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The Boy In The Garden

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The TARDIS jolted, throwing the Doctor, Rory and Amy onto the floor. The trio began to laugh hysterically, partly because of the drink they'd picked up on Triff which had the ability to make everything seem a million times funnier than it actually was. This was one of those things.
"We should probably lay off that drink.." Rory chuckled as he pulled himself to his feet before taking Amy's hand and pulling her up too. The Doctor bounced to his feet fairly easily, pulling another lever that caused the TARDIS to commence her landing sequence.
"Randomised?" Amy asked, brushing her hair from her face and looking at the Doctor
"Somehow, that's always the most fun"
"The most dangerous" Rory pointed out, but moved towards the door regardless, following the Doctor as he bounded over, pulling open the door.

The door swung open and the trio stepped out onto the luscious grass, glancing around. Before them stood a large brown 16th century estate home, that caused Amy to gasp lightly at it's overwhelming beauty and vastness. With a quick glance to his companions, the Doctor began walking along the pale stone path which lead the whole way around the building and into the gardens at the back.

"Who are you?" a small boy looked up from his position on the grass at the three strangers who had just entered his back garden and disturbed him while he was watching the black ants that hurried over the grass, carrying bits of food that the young boy had purposely dropped there. The Doctor looked down at him, a big grin on his face.
"Hello.. I'm the Doctor. These are my friends Rory and Amy. Who are you?"
"I'm Sherlock Holmes" the boy continued to watch the Doctor, but slowly rose from the grass, careful not to stand on any of the ants that continued to scurry over the garden. He brushed his thick black curly hair from his eyes and held out his hand for the Doctor, as he'd been taught. Polite, apparently. The Doctor smiled and shook Sherlock's hand.
"What were you doing, Sherlock Holmes?" he asked, glancing down at the notepad the boy had left on the grass.
"Experiments. I was testing the theory that an ant can lift 20 times its own body weight"
"What did you discover?"
"Well, I've not seen one pick up something 20 times it's body weight, but pretty close.." The Doctor smiled and nodded
"How old are you, Sherlock?" Amy asked softly
"And is this your house?"
"Yes. Would you like to come in for some tea?"
The Doctor nodded and followed Sherlock towards the back door, waiting as the young boy, Amy and Rory entered. As he pulled closed the glass patio door behind them, he frowned, as his eyes briefly scanned over the dark figure in the bushes.
"Doctor, are you coming?" Amy's voice reached his ear and he turned, looking at her.
"Right behind you.." he turned around again, but there was nothing there. With a shrug, he followed the others towards the kitchen.