Guren pointed out, and turned to Mikaela to add, in all seriousness, “Shit catches on fire, use baking soda. It’s over there.”

It was satisfying to know that the vampire brat trusted him on this at least, nodding and turning off the stove. “Could you try it for me, Yuu-chan?”

“Sure.” Just like that, the brat was obediently turning to Mikaela, leaning forward with mouth open to let the vampire spoon in a bit of the sauce. “Hmm, more sugar.”

“You sure?” Mikaela reached out to wipe the dribble on the corner of Yuu’s mouth with the sort of smile Guren had only seen on terminally lovesick people.

He had never felt as much of a third wheel than he was feeling right now.

Guren set the cup down on the table with a thud when they started leaning towards each other, and they jumped, eyes wide and probably completely unaware that they had been five seconds from making out. Goddamn brats. “Not unless you want him getting diabetes.” He sat down at the kitchen table with his coffee, and Mikaela whipped around back to the stove. Who knew vampires blushed.

“Am not,” Yuu muttered, wrenching out the chair opposite of him. Guren just shrugged; they’ve had this argument before.

A moment later and Mikaela had their pancakes in front of them. They were stacked neatly, the syrup drizzled on with a couple sliced strawberries on top. He didn’t miss that there were more on Yuu’s plate than his, but he decided he could let it slide since the vampire brat had thoughtfully put most of the syrup on the side for him.

Guren ignored the two of them low-key flirting and started with a cautious bite, because he didn’t trust Yuu’s tastebuds. The pancake tasted as nice as it looked, fluffy and still warm, but he was right to stop them from adding more sugar to the syrup. For someone who couldn’t taste what they were making, Mikaela was pretty good. Much better than his half assed attempts.

“It’s good, right?” Yuu was so enthusiastic the brat was practically vibrating in his seat, green eyes bright and starry – they both have it so bad. Guren gave a grunt and ate more, which was all the answer the kid needed. “You should try curry next time. Do you remember how Ayane used to make it?”

Mikaela gave Yuu the fondest smile. “I do.”

“Let’s have that tonight!” The brat turned to him with a huge grin. “Hey, buy some stuff after work.”

“Do it yourself,” Guren shot back, “Go with your boyfriend or something.”

The red eyes met green in a sort of quiet dismay, but Yuu was already standing, hand finding Mikaela’s. “Fine, I’ll go tell Shinoa I’m taking the day off. Let’s go, Mika.”

“Yuu-chan–” The protest didn’t stop the vampire brat from getting dragged out of the chair and to the door, and Guren snorted as Yuu jammed the sneakers on his own feet, and then bat away Mikaela’s hestiating hands to tie the vampire's shoes in impatience.

“We’re leaving, stupid Guren!”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t trip and die,” he answered with a dismissive wave, watching the door slam. He contemplated the dishes and whether he could get away with leaving them in the sink, and decided that he probably could. Yuu would get home before he did, after all.

Chapter Text

It was a game of tag, dashing after Shinya as the blond danced annoyingly out of reach. If Guren let himself be pushed too far back he couldn’t attack and was open; if Shinya let him too close the blond was in the same position. The only problem was they knew each other too well.

Shinya jumped out of his swing with a laugh. “Put your back into it, Guren!”

“Yeah? You stand still and see if that would have broken bone,” he grunted and ducked a shot, having to roll to dodge the next and then abruptly reverse his momentum to avoid getting shot in the face. He turned his sword around for his next strike, not really surprised when it didn’t connect.

What did surprise him was the sudden weight on his back, the feeling of massive paws on his shoulders as he was pushed over and pinned. He hadn’t seen Shinya shoot - it must have been when he was rolling.

Guren grimaced at the way the tiger opened its mouth and practically gnawed at the back of his head. “Gentle, Byakkomaru,” Shinya chided without heat, crouching down by his head. He could just see the blond’s smile out the corner of his eye.

