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Vali Shorts

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Vali made his way through the woods, brushing his hands across the trunks of the trees. Narfi had loved nature, had loved to tromp around pretending to be a brave hero on a quest. He had lost count of the amount of Earth years it had been since his little brother's murder but it felt like an eternity.

"Every year baby brother?"

He turned expecting to just see his sister only to be surprised by all of his siblings. They piled in around him, passing him around into tight hugs.

"The four of you are ridiculous,"Vali muttered his face buried in his oldest brother's chest. "How did you get Sleipnir away from the All-Father?"

The teenager beamed at him from under a mess of curls,"Just because I'm not as showy as the rest of them doesn't mean I don't know a trick or two Vali."

"I'm fairly certain that having eight legs in your normal form is showy,"Vali turned to get a good look at him. "That's a very nice human form though. Fits right in with the family set. Have you chosen a name?"

"I'm going with Damian. I liked a movie with that name,"Sleipnir shrugged.

Vali nodded, his brother had an odd sense of humor he supposed that's why Sleipnir had chosen a form that looked younger than Vali even though Vali was technically the baby. Though the odd time difference between the Realms might have influenced that as well.

With a twist of her hand Hel was suddenly holding a lit candle,"Come on. It's time."

She led the way deeper and deeper into the trees until they arrived at the deepest point in the forest where Vali had arrived all those years ago. They all got settled onto the ground, ready to remember the baby brother who was never going to join them.

"I miss you Narfi, every day."