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We'll Run Like We're Awesome [Podfic]

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Cover art by: lavenderfrost

Complete Length: 9:26:39
Download (right-click and save as) as a complete audiobook here or as a zipped collection here. (Thanks to paraka for hosting!)


Part 1: Chapters 1-6 [2:12:42] (Click for mobile streaming)

Part 2: Chapters 7-9 [2:06:26] (Click for mobile streaming)

Part 3: Chapters 10-12 [1:54:48] (Click for mobile streaming)

Part 4: Chapters 13-14 [1:22:02] (Click for mobile streaming)

Part 5: Chapters 15-17 [1:50:41] (Click for mobile streaming)

As a bonus, have a blooper reel! Featuring the giggles I got while recording the story, the abuse I inflicted on my poor mic, my inability to words, and my getting all fluttery about Steve awkwardly getting his flirt on:

A permanent link will be made available at the audiofic archive shortly.