“Thanks,” he said sarcastically when the tiger started grooming him instead, rough tongue snagging his hair and probably making it stick up at weird angles. He grunted and tried to roll out from under the demon when it started rubbing its massive head against his back. “Knock it off, you overgrown housecat.”

“He just likes you, Guren.” The bastard was probably petting the damn thing, if the way Byakkomaru was chuffing was any indication. “I think I’m jealous.”

“Let’s switch places, then.”

Shinya laughed. “I thought you prefer to be on the bottom.”

“Bunks,” he grumbled with a heave, managing to turn onto his side only to have the tiger try to squish him in some mockery of a hug with its huge paws.

“Okay, Byakkomaru, let the Hiiragi family’s least favourite member go.”

“That’d be you,” Guren said as the weight abruptly left him, and he sat up and rolled his shoulder to get the blood flow back into it. Shinya didn’t deny it, shit eating grin still in place as the blond reached out to straighten out Guren’s hair. Or mess it up more, it was hard to say.

“I think the cowlicks are cute.” Shinya started petting his hair patronizingly, and Guren pushed the hand away.

“I need a shower.” He stood up and replaced his sword in one swift move. “You coming?”

The blond hummed thoughtfully. “Do you still have hot water?”

“My apartment is not that shit.”

“You used to fight Yuu-kun over the hot water.” Shinya smiled sweetly and reached out to him in an obvious ‘pull me up’ gesture. “Someone has to be the neutral party in this family.”

Guren eyed the hand and considered kicking the bastard over instead. “You just like to laugh at me trying to wrestle the brat down.”

“I still remember that time Yuu-kun finally managed to put you into a headlock,” the blond commented cheerfully, “If he were any older he’d have put your back out, jumping on you like that.”

He grunted, not dignifying the comment with a response. Shinya’s fingers wiggled at him, and he pulled the blond up. “There’s hot water. You coming or not?”

“Hmm, sounds good.” Shinya gave him another smile and tried to pat down his hair again. “Byakkomaru isn’t sorry, but I’ll wash your hair.”

“You’ll just get shampoo in my eye.”

“I promise not to!” Guren didn’t trust the breezy promise at all, and the blond added, “If I get anything in your eye, you can do the same to me, alright?”

Guren sighed, sensing that arguing would be a lost cause. He scrubbed his hand through his hair just in case Shinya had arranged it to look worse, and started out the training room. “Just keep your overgrown cat away from me.”

“That’s a shame.” Shinya was still smiling serenely, which meant the bastard wasn’t even going to try. “Do you still have my favourite shirt?”

“It’s my shirt,” he corrected without really expecting the blond to listen to him, but it wasn’t like he had ever liked wearing that shirt anyway, “Why would I get rid of it?”

The hum this time was happy. “What about my jam?”

“Hell if I know.” Guren shrugged; he didn’t want to get between Mikaela and his kitchen. Especially after he's seen the vampire brat’s intense single-minded war against the colony of dust bunnies that lived in his cupboards. He didn’t want to be anywhere near Yuu and Mikaela when they’re flirting anyway. “Yuu might have finished it.”

“I don’t mind sharing with my favourite son.” Shinya smiled brightly back at the stares they were getting. “I should pick something up.”

“Stop spoiling them.”

“Since you’re the grumpy one, I get to be the nice, doting parent,” the blond pointed out cheerfully, “I was thinking I should get them matching scarves; it’s going to get colder soon.”

Guren rolled his eyes. “And what you’re going to get the rest of the brats?”

“Hmm, I don’t know yet.” Shinya didn’t look worried, blue eyes for once clear and contented. “You’ll help me figure it out, right?” Typical. Guren snorted and turned back to where they were going.

“Keep me out of it.”

“Eeh,” the bastard drew out the whine, “That’s no fun, Guren. You’re their father too.”

“The grumpy one doesn’t have to buy them shit.”

“But you’re considerate and thoughtful when it comes to gifts.” Shinya’s smile had gone down several notches to something more real, voice a little lower than usual. “It’ll do you good to think about something else every now and then.”

