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Coffee Shops Are Too Loud To Confess In

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Daichi's finger taps restlessly on his empty coffee cup. It's almost one o'clock and the coffee shop is packed with the lunch rush. Meeting in a place like this at such a time doesn't lend to very good conversation, does it? Maybe, he fears, he hadn't properly thought this through. Not just the location though.

For perhaps the first time, Daichi wonders if all this is really okay. It doesn't feel wrong, he reasons, nor has it ever felt anything but right, but some small, nagging, part of him can't help but question. Because, now that he's thinking about it, this is a date. Right? And, logically, if this is a date, it's likely that every time they've met up in the past six months, save practices, has been a date too. Like stealth dates. They've been stealth dating him!

Unless, of course, he's reading this all wrong, which is entirely possible. These 'dates' could just be friendly outings with a couple who hug him a little too long when they meet and kiss his cheeks firmly when they part ways. It could be completely platonic; god knows how many times Suga's kissed his cheek or forehead but that's just Suga being Suga.

No, it's not the same. Daichi knows this for sure. There's nothing platonic about the lingering gazes and not-so-causal touches when they're sitting too close on a roomy couch and only half watching a movie. Not to mention the blatant flirting. And, even if none of them have said anything about it, he's quite comfortable and he's sure they feel the same. So, maybe he's reading things wrong, but denial doesn't last long for Daichi, it never does.

"Dai-Chan," a voice calls over the coffee shop's nearly unbearable noise. Quickly, it's followed by a chirpy, 'Daichi-San!' They're here, the couple he's, apparently, been dating. As he waves them over, and sees their matching grins and interlocked fingers, it's quickly confirmed he really wouldn't mind dating the pair.

Two quick brushes of lips across his cheek and they settle into the seats across from Daichi. Odd, he realizes. Usually it's only after the build up of the, what Daichi now recognizes as a, date that they press their lips to his skin. Almost as if they're working up their courage every time. If they already have the courage what's changed?

"Daichi-San?" Two hands are reach across the table; one large, one small, both worn from practice, and both reaching for Daichi. As their hands curl around his, warm and rough, he feels himself relaxing from his subconsciously tensed state.

"You've got your frowny thinking face on, Dai-Chan. What one earth could be more interesting than us?" Oikawa teases then grins. "Unless... you are thinking about us!"

"I think he is. It's only fair though," Hinata muses. "You didn't hear him all day yesterday, Daichi-San. 'Oh, I can't wait to see Dai-Chan.' 'I wonder what Dai-Chan's doing right now.' 'Shou-Chan, do you think Dai-chan will like this shirt?'" Hinata mocks in a sweet voice and Daichi can't help but laugh especially when he sees Oikawa's pout.

"Like you were any better, Shrimpy-Chan. Which one of us spent an half and hour fixing his hair before we left, hmm?"

"You did, Grand King." Their bickering goes on and Daichi watches fondly. It's not long, though, before the noise of the coffee shop finally becomes too much for Daichi to handle.
"Hey, do you guys want to go for a walk? Or, like, literally anywhere quieter?"
"It is pretty nice out. A walk sounds nice," Hinata agrees easily, pulling the older two along by the hand. He's right, of course. The sun is bright and the air is cool but not biting. The perfect day.

Walking in a group of three is almost always awkward at best. Sidewalks are narrow, set with barely enough room for two people to walk comfortably side by side. This means, unavoidably, someone is stuck walking separate from the others and the conversation. This problem is quickly solved when Hinata leaps, wrapping his strong legs around Daichi's waist, and throwing his arms around Daichi's broad shoulders. If asked Daichi probably won't deny how much he likes this unexpected warmth surrounding him.

"This is new," Daichi mentions lightly after a while. The public park they're strolling through is much quieter than the coffee shop and certainly more peaceful. Even this late in the year everything seems so green and full of life.

"What is?" Oikawa responds distractedly, his eyes on passing wisps of cloud.

"Me, ya' know, carrying your boyfriend." Oikawa lets out a small laugh and glances at the small decoy resting his head contentedly between Daichi's shoulder blades. The couple's eyes meet and Daichi feels Hinata nod his head ever so slightly.

"Yeah, well, I'm okay with this and Shou-Chan's definitely okay with this. What about you, Dai-Chan? Are you okay with this?" Suddenly Daichi knows they're not talking about anything as simple as a piggybacking someone's boyfriend. He may not be sure of what exactly Oikawa's asking but he knows it's important and, more importantly, he knows he is okay with it. He nods without hesitation. Daichi misses the way Oikawa lets out a shaky huff of breath but doesn't miss how Hinata nuzzles his back.

"Ah, I'm glad, Dai-Chan. Because, w-well, we, ya' know..." Oikawa trails of, flustered and unsure how to continue. Thankfully, Hinata picks up Oikawa's trail.

"Daichi-San, what the Grand King here is trying to say is that, if you're interested, I don't have to be only Okawa-San's boyfriend and he doesn't have to be only mine. W-we could both be yours and you could be ours because we like you Daichi-San and we're hoping you like us too." Somehow Hinata managed to get it all out even when his voice began to tremble.

"Well," Daichi starts, knowing his answer but not sure how to phrase it, "I-I'm sure you're both aware but I'm pretty sure we've already been dating for around for six months." Hinata nods and mutters a quiet 'Told you he'd figure it out.' to which Oikawa flushes an, admittedly, adorable shade of red. Daichi snorts lightly, even like this they still bicker. "So, I think, being your boyfriend will probably clarify a few things."

Oikawa grins wide, and slightly teary, and latches onto Daichi's arm while Hinata clings tighter and places a soft kiss to the back of his neck and to top of Oikawa's head.

"Ah, I'm so happy, Dai-Chan, so, so happy," Oikawa mutters as he presses a kiss Daichi's shoulder. Daichi can't, and doesn't want to, stop the blush creeping across his face. The three bask in each others presence, hardly changed, only labeled, and yet somehow so much better. The calm and quiet of the park and the warmth they feel is everything they wanted and more. It's a long while before Daichi makes a startled noise, breaking the silence.

"Oh, yeah! I like you guys too, by the way."