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  • 23 emotions (23emotions) by inconspicuouslyblue (bluedreaming)

    19 Sep 2015


    Thanks for helping us out with this test project!

    This is a panfandom challenge to write stories based on words from the dictionary of obscure sorrows. 23 words were selected on the challenge lj comm, but you may also chose a word from the larger dictionary, an example being anemoia.

    Since this is a creative exercise and not a standard fest/prompt meme, please claim a word from the list of prompts. Feel free to be inspired by as many of the words as you wish, just for organizational purposes officially choose one. However, if you wish to write a word that's not on the list, please follow the instruction below in rules.

    While being a creative exercise, this is also a test to figure out the functionality of the prompt meme challenge type collection on Ao3, so we apologize for the way the challenge doesn't quite fit the format. Please bear with us.

    (Open, Unmoderated, Prompt Meme Challenge)