Guren made a noncommittal noise, and the blond had the audacity to brighten like he had already agreed.

Chapter Text

Guren came home to the smell of food and the sounds of laughter from the kitchen - the brats were working together, standing side by side and probably ten seconds from childish nudging and the dinner ending up on the floor. Shinya slipped past him with a chipper, “That smells really good.” Both of them looked up immediately, and Guren really wished that they would look more surprised.

“Hey,” Yuu greeted them, attention immediately drawn to the bag in his grip. “What’s that?”

He considered walking over, but decided that throwing it was just as well. Mikaela caught it regardless. “I got you officially attached to Shinoa’s squad so you can tell the bastards to fuck off.”

“You don’t actually have to listen to what Shinoa tells you, though,” Shinya added cheerfully, “You’re still considered a civilian.” Guren dropped onto the couch and tipped his head back with a groan; the meetings were always more exhausting when he had to argue for something instead of just pissing everyone off.

“Wait, Mika can come with me now?” Yuu sounded excited, but Guren really couldn’t be bothered to lift his head. He made a noise that sort of sounded like a yes instead, and tuned out the rest of the enthusiastic chatter.

The couch dipped beside him, warmth seeping against his leg and side, under the arm he had flung over the back of the couch - too close for the brats. “Do you want a massage, Guren?”

“From you? No thanks.” He sensed the brats stopping in front of him, and from somewhere he found the effort to look up. “What.”

“Thank you.” The vampire brat’s voice was quiet, the words sounding rusty.

Yuu nudged Mikaela in the shoulder. “You don’t have to be that nice to stupid Guren.”

“At least one of you isn’t an ingrate. Whatever,” he waved it off, shifting restlessly and shooting a glare at Shinya for the quiet huff of laughter.

“I think dinner is going to burn,” Shinya commented mildly, and the brats’ attention was diverted just like that. Mikaela seemed fast enough to save whatever it was on the burner.

Guren heard the blond take in a breath and cut in,  “I don’t have the energy for your shit.”

“I was just going to say that they look adorably domestic.” Shinya smiled sweetly. It was definitely not what the bastard was going to say.

"Fuck you," he said, because he had enough shit from Hiiragis today.

The blue eyes glinted with mirth. "Maybe later."

He brought his arm down and tugged Shinya into a headlock, too tired to put any strength into it, but he could pretend that could smother the bastard.

Chapter Text

“Yuu-chan, you can’t-”

The door opened before Mikaela could finish the sentence, and Guren glared at the brat, not even bothering to sit up. He was comfortable and it was way too early to be awake on his day off. “What’s on fire, and why can’t you deal with it,” he said flatly. Yuu ignored him completely.

“Me and Mika are going to buy stuff for tonight, and we needed to know if he’s going to be staying.”

Shinya shifted behind him on the bed, curling up tighter, and if Guren wasn’t sure before, he was certain now that the bastard was definitely awake. “Let him starve.”

“Got it, three people,” Yuu turned, almost coming nose to nose with Mikaela, “You’re paying me back!”  The way the door slammed was familiar at this point - it usually did when Yuu was on the other side. Guren closed his eyes with a sigh.

“You can’t just walk into his room when that guy’s over,” Mikaela said in a hushed whisper, but not quiet enough.

“Why not?” The brat hadn’t taken the hint, talking normally.

“They’re dating, Yuu-chan.”

“What, really?!”

There was a long pause. Shinya tried to stifle laughter into Guren’s back, and he kicked a leg back irritably. It didn’t stop. “You can’t tell?”

“I don’t know.” Guren could almost see the way Yuu would be flailing. “I thought he was Guren’s friend or something.”

“They sleep in the same bed.” Mikaela had given up trying to keep their conversation secret, voice back to its normal softness.

“How was I supposed to know from that; we did that as children!”

Mikaela was starting to turn exasperated. “You saw them kissing.”

