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[Podfic of] Now It's Your Turn

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Podfic Art for Now Its Your Turn, black & white flashback with tea party and just Burt and a young Kurt from ep 2x03, in bright color the happy scene where Burt goes to hug Carole and Kurt after realizing he's in remission from his cancer, a newborn baby in a pink hat and swaddled in a blanket, an image of Darren Criss about to blow a kiss with his hands on his mouth, his hand having a wedding ring on it

To download this single-chapter podfic as an audiobook in .m4b format... Direct Download (right click and hit "save link as" or "save target as") Now It's Your Turn - Glee (Burt & Klaine-centric) podfic.m4b


Direct Download in mp3 format (right click and hit "save link as" or "save target as")'s podfics hosting of Now It's Your Turn - Glee (Burt & Klaine-centric) podfic.mp3

Or just stream it at that link (at parakaproductions) by just left-clicking/regular clicking.

Another streaming option is right here:

Note that the podfic is 34 minutes and 35 seconds long. (34:35)

If you need an alternate download or alternate streaming link, let me know and I'd be happy to upload the podfic elsewhere. If you have any questions at all for me, let me know! All that being said... enjoy!

This was my first year ever participating in ITPE! I made roughly 2 hours worth of podfic total for it.


I made 2 Veronica Mars gifts for Tipsy_Kitty, then podficc'd my own Criminal Minds story as a treat for a different person, and then finally, I rushed to make this, just in case Tipsy_Kitty might not like Logan as a character on Veronica Mars as much as I do lol, or in case those fics were too heavy and dark -- I decided to go with some Klaine fluff as a last-minute third podfic for her! I really wanted her to have an alternate gift from me, too, something really different from those first two ones.


I had always wanted to include this as a gift this ITPE, I just... almost ran out of time. So this is the podfic that I did that was the most rushed, and there are parts where I'm not sure it's clear who's talking or if it's a narrator or dialogue or not, and for that I am sorry. Then again, I am my own harshest critic, so maybe the rushing isn't noticable to anyone and maybe Glee fans will enjoy it, all the same? This is my third ever Glee podfic, and all 3 were Klaine, but focused on a third outside character -- the first two, more about Rachel lol. I am apparently a huge fan of these kinds of fics!

This fic hit me powerfully the first time I read it. I think the writing is really great, in-character even for the flashbacks, somehow that seems like exactly how the characters would all be. I really hope listening to it, you all feel the same way. Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks. ;)

Also, as has now become typical for me and my podfics, I created my own cover art for the story/for the podfic! It's nothing too special, but I had fun with it. The Burt/Carole/Kurt scene is from episode 4x21 "Wonder-ful", when Burt learns his prostate cancer is in remission and he's so excited he's not going to die because, in part, of "Grandbabies" in his future. This fic reminded me of that scene. The Burt & young Kurt moment in the cover art is from 2x03 "Grilled Cheesus", of course. The Darren Criss scene and the newborn infant girl found from random Google Image searches. The art was edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 Platinum Edition and I also used a NewBlue FX effect in my coloring.

FYI, the audiofic archive link for this podfic is here.