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Percy's Guardian Angels

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Have you ever heard something along the lines of, “There’s evil inside of us all” or “The darkness within”, or even “The demon inside”?


Well they exist, literally but instead of inside they’re out. Almost like a twin to the other, minus the fact that they’re demon. When a human is born so is their Demon, but the human grows up alone for the first eight years of their life to develop their own personalities.

The Demon is raised in hell as they lead their own life until it’s time for them to be introduced to their doppelganger. The demon is also taught how to protect their human from anything along with what a child naturally learns as they grow older. (Writing, reading, sharing, etc.)


The Demons aren’t there to cause mischief, (even though they do), their job is to simply protect their human, they take this job very seriously.

The human and demon stay together until they’re eighteen, then they both make the decision to stay together or go their separate ways.

Not all people get along with their demon and some demons miss home, so while most can’t imagine being apart from each other, some can’t wait.




Percy’s demon, who had decided to go by Perseus thank you very much, was very excited. The boy was practically bouncing off the walls, in his own way of course.

In just one more day he and his human would be turning eight and they could finally meet!


Percy was radiating excitement, his friends had all already gotten to go meet their humans and soon he would to.




Percy whimpered quietly in a corner, not wanting to make Gabe any madder than he already was. Percy wasn’t as excited to meet his demon as his demon was to meet him; he was a nervous wreck to be honest.

Both Gabe and his mother Sally had said goodbye to their demons at age eighteen but both with entirely different reasons.

Gabe had said goodbye because his demon didn’t approve of his drinking or steady gambling addiction, Gabe wanting to do whatever he wanted to said goodbye to his demon, who reluctantly went back to hell. Sally had said goodbye because all her life she had lived with the shadow of her parents looming over her, being eighteen meant she no longer needed to live like that.

She had said goodbye to her demon not wanting another shadow to follow her, her demon left reluctantly but not concerned either. Not because she didn’t care but Sally had always been a strong, responsible, level headed woman; her demon knew she’d be just fine.

Percy, however, not knowing the reason why his mother and Gabe had parted ways assumed the worst. Not to mention Smelly Gabe had already told him some pretty terrible stuff about demons as well.

And he figured if they weren’t sill around then they must have been bad people, and looking at how bad of a person Gabe was, he was terrified at how his demon must’ve been. Percy shuddered at the thought, no he was definitely not looking forward to meeting his demon.




Perseus didn’t excite easy; it just wasn’t him. He was quiet, observant, and already kind of serious for a kid. Sure he had his mischievous and playful side but he never felt a reason to bring it out constantly.

But today was a different story entirely.


He was scheduled to leave around eleven, which was in about two minutes.

Perseus wondered what Percy would be like, he wondered what Sally would be like, well he wondered what everything would be like really.

Would Percy like him? Would he like Percy? Would Percy send him back when they reached eighteen? Would he want to go back? Would they be enemies? Would he get along? Would they have anything in common? 

So many questions filled his mind although his outside didn’t show it. No he was Perseus Jackson, there was no way he would show how nervous he was, he had a reputation to keep.


Perseus Jackson, Perseus Jackson, Perseus Jackson.


As soon as he heard his name called he rushed over to the transportation booth.


He blinked and suddenly he was in front of an apartment door in an old looking building. It looked like it had been there for centuries, it was old and a bit intimidating.


He took a deep breath and opened the door, immediately a pungent smell hit him smack in the face causing him to wrinkle his nose in disgust.

Was this where he was meant to stay?

Was this where his human had to stay?

He’d have to look into this as soon as possible.

His thought were soon interrupted though by a small cry of what sounded like pain followed by a growl, Perseus frowned.


“Damn it boy I said shut up!”


A smack echoed through the small home.

Perseus closed the door behind him and walked into the living room, what he saw made his stomach drop and his anger rise.

A tall, disgustingly fat, bald, and smelly man was kicking a small boy on the ground repeatedly. It took only a second for Perseus to realize that the small boy on the ground was his small boy.


“What do you think you’re doing?!” He shouted.


The nasty man turned and glared at the voice, “Who the hell are you?”


Perseus barred his fangs, which are normally hidden, at the man and hissed.

The man’s face palled remarkably as realization came upon him.

After all demons were famous for causing people who had hurt their human pain without killing them.

He stepped back and ran for the door, Perseus heard the man trip and fall as he ran down the stairs.

He figured that would be enough pain to the man, for now. His fangs disappeared as he made his way to his human, he sat down next to him and poked his arm not really knowing how to comfort someone,  


“Hey, are you okay?”


Percy frowned, no one besides Gabe had actually told him that demons couldn’t be mean. His mom had told him not to worry last night about it, so he just shrugged.


Perseus frowned, “Then how do you know? It’s not nice to judge before you know.”


Percy blushed and looked down at his hands, Perseus smiled at him,


“Well since you don’t seem to know why I’m actually here then, I’ll tell you.”


Percy nodded and pulled Perseus to the couch, “Okay, then tell me.”


So Perseus explained how he was here to protect Percy and not hurt him, and how demons came to be, and then the small things like his favorite food and stuff.

Percy listened intently and the more that Perseus explained the more relaxed he became. Eventually he felt a little silly for fearing his demon so but Perseus didn’t seem to mind. When Perseus was done talking he couldn’t help but ask, “So you’re really not going to hurt me?”


Perseus smiled at him and shook his head, “No Percy, I’ll never hurt you.”




He nodded, “I promise.”


He put his arm around Percy who leaned into the embrace. Perseus feeling a little tired fell asleep like that moments later.

Percy smile against Perseus, he was glad Perseus was here now. He hadn’t ever really had a friend before and Perseus made him feel safe. Besides his mother, no one else had made him feel safe before.

Perseus reminded him of an angel and to Percy, he was an angel, Percy’s angel. Percy decided to keep that thought to himself though before falling asleep himself.