“We started kissing before we started dating!” Guren really hadn’t needed to know that. He felt Shinya almost choke on a gasp for breath, grip on the back of his shirt tightening for a moment.

Their room smells like sex.”

“What, it does?” Yuu’s voice lowered abruptly from the near yell from before, confused. “It doesn’t smell like anything to me.”

Shinya wasn’t trying to be quiet anymore, and there was no doubt that even Yuu could hear it at this point. Guren pulled the pillow out from under the blond and threw it at the door, knowing without seeing the two brats jump. The bastard only laughed harder at the scramble of footsteps that signaled both Yuu and Mikaela bolting, and the front door’s slam sounded especially loud. “Goddamn brats.”

“I guess we should air out the room,” Shinya said innocently between chuckles, and Guren threw the blanket over the bastard’s face.

Chapter Text

Guren stared at the two brats. “What is that,” he said flatly.

“It’s a cat,” Yuu answered him almost desperately, standing between him and Mikaela and the bundled up cape that was in the protective curl of the vampire brat’s arm. The tips of a pair of ears were sticking out, and he could just make out the light reflecting off two round eyes in the dark folds. Shinya chose that moment to be done with the shower and walk into the living room with a towel over wet hair and expression full of curiosity.

“I can see that,” Guren said, tone dry, “Why is it here. In my apartment.”

“Someone threw her out of their car.” Mikaela was the one who answered him this time, quiet but firm. That would explain the dust all over the black uniform, if the vampire brat dived for the cat. There was something in the red eyes that he hadn’t seen there before, even though it didn’t make it into the voice. “I don’t think she’s hurt, just scared.”

“What kind of bastard does that?!” Yuu yelled before Guren could get a word in edgewise, “We couldn’t just leave her.” It was the special level of defensiveness reserved just for Mikaela - obviously this was more than just about seeing a stray in trouble.

Guren glanced at Shinya, who shrugged with a smile; the blue eyes told him the blond noticed too. “That is very heartless.” Shinya let go of the towel to reach out a hand, stopping just close enough for the cat to get a sniff. It was kind of satisfying when the tips of the ears disappeared, the cat obviously wanting nothing to do with the blond. It didn’t bother Shinya at all. “I think we should keep her.”

“You don’t even live here,” he pointed out as he purposefully ignored the hopeful looks the brats were giving him now.

“I’m here often enough.”

“I’m not keeping a cat just because you say so.”

“Not just me, Guren, look at them!” The bastard made a gesture at Yuu and Mikaela, and he very deliberately didn't look.

“It doesn’t matter; pets aren’t allowed here.”

“That’s simple, we can just convince the landlord.”

Guren reached out and snagged the back of their collars before the brats could dart out the door, shooting Shinya a dirty look. “Don’t just run around with the cat. Put it in your room or something.” They both looked up at him, eyes goddamn pleading, and he let them go to run a hand through his hair. “Stay here, I’ll go sort it out.”

They both turned around, and Guren leaned back when for a horrible moment he thought they were going to hug him. “Thanks, dad!”

He blinked as he watched Yuu pause like the kid couldn’t believe what had come out of his mouth and Mikaela coloured enough to clash with his red eyes. “What.”

“They just called you ‘dad,’ Guren,” Shinya supplied unhelpfully, snickering behind a hand, and Guren threw him another dirty look.

“I wasn’t thinking!” Yuu said defensively.

“What’s new,” he pointed out dryly, and then spoke over the indignant yelling, “Put the damn cat down and give it some water or something. Shinya, let’s go.”

“Do I have to?” The blond was already walking over to him regardless, pausing only to turn to the brats. “Ah, don’t give her any milk.”

Yuu looked confused. “I thought they love the stuff?”

“They do, but can’t digest it,” Shinya gave them a little wave as they walked out the door, “Just be careful!”

“You’ve never had a cat in your life.”

“I was curious how close Byakkomaru was to a real tiger.” The blond gave him a smile. “But aren’t you glad, they finally called you dad!”

