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The Secret Omega

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At the age of ten Spencer Reid had presented as an Omega and his father had walked out in disgust, leaving him to look after his increasingly estranged mother. Still, in her lucid moments, she had assured him that even as an Omega he could do whatever he wanted to do in life. Spencer hadn’t been satisfied with her reassurances and had voraciously read everything he could on Omegas at the library. It didn’t sound like he could live a normal life at all. It sounded like he would lose himself to being nothing but a sex-crazed lunatic every heat, begging any Alpha he could find to fill him with his knot. He avidly studied every aspect of Omegas from their anatomy to their treatment through history. He learned that being an Omega was a strange position to hold in society. They were simultaneously prized and considered the lowest of the low. Certain professions were barred to them as they were considered too dangerous for such delicate creatures and they were, almost unanimously, rather uneducated as they were too busy with having children to fill their pretty heads with learning. Spencer vowed on the floor of the Las Vegas public library that he would fill his head with as much learning as he possibly could and then he would enter one of those ‘unsuitable professions’. He may have only been ten years old but he was already wise beyond his years and he knew that this would take some doing and a great deal of secrecy. He learned that he probably only had about six years before he would go into his first heat and would then probably be bonded. The thought terrified him and he set himself the task to develop a suppressant. Not a heat suppressant. They already existed, though they were tightly controlled. No, he would develop something to suppress his entire biology.


As his head lolled from side to side, his hands tightly bound with his own handcuffs, the hard wooden chair digging bruises into his arms, he re-lived those moments again. He saw himself working furiously in the lab at university at night, drawing tube after tube of blood and experimenting on himself until he finally developed the perfect suppressant. The elation that he felt at the moment of his success was quickly tempered with the knowledge that he would have to keep this secret. If the government got hold of this he was sure it would disappear. Hell, he’d probably disappear. This wasn’t him thinking crazy like his mother. It was a fact. Omegas were valuable. They were a commodity reserved for the wealthiest, strongest Alphas. His serum would give them the choice to do whatever they wanted. It would allow them to live as Betas. It would significantly undermine the status quo and the Alphas’ apparent natural superiority. Spencer kept his mouth shut but continued to manufacture his drug and dose himself over the next decade.


“Confess!” Raphael compelled him but Spencer kept his mouth shut. He could feel the suppressant wearing off. The dilaudid also seemed to be having an interesting reaction either with the drug or his biology and he had the distinctive feeling that he was about to go into heat. At least Hankel, as a Beta, wouldn’t be any the wiser. He’d never experienced a heat, by choice, but it seemed like his choices were all being taken away from him.


“Choose one of your team to die!” Spencer sat, staring at the barrel of the gun, his mind working furiously. He wasn’t ready to die. He just had to think.


“I choose Aaron Hotchner.” And wasn’t that an uncomfortable truth. Spencer had always been wary of Alphas, afraid that his drug didn’t entirely mask his Omega scent, but Hotch was the exception. He let Hotch get close to him. Not only physically at the shooting range but they’d become friends. Hotch valued Spencer for who he was, not what he could do but Spencer would happily do anything for his happily married unit chief. Still, this was his best chance for rescue and Spencer chose to live even if it might mean outing his gender. “He’s a classic narcissist, thinks he’s better than everyone else on the team. Genesis 23:4 ‘Let him not deceive himself and trust in emptiness, vanity, falseness and futility for these shall be his recompense.”


Bending over his own grave and the still warm body of Tobias Hankel, Spencer shook and trembled with fear and the coursing desire that was starting to become a drumbeat in his blood. So this is what it felt like to go into heat but it wasn’t mindless, at least not yet. It was exhilarating. He felt totally alive and utterly focused on one man. The man who emerged between the trees and picked him off the ground.


Aaron had been nearly out of his mind with worry over these past few days. Spencer was more to him than just a subordinate. He was his friend and sometimes, Aaron thought that if circumstances were different – but they weren’t. The thought of losing Spencer was devastating to the whole team but he continued to trust in Aaron up to the last minute and Aaron nearly collapsed with relief at seeing Spencer and knowing that his trust had not been misplaced. As Spencer threw his arms around Hotch the Alpha couldn’t help but take a deep breath and fill his nostrils and mouth with the sweetest scent he had ever smelled in his life. He buried his face deep in Spencer’s neck, scenting him before pulling back his mouth suddenly full of saliva. “Reid?” he growled.


“I knew you’d understand,” Spencer mumbled and Hotch saw the vulnerability in the younger man’s eyes despite the blown pupils. He pulled Spencer towards him and moaned as their sudden erections ground against each other. Hotch could feel the slight pull of his knot, a new and frightening experience.


“Reid, you’re an Omega?” he managed to choke out, supporting the hobbling man in the direction of the ambulance.


“Yes, I can explain, oh God, Hotch,” the younger man squirmed as Hotch’s fingers slid against his hardened nipple through his thin cotton shirt. “You—you can’t take me to hospital. No one can know. You have to keep this secret.”


“How did you hide this?” Hotch whispered but he was already moving towards the cars. If Spencer was an Omega going into heat then he was right; he couldn’t go to a public hospital. Hotch ignored the caveman part of his brain that was screaming “mine” and urging the Alpha to take the Omega right here and fill him with his seed. Spencer needed to go somewhere safe. Aaron just wasn’t sure where that would be. Everyone was too busy dealing with the crime scene to pay them much notice and apparently Spencer’s scent was not yet strong enough to attract the attention of the numerous Alphas milling around. They slipped into Hotch’s SUV and he started driving, still with no idea where he was going.


“I’ll tell you later,” Spencer promised as he squirmed in his seat. “Right now you need to get me to a hotel that has an Omega room so I can deal with this.”


