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[Podfic of] How Did She Die?

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Podfic Art for How Did She Die chapter 1, which includes a lot of little screenshots merged together. The last time Haley ever hugs Jack, in black and white the phone call where Hotch is in the car but won't get there fast enough and also Jack holding the phone to hear the instruction to hide/find out George is a bad guy... also shown Hotch crying, being pulled off of Foyet by Morgan, Emily and JJ arriving and looking shocked, Hotch's hands pulling Jack out of the chest, and finally Reid watching Jack being carried out of the room.

To download this four-chapter podfic as an audiobook in .m4b format with different art on each chapter... Direct Download (right click and hit "save link as" or "save target as") How Did She Die - Criminal Minds (Hotch & Jack-centric) podfic.m4b


Direct Download in mp3 format (right click and hit "save link as" or "save target as")'s podfics hosting of How Did She Die - Criminal Minds (Hotch & Jack-centric) podfic - complete, all 4 chapters, both as a single .mp3 file or as 4 separate .mp3s (all 5 files in this one zip)

Or just stream it at this link (at parakaproductions) by just left-clicking/regular clicking.

Another streaming option is right here:

Note that the podfic is 41 minutes and 33 seconds long. (41:33)

If you need an alternate download or alternate streaming link, let me know and I'd be happy to upload the podfic elsewhere. If you have any questions at all for me, let me know! All that being said... enjoy!

Podfic Art for How Did She Die chapter 2, Beth gives Hotch her business card out on the trail, they meet up later to ride bikes together, they hug by Jack holding a big poster after Hotch finishes the triathlon, they kiss for the first time Valentine's Day night, and in black&white we see Hotch holding Jack as they look at Haley's casket with white roses on top of it, after the rest of the funeral service has left them alone but before it's been lowered into the ground.

Podfic Art for How Did She Die chapter 3, Jack kicking a soccer ball while Hotch and Rossi high-five, Hotch in the hospital bed from the end of ep 9x05 hugging Jack, Hotch also in a hospital bed all bandaged up from 5x01 when he kisses Jack's forehead, and finally 7x02-ish I think when Rossi is presenting his spaghetti to the team, showing off his cooking happily

Podfic Art for How Did She Die chapter 4, through the rainy window two screenshots from when Hotch helps Jack put on a tie before Haley's funeral

This was my first year ever participating in ITPE! I made roughly 2 hours worth of podfic total for it.

This fic was (is?) one of my most well-received works I've ever written!

Here on AO3, the story only ever got kudos, lol... no comments... but still, 17 kudos ain't too shabby, especially compared to some of my other fics!

So I decided for ITPE this year, my first ever year doing ITPE, that I would do something I'd never done before. I've written quite a few fics, I've podficc'd quite a few fics, I'd even had my own fics podficc'd 3 times for pod-together and pt-lightning... but this was my first time trying to podfic a fic I myself had written.


I started getting tripped up as early on as -- I kid you not -- reading aloud the title. I had no idea what inflection to put into "How Did She Die?" -- I should've saved my bloopers. You'd think having written it myself, it'd be easier to know what tone to read it with but no. This was more difficult than a lot of fics to podfic, in some ways, because I wanted to get it just right. It was my own story, after all!


Anyway, I really hope stillirise likes it. This was a bonus treat podfic that I dedicated to her. If she hadn't signed up with Criminal Minds as a fandom for #ITPE this year, and if her "Dear Podficcer" letter hadn't said,

I have no specific OTPs for the other fandoms I've listed. I like gen fic. I like boyslash and het. I like canon relationships and non-canon relationships.

(emphasis mine)

and also,

-found families, team-centric stories
-tear jerkers
-any gen fic

then, well, I might not have been motivated enough or inspired to make this podfic and it probably would've never happened. So thank you for providing me this opportunity! Let me know what you think of it, please.

Check out the Haley/Hotch "Let Her Go" fanvideo I made, too.


Criminal Minds: Haley & Aaron Hotchner - "Let Her Go" (song cover by Tyler Ward & Kurt Schneider)

I used my video editing software, Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 Platinum Edition, along with some New Blue FX for the coloring, to make all 4 pieces of cover art, and also, of course, to make the fanvideo. I actually happen to use Sony Vegas for all of my podfic audio-editing, as well, and for incorporating the audio from an episode of the TV show itself into the podfic. The audio snippets in chapter 1 that are not my voice are from episode 5x09 "100" of Criminal Minds.