"Shut up.”

Chapter Text

Guren had long since accepted that Shinya could never shut up. At least the soft noises that the blond was making now was a lot better than the usual bullshit. Shinya was teasing him, the kiss opened mouthed but no tongue, arms looped loosely around Guren’s neck. He responded lazily with his head tilted up and resting on the back of his office chair, hands on the blond’s hips in case the bastard decided to start squirming in his lap.

He heard the knocks on his door, but it was hard to think beyond the way Shinya breathed his name against his lips, or the little sound that came out when he gave the hips a squeeze. The knocks came again. “Lieutenant General Guren?”

Shinoa. It was Shinoa.

“Shit,” he growled as he opened his eyes, hating himself for letting Shinya distract him enough to forget. The bastard was smiling, lips not exactly bruised but way too glossy and red to have been doing anything else but making out for the last half hour. “Get off.”

“Not if you say it like that,” Shinya laughed, “You’ve got to be more sexy, Guren.”

“Lieutenant General Guren,” Shinoa dragged out his name, knocking in a rhythm as she did.

“Come back in an hour!” he yelled at the same moment Shinya cheerfully called, “Come in, Shinoa-chan!” Guren knew which of them she was going to listen to even before the doorknob began turning.

“Major General Shinya,” Shinoa greeted as she peered in, “It looks like I’m interrupting.” She walked in and closed the door behind her anyway, hands behind her and a bright grin on her face. “Was there something else you wanted to talk about, Lieutenant General Guren, or are just you making your relationship official? Just so you know, it’s not a secret - we all knew.”

He pushed at a hip roughly, only succeeding in getting the blond to swing a leg over so that the bastard was sitting with legs across his lap instead of straddling him. “Kureto-niisan would be furious if he knew,” Shinya laughed, “Guren was just so worried about how Mika-kun was getting along with the others.”

“Shut up.” He glared at the blond.

“Mika-san?” Shinoa tipped her head to the side, bringing a finger to her cheek in an exaggerated thinking pose. “He’s still getting used to us, I think? Yuu-san seems to get that he can’t pick fights with Kimizuki until Mika-san realizes that’s really just how they show affection.”

Guren sighed. “You’re not doing your job at all. Again.”

“Of course I am,” she said, “I tell them ‘Yuu-san, just kiss Mika-san, he’ll forget about it!’” She mimicked yelling by holding her hand by her mouth, voice lilting up and down. “Unless you’re assuming I’m going to put them through a reenactment of the Pool Team Buil-”

“No,” he cut in, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose. It wouldn’t help the headache that was starting to make itself known, but he could damn well pretend.

“Then I don’t know what you’re complaining about,” Shinoa concluded with a wicked smile, “I think anyone would need to adjust after being introduced to Kimizuki.”

“Kimizuki is not the problem.” Guren scrubbed at his hair.

“Are you saying Mitsuba is breaking the harmony?” she asked innocently. “I suppose her attitude might take a bit of getting used to, but I think Mika-san’s good looks smoothed it out a little.”

Shinya laughed. “Looks like you don’t have to worry about our kids anymore.”

Shinoa dramatically put a hand on her chest, eyes comically wide. “You and Lieutenant General Guren officially adopted us?”

“Shinya, shut up.”

“But Guren, Mika-kun and Yuu-kun called you dad the other day.”

“Shinya,” he said warningly, but it was too late - Shinoa’s grin was wide.

“My, I didn’t know that!” Her eyes practically sparkled. “Should I call you ‘dad’ as well?”

“Don’t,” Guren said, tipping his head back with his hand over his eyes because he didn’t want to be a part of this, “Just keep an eye on the vampire brat.”

“Of course.” Shinoa’s voice sounded more sincere than ninety percent of the time he’s heard it. “Mika-san is family, after all.”

He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Right. You can go back to whatever you were doing.”

“Great, I’ll leave you to who you were doing,” she said brightly, her steps light and springy as she walked back to the door, “Enjoy yourselves!”

