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Jimmy had been looking forward to this.
It had felt like forever since they had last seen each other. No sooner had his companion arrived, he had placed his arm around the older man’s shoulders and began escorting him to the White House’s master bedroom. As they strolled through the halls together, Jimmy felt the other man’s hand come down to rest on his rear.

“Jerry, you naughty man,” He chided, feigning annoyance, “It’s not polite to grope the president in his own house.” His lover, the one and only Gerald Ford, grinned back at him.

“I’ve done much more than grope you here, sweetheart,” He smirked, giving the president’s ass a slight squeeze. The two shared a laugh and continued on through the White House until they reached Jimmy’s bedroom. They entered, and Jimmy locked the door behind them, ensuring that no one would intrude. Here in the seclusion and security of the president’s room the two were free to do whatever they wished. Their differing parties, their differing statuses as president and ex-president, the prying eyes of the American people all fell away in here. It was just them, them and them alone. The Democrat wrapped his arms around the Republican’s neck and pressed their lips together in a hungry kiss.

“I missed you…” He whispered softly when they finally parted. He hadn’t seen the ex-president in such a long time.

“I missed you too.” Ford whispered back. He took Jimmy by the hand and the two of them approached the bed. Jimmy went around to the left side and fluffed the pillows a bit before lying down atop the sheets. Ford meanwhile climbed onto the right side, though he and Jimmy both shifted to meet in the middle, locking hands and lacing their fingers together as they leaned in to capture each other’s lips once more. Their kisses were done gently, chastely at first, though Jimmy soon began to long for something more, and from the look in Ford’s eyes he could tell that the older man wished for more as well.

As their mouths met yet again, Jimmy ran his tongue against Ford’s bottom lip, silently hinting that he wanted to progress to a deeper kiss. The Republican obliged, parting his lips to allow the Democrat’s eager tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately, fervently, making up for all the time they had been away from one another. Kissing was one of their favorite things to do, and something they did often when they made the time to be alone together. Ford fondly remembered their first kiss. It had been during a break at one of their debates. He couldn’t help but chuckle against his lover’s lips as he recalled the awkwardness of it.

“What are you laughing about?” Jimmy teased playfully as they parted to catch their breath.

“Nothing really, sweetheart,” Ford replied, “I was just thinking about our first kiss.” Jimmy blushed, and a big grin spread across his face.

“Oh, yes,” He giggled, “I remember that well. It was in the men’s room at our second debate.” Ford grinned back and nodded.

“You walked in and we teased each other a bit, but then somehow we ended up kissing.”

“You poked fun at me for being shorter than you, but then you said you thought my accent was cute.” Jimmy smirked. “And you also said it’d be nice to hear me moaning your name.”

“And then you, you coy little thing, you kissed me and said you’d do much more than moan my name if I won the election.”

“Your face was so red after that,” Jimmy laughed, “I was so worried when you didn’t say anything, and then we had to go back and finish the debate. Oh lord, the rest of that debate was so awkward... you were blushing so much, and so was I. Thank God nobody noticed.”

“Yeah,” Ford agreed, “I didn’t end up winning the election, but that doesn’t matter to me. I won your heart, and I’d rather hold that than any office.” Jimmy smiled, feeling flattered by his lover’s sweet words.

“Oh, Jerry,” He sighed dreamily, “It makes me so happy to know that I’m that precious to you.” Ford grinned and pressed a soft kiss to the Democrat’s cheek.

“You’re more precious to me than anything else in this world,” He replied, “And I know I shouldn’t be saying this, especially since we’re from different parties, but you truly are a wonderful president, sweetheart.”

“Here we were just a year ago running for office against each other,” Jimmy mused, “and now we’re in bed together and you’re calling me sweetheart.”

“Would you rather I call you something else?” Ford purred, pulling the younger man close and burying his face against his neck, “Something like baby, gorgeous, honey, darling?”

“Stop it,” Jimmy laughed as the ex-president planted light kisses near his jawline, “You’re making me blush!” Ford lifted his head and smiled seductively.

“I can make you do much more than blush, Jimmy.” He shifted their positions so that he was on top of the president and reached down to start undoing the buttons on his jacket. Jimmy brought his hands up to do the same for Ford. He hooked his fingers under the lapels of the older man’s jacket and slid it off his shoulders, then he sat up so he could shrug his own jacket off and made quick work of removing his tie and shirt, leaving him bare-chested. Ford meanwhile had loosened his tie and was busy unbuttoning his shirt, but he paused for a brief moment to admire the Democrat. Even though Jimmy was in his fifties and no longer had the body of a young man Ford still found him quite attractive.

“Like what you see?” The president drawled in that soothing southern accent of his as he sensually ran his hands up and down his chest.