Hotch swallowed heavily and inhaled more of those wonderful pheromones, his mind swum. “Reid – I—I’m married,” he finally forced out, his ring feeling suddenly tight on his finger.


“I know, Hotch, I know. I wouldn’t ask that. They have toys, I can do this alone.”


Hotch fought against the wave of disappointment and nodded, he handed Reid his phone and the younger man flicked through the menus until he’d programmed the GPS with the nearest Omega-equipped hotel. Hotch’s clothing was feeling tight, his palms sweaty and his slacks uncomfortably tented. He was having to fight the urge to pull the car over and take Reid over the bonnet. This was the side of his Alpha biology that he had never felt comfortable with. He didn’t particularly like the idea of going into rut, of mindlessly fucking just because his body was telling him that he should. It was part of the reason that he had married a Beta, even though his family name could have secured him an Omega. “Reid,” he choked out at the still squirming man, “I don’t think it’s safe for you to be around me.”


Spencer rolled his head to look at his unit chief, Hotch’s furrowed brow, beaded with sweat as he fought the biological imperative to fuck. Honourable. Aaron Hotchner was the personification of honourable. Spencer’s heart ached with love for his friend and he felt a rush of fluid between his legs, thickening the scent of arousal in the car. “There’s not much choice, Hotch. I can’t drive with the injuries to my foot even if I could think through this fog. Anyway, I trust you.”


Hotch nodded stiffly and focused on driving as fast as he possibly, if not legally, could. Reid trusted him. He’d just have to prove he was still deserving of that trust. They arrived at the hotel and Hotch supported Spencer into the reception. The staff raised a few eyebrows at Spencer’s dishevelled state but quickly moved into action when they realised that he was going into heat. Hotch knew they were thinking he’d won this Omega and he caught a few admiring glances from the more romantic Beta women. It was a ridiculous notion to think that he could win a person in a fight, that he could win the right to fuck someone. The two men were ushered into the Omega suite and then the staff disappeared.


“Are you sure you’ll be okay, Reid?” Hotch asked lingering by the door as Reid laid back on the king size bed. Hotch could see that the young man’s slacks were damp between his legs and he shifted attempting to hide his painful erection.


“No,” Reid muttered, “but it’s okay, Hotch. Go before you can’t.” It was that thought that sent Hotch from the room. Reid didn’t want him. He had to leave before he ended up ostensibly raping him, both of them lost to their biological drives. He closed the hermetically sealed door and slid down to the floor with his back against it, breathing deeply until he could no longer smell Reid’s scent, as if he had inhaled it all. Then he went to work. He’d promised Reid he would keep this secret. He had no idea how the genius had hidden his gender for all these years but Hotch would be damned if Hankel was allowed to take this from the young man as well. If Spencer’s gender was exposed, he would lose his job, his place on the team, his entire life.


Hotch pulled out his phone and dialled Morgan. “Hotch, where the hell did you take Reid?”


“Are you still at the crime scene?”


“Of course we are. We’re all here. I thought you took him to the hospital but when I called there was no one there under that name.”


“He’s been transferred to a special facility to deal with the drugs that Hankel was giving him. I’m here with him now but I’ll meet you back at the police station in a couple of hours.”


“Drugs? Shit. You smelled them? He’s in a rehab facility?”


“I don’t want to say anymore, Morgan. This has to stay off the record.”


“I understand, Hotch. Give him my best. I’ll deal with things on this end.”


Hotch hung up and took another deep breath, searching for Reid’s scent but finding nothing. His dick was still painfully hard and he realised that it wasn’t going to sort itself out. Pushing himself off the ground he made his way to the fire escape, unwilling to alert the staff to the fact that there was an Omega going through heat alone. Let them think that Hotch was taking care of Reid. That would leave absolutely no possibility that anyone would bother the young man. It would be suicide to intrude on an Alpha’s territory when he was in rut and it was considered permissible homicide in the eyes of the law. Hotch made it back to his car and he was never more thankful for his tinted windows than when he unzipped his slacks and freed his aching cock. He ran his hand over the long stiff flesh, slightly marvelling at how huge and hard he was just from inhaling Omega scent. His fingers traced his slightly bulge at the base of his penis and he felt his knot swell slightly. Jesus, how was that supposed to fit? He tugged on it and bit back a guttural moan. It was pleasure like he had never known and his started frantically working his cock. Spitting into his palm, he worked his left hand swiftly over his flesh as the right tugged on his balls and squeezed at his knot. The smell of Spencer was somewhat stronger in the car and he turned his head towards the passenger seat seeking more. When he came his vision seemed to white out and he almost howled at the strength of his orgasm. Copious amounts of sperm shot out of his dick, over his hands, his slacks, the steering wheel and yet despite the strength of his orgasm, his dick didn’t seem to soften at all. “Spencer,” he mumbled and used his ejaculate to slick up his cock as his hands started working again.


Meanwhile, in the hotel room, Spencer had stripped himself naked and was currently kneeling on the bed with three fingers in his stretched ass and one hand working his cock. Rocking back onto his fingers and forward into his hands, he keened Aaron’s name in desperation. The pain in his foot was a minor ache compared to the empty feeling in his gut. His rational mind knew that Hotch wouldn’t return but his body was screaming for the Alpha. His first ejaculation was ultimately unsatisfactory and his hole clenched uselessly around his fingers. With a desperate moan, Spencer reached into the bedside table and pulled out a ridiculous purple Omega dildo, sealed in cellophane. He rubbed his own slick over the smooth rubber surface and knelt forward, spreading his legs and shoving it into his hole. It felt better but as he worked it in and out of himself all he could think of was Hotch, his smell, the feel of his fingers brushing his nipple, the way his pupils dilated in desire when he scented Spencer’s neck. “Aaron,” he moaned out again, piteously, but his cries went unanswered.