Guren really didn’t have anything but a sigh in response to that. From the way Shinya shifted the bastard was probably waving to go along with that cheerful, “Take care, Shinoa-chan!” The door had barely clicked shut before the blond had swung a leg over to straddle him again, hands skimming lightly up his neck and into his hair to push away the hand he had over his face. Shinya was smiling of course. “Had enough fun today, Guren?”

“You did,” he growled, not bothering to close his eyes when Shinya laughed and brushed his hair aside to kiss him on the forehead.

“Sorry, sorry.” Shinya’s arms looped around his neck again, head tilting innocently. “I’ll make it up to you?”

“Just shut up,” Guren said, leaning forward even knowing full well that kissing Shinya wouldn't do a thing.

Chapter Text

Guren woke with a strangled noise for the fifth day in a row, glaring at the cat that was now purring on his stomach, her eyes closed contently. Shinya stirred beside him, and he hurriedly tried to dump the cat off before the blond could comment, only she just puddled .

“Guren? Is it Mii-chan again?” Shinya sat up and reached out to pet the calico, and with some sort of sixth sense, Mii saw it coming without ever opening her eyes and bailed. Guren rubbed at his now sore stomach irritably, staring down at the cat that was looking hopefully up at him with big green eyes.

”What does she want?” He looked at Shinya, but the blond only shrugged.

“Food probably?”

Guren grabbed his pants off the floor and pulled them on, trying to stand without standing on the cat. Shinya chuckled sleepily, and he threw a glare over his shoulder. “Why aren’t you feeding her?”

“Mii-chan obviously likes you better.”

Two steps to his bedroom door and he decided this was hopeless, picking up the cat and wincing as she inevitably climbed up to his shoulder. The purring sounded insanely loud in his ear as he rooted around for Mii’s dish and a can of cat food, trying to ignore the desperate way the calico rubbed her face into his hair. Mii jumped off of him the moment he dumped the stuff out, and Guren stared blankly at her practically inhaling the food for a moment before he went to toss out the can and wandered back to bed. Shinya at least kept the sheets warm, so the bastard wasn’t completely useless.

“This is the vampire brat’s job.”

“Maybe you were easier to wake up,” Shinya offered, breath warm against the back of his neck, “Mika-kun sleeps pretty heavily when they’re together.”

“Goddamn brats,” he breathed darkly, hearing the soft footfalls of the cat pause outside his door now that he was awake. Mii was back to sitting by his bed faster than a locked door should have delayed a cat, and Guren sighed as Mii jumped up, carefully avoiding Shinya’s arm around his waist to lie in the crook of his arm. He jerked away at the wet nose and the smell of fish. “She’s got worse morning breath than you.”

Shinya only laughed, chin hooking over his shoulder and effectively making Mii pull back. “Everyone loves Guren, right Mii-chan?” The cat gave a meow that sounded a little distressed, and Guren elbowed the blond back.

“I don’t need you both breathing in my face.” Mii meowed again, and he sighed and buried his fingers into the fur. “Shut up, fluffball, you don’t even have a real name.”

“Mii sounds better than fluffball.”

“Mii is a sound,” Guren growled, “the brats can’t even name a cat.”

Shinya was laughing. “Did you want use a naming pattern?”

“No, but even Tama is better Mii .” The cat looked at him, eyes catching the low light and glowing green, and made a noise that sounded like her name.

“I think that’s a vote for Mii. It’s four against one, Guren.” Shinya pulled him closer until they were flushed together, which meant the bastard was feeling clingy and won’t let go for another two hours. Guren could feel the breaths shifting the hair on the back of his neck, and he elbowed the blond again.

“Stop breathing on me,” he muttered and tried to squirm away, but Shinya always had a good grip on him.

“You smell good, though.”

“Stop sniffing me.” His words did nothing, the blond nuzzling his neck, lips skating across his skin. “ Shinya .”