“I love what I see,” Ford replied, “and I love you.” He gave Jimmy another peck on the lips and finished unbuttoning his shirt. Jimmy helped him slip it off and reached down to start undoing his belt. He blushed, noticing the unmistakable tenting in the older man’s pants. It gave him an odd sense of pride to know that he had this kind of effect on the Republican.

“I can’t believe that someone as plain as me could make you so horny,” He remarked, “I’m nothing special to look at.”

“Don’t say that, Jimmy,” Ford said softly, “You’re a very handsome man. If anything, I should be wondering why you’d want to be with someone like me.” Jimmy smiled broadly, and Ford couldn’t help but grin back. While he had teased Jimmy for his smile back when they were running against each other, he had grown to find it very endearing. It was something unique to him, something that made him special, something absolutely beautiful.

“I’m with you for the same reasons you’re with me,” Jimmy explained as he finally finished undoing the older man’s belt, “I think you’re handsome and you’ve got a good heart. We may be from different parties and we may believe in different things-we even ran against each other, for goodness sake-but I love you, and I love making love to you.” He set Ford’s belt aside and grabbed his hand as the two of them rose from the bed. Ford let his pants fall to the floor, freeing his cock from its confines. He reached down to undo Jimmy’s belt, the president let his own pants drop, and at long last the two were unburdened of all the clothing separating them. Ford stared at the younger man standing bare before him, completely entranced. He was gorgeous.

“Wow.” He said as the Democrat flashed a coquettish smile.

“Sit down, Jerry,” He requested gently in that sweet southern accent of his, “let me love you.” The older man nodded and sat himself on the edge of the bed as Jimmy sunk to his knees in front of him. He grasped the Republican’s cock in one of his hands and stroked it slowly. Ford reached down to grab his free hand, lacing their fingers together again as the Democrat touched him. Jimmy pressed a light kiss to the tip, making him shiver with anticipation. Amused, the younger man began trailing kisses down his cock. When he could go no lower, he looked up at Ford, smiled, and gave a slow, firm lick up his length, followed by another kiss to the tip. Jimmy repeated this a few times, taking note of how Ford’s grip on his hand tightened a bit more with each lick. The president’s tongue and lips felt nice on his length, but he wanted more, he wanted to feel Jimmy’s mouth around his cock.

“Fuck,” He swore as the Democrat pressed his tongue against his shaft for the fourth time. Jimmy lifted his head and grinned smugly.

“We’ll do that later, Jerry.”

“You’re so funny.” Ford chuckled, reaching down to ruffle Jimmy’s hair. The president chuckled as well, enjoying the contact.

“I love seeing you laugh,” He replied, “But seeing you moan is even more satisfying…” With that, he lowered his head once more and took the tip of Ford’s cock into his mouth. Ford gave his hand a soft squeeze and let out a low moan as the president sucked the tip gently, being careful not to hurt him with his teeth. Jimmy gradually took more of his length, sucking harder and bobbing his head up and down on the ex-president’s cock, doing his best to make his lover feel good. He was so eager to please-he always had been-and Ford was certainly pleased with what he was doing. The Democrat’s mouth felt amazing, like nothing else he had ever experienced.

“I remember the first night we spent together,” He reminisced as the president sucked him off, “It was the night after you’d won the election, and you’d come to visit me.” Jimmy’s cheeks reddened as he thought back to their first encounter. He lifted his mouth from the Republican’s cock and cracked a bashful smile at his lover.

“I said that I wanted a tour of the White House, but we both know that’s not why I’d really come to see you.”

“I showed you around and then we got to the bedroom.” Ford smirked, making Jimmy’s cheeks burn even redder.

“And you said it was a shame that you didn’t win, because you would’ve loved to have had me in your bed underneath you and moaning your name.” He replied.

“I hadn’t forgotten about what you’d said to me at our debate,” Ford continued, bringing his hand down to pet Jimmy’s hair again, “And apparently you hadn’t either, because you said that you were still willing to do that even though I’d lost.”

“You looked so shocked after I’d said that,” Jimmy laughed as he recalled the stunned expression on the ex-president’s face, “I was worried that I’d gone too far, but then you grinned and asked what else I would be willing to do.”

“And we both know what happened after that.” Ford said, smiling at the memory. “It was a magical evening.”

“The most magical night of my life.” Jimmy agreed. “Though every night I spend with you is a magical one.” He lowered his mouth towards the older man’s cock once more, but Ford placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

“That’s enough for now, Jimmy.” He decided.

“Was I not doing a good job?” Jimmy asked worriedly.