“Hmm?” The hum was entirely too innocent for what the bastard was doing. Mii decided it was high time to leave, and with a displeased noise she jumped off the bed and left the room.

“You better not leave marks there.”

“But Guren,” Shinya dragged out his name, “that’s no fun.”

Guren felt teeth, and decided fuck it, twisting around to pin the blond down against the bed. “I’m going to kill you.” Shinya was wearing that shit eating grin, the bastard’s hands wandering to skim up his back and Guren refused to react to the tingles up his spine. “ Slowly .”

“Promises,” the blond said airly, and Guren grabbed the pillow and shoved it roughly into the bastard’s face. Shinya had the audacity to laugh while wrestling it away, blue eyes sparkling, and it wasn’t entirely a surprise to feel a leg hook around his waist and then suddenly find himself on his back. “You’re always so tense - what would you do without me?”

“Have fewer headaches,” he replied instantly. Guren didn’t resist too much when Shinya leaned down and kissed him, soft and slow and with a teasing edge that never really left, and he was kind of pissed to find himself relaxing.

Until Mii started mewing pitifully in the living room. He threw the pillow at the door without looking to slam it shut - the telltale quiet steps of the vampire brat followed less than five seconds after.

“So shy,” Shinya laughed against his lips, and Guren flipped the bastard off the bed.

Chapter Text

The door opened before Guren had to think about where he had put his keys - if his pockets still had his keys - and he muttered, “Thank fuck.” Mikaela stared at them with wide eyes, hand still frozen on the door handle.

“Hello, Mika-kun,” Shinya greeted the vampire brat with a jaunty wave. Guren hauled Shinya a little tighter and started to drag his sorry, lazy ass past the doorway, and Mikaela hurriedly stepped aside, obviously unsure of how to deal with the two of them dripping blood onto the floor.

“You’re fina-” Yuu’s greeting cut off midway by a sharp breath, and Guren rolled his eyes as the brat jumped off the couch in a scramble of limbs. “What the hell happened to you?!”

“Vampires, what else?” he answered flatly, moving to the conveniently vacated couch and sinking into the cushions. He grimaced when Shinya took the opportunity to flop onto him like a dead fish. “Move, bastard.”

“Now, now, Guren, is that any way to talk to someone who took a proverbial bullet for you?”

“Yes. Get off,” he growled, but it did nothing to stop Shinya using his lap as a pillow. The angle at least let him see the gash running up Shinya’s side through the shredded uniform, and he can already tell he was going to hate stitching it up.  

“Guren,” Yuu started, and he looked up at the unusually quiet tone. Yuu’s face was pale, and fuck he really didn’t sign up for this shit.

“It’s just a scratch,” he said before Yuu could start truly panicking, “Don’t stand there, get the first aid kit.” Yuu frowned but whipped around and disappeared into the bathroom. One brat taken care of, he shifted his attention over to the other. The pupils in the red eyes were wide from the blood - Guren would be more concerned if Mikaela wasn’t so well fed and had a stubbornness that could wear down stone.

“Could you get some towels, Mika-kun?” Shinya asked sweetly, “It’s going to get messy.” Mikaela nodded and vanished down the hall, abusing that vampire speed. Guren sighed, and wished it wouldn’t hurt like a bitch to card his hand through his hair. They were overreacting - to Guren, this was just another Tuesday.

Another Hiiragi suicide mission Tuesday, but that was his life. He had a break after the whole Nagoya shit-storm, but it never took the Hiiragis long to go back to their favourite hobby of annoying the shit out of him. 

“I can’t find any anaesthetic.” Yuu came back at a jog, frown on his face and box in hand.

“Never had any.” Guren reached out and took it, balancing it on the armrest in a move that was almost habit. It only took a moment to find the needle and thread, and he got it through the eye faster than he thought his smarting arm would let him.

“I’ll buy some,” Yuu said, and Guren stuck his foot out to trip him, getting an indignant squawk as the brat flailed. “What the hell, Guren!?”

“The bastard’s a Hiiragi.” He set the threaded needle aside and fished out the bottle of disinfectant, without bothering to look up. “You can pull his fingernails off and he’ll still have that shit-eating grin.”

“You make it sound like I’d enjoy it.” Shinya pouted at him, and Guren closed his eyes so that he wouldn’t be tempted by murder. He only opened them again when Mikaela came back with what looked like their whole closet of towels, the goddamn cat on his heels. Mii jumped onto their coffee table and looked at each of them before letting out a confused meow.

“It’s okay, Mii-chan,” Shinya cooed, shifting automatically to let Guren shove the towels underneath. They would probably have to burn all of it along with their uniforms later; no amount of bleach could get the scent of blood dull enough for Mikaela.

“If you move I’m going to make it even uglier,” Guren threatened, even if he knew Shinya would never so much as twitch once he got started. He flushed out the wound with the disinfectant, pulling out a few stray fibres caught in it, and once he decided there wasn’t anything else in there, began stitching it up. Shinya started humming, fingers drumming along in rhythm, while Guren pretended he sewed people up on his beat up couch with an audience of two nervously hovering brats and one concerned cat every day.

He tied the stitches off and examined it critically; Sayuri probably could have done a neater job, but whatever. The bastard chose that moment to sit up and snatch the disinfectant in one hand and Guren’s arm in the other, studying the cut he had got from getting nicked by the vampire’s sword.

The blue eyes glanced up to meet his, a playful smile curling up Shinya’s lips. “Scars are only hot on guys under forty, Guren. You should really think about your future.”

“We’re the same age.” He let Shinya maneuver his arm like a puppet, the blond easily finding the angle that made the wound pull less.

Shinya laughed. “Ah, but which of us actually look their age?”

It stung a little when the disinfectant hit the open wound, but he was so used to it by now he barely felt it - it was easier to register the soft pressure of the slender fingers taping it shut with butterfly stitches than the actual pain. Easier still was the butterfly kisses that Shinya pressed against the unbroken skin beside it.

Guren jerked his arm out of Shinya’s grip and pointedly did not look at the uncomfortable shifting from the brats. “They only feed you that bullshit because of your name.”

“That’s true,” Shinya agreed, unconcerned, “I’ll consider that downgrade to yours when there’s fewer people trying to kill you.” The blond turned that bright smile onto Yuu and Mikaela. “Ah, would you two mind running out for some bandages? I don’t think we have enough.”

Yuu glanced at Guren and then Mikaela before nodding. “Okay. You better not die while I’m gone, stupid Guren. I’m not washing the couch by myself.”

“Like you wash anything around here,” he shot back, and Yuu stuck his tongue out at him before Mikaela gently steered them out the door.

“I really have to ask again, Guren: are you sure he's not your illegitimate child?”

Guren didn’t bother answering, pulling gauze and bandages from the kit. “You done bleeding on my couch?”

“Yup.” Shinya pulled the heavy uniform jacket off without even a wince, and Guren swatted the blond’s hands away so that he could take off the ruined undershirt more carefully. He dropped it on the floor, and then moved his foot to shoo Mii away from it when she immediately jumped down to investigate. Goddamn cats.  

Wiping away the blood on Shinya’s chest took longer than actually wrapping up the wound, and Guren let his eyes rest for a moment when he was done tucking in the ends of the bandages. He felt a soft pressure against his temple, a familiar light caress of lips, and he turned his head to glare at the bastard. “Get out.”

Shinya laughed, shifting to lean against him instead. “Don’t be so mean, Guren.”

“It’s my apartment.” He moved his leg again to block Mii from the heap of clothes on the ground. She looked up at him and meowed plaintively. “I’m too tired for your shit, furball.” Mii jumped up onto the couch instead, and Guren sighed when the cat wedged herself between him and the arm, obviously planning to stay. Shinya was laughing again.

Closing his eyes, he let his head drop to rest against white hair.