“No, no! You were doing a wonderful job as always, sweetheart!” Ford assured him, “But I want to make you feel wonderful as well. Come lie down with me?” Jimmy nodded and joined him again on the bed. They laid down together, and Ford grabbed hold of Jimmy’s cock as they kissed. He began gently stroking the president, pumping his hand up and down his length.

“Oh, Jerry,” The Democrat moaned, “I love it when you touch me.” Ford placed his free hand around Jimmy’s shoulders and nuzzled him as he worked his cock.

“I love touching you.” The Republican purred, “I love making you feel good.” He gave Jimmy’s cock a firm squeeze, making him gasp. Grinning at his reaction, the older man kept stroking him, tightening his grip and speeding up his pace. Jimmy was in ecstasy, melting under the ex-president’s touch. Ford did things to him that no one else ever had, made him feel things that he had never felt for any other person, and he loved it.

“Kiss me, Jerry.” He pleaded, wanting to feel the other man’s lips against his own again, “Please, kiss me.” Ford did just that, crushing their mouths together in a passionate kiss as he kept pumping the president’s cock. The kiss was deep and heated; their tongues explored each other’s mouths as their hands wandered one another’s bodies. Ford abandoned stroking Jimmy’s cock, instead opting to draw his arms around the younger man’s waist and pull him snugly against his body, but Jimmy didn’t mind. He loved having the ex-president’s hands on him, caressing him, rubbing his body, holding him close. He loved stealing away with him to do all these things that would have most certainly gotten both of them into hot water if they’d become public knowledge. He loved all of it, and he loved Ford. The two parted to catch their breath, panting heavily, and then leaned in for more. Their lips met a second time, the kiss just as intense as before. Jimmy slipped his hands under Ford’s arms, sliding them up to rest on his back as they made out. The ex-president reached down to grab both of their cocks in his hand, rubbing them together as he and Jimmy moaned against each other’s mouths. They pulled away again, and the younger man rested his chin on his lover’s shoulder as Ford stroked their cocks together. Both men were painfully hard and aching for release.

“Oh, Jerry honey,” Jimmy sighed breathlessly, “Your hands always feel so nice. You always feel so nice.”

“Jimmy, sweetheart,” Ford growled huskily, making the president quiver, “I want you.” Jimmy felt one of the Republican’s hands come down to rest on his ass, giving it a light squeeze.

“I want you too.” He murmured softly, pressing his ass against the older man’s hand. “I need you. It’s been forever since we’ve done this.”

“Do you want to top this time?” Ford asked. Jimmy shook his head.

“I want you to do it.” He told him. “I want your cock in me.”

“I’ll give you what you want, sweetheart.” Ford purred, planting a kiss on his lips. They reluctantly pulled away from each other and Jimmy went over to one of the night stands while the Republican remained on the bed, watching him. After rummaging around in one of the drawers for a bit, the Democrat found what he was looking for: a tube of lubricant. Jimmy climbed back into bed with Ford and handed it to him. He watched as the ex-president popped the tube open and squirted some of the slick substance into his hand. He ran his hand over his cock, coating it with the lubricant as Jimmy looked on with anticipation. When he was done, Jimmy grabbed his hand and licked it clean. He stared down at Ford’s cock, glistening with a thin sheen of the lube, and he felt his cheeks flush. He wanted nothing more at that moment than for his lover to ravish him. Ford drew his hand away from the president’s mouth and cupped his cheek, bringing their faces closer so he could capture his lips in a gentle kiss.

“How do you want it, Jimmy?” He asked. “How do you want my cock? How do you want me to take you?” Jimmy laid back among the pillows and spread his legs, something he usually felt very modest about doing, but not in front of Ford.

“I want it like this,” He answered, “I want to feel your body on top of me; I want to look at you while we make love.” Seeing the president offering himself like this turned Ford on like nothing else. He nodded and positioned himself between the Democrat’s legs, preparing to enter him. Resting one of his hands upon Jimmy’s waist, he grasped his cock in the other and lined it up with the president’s body.

“Are you ready?” He asked. Jimmy nodded.

“Yes, but please be gentle with me, Jerry.” He requested. Ford grinned and kissed Jimmy’s forehead.

“Aren’t I always?” With that, he gingerly eased his cock into the younger man, penetrating him slowly so as not to cause him any pain. Jimmy tensed up and let out a whimper, and the ex-president paused.

“It doesn’t hurt, does it?” He asked concernedly. Though they did this often and he was always careful, he still worried about injuring his lover.

“No, not at all.” Jimmy assured him, leaning forward to give him a peck on his cheek. “It feels real nice. Please continue.” Ford nodded and resumed filling the president with his length until his cock was all the way inside of him. His chest rested against Jimmy’s, and the Democrat’s hands slid up his back, holding him close. Ford buried his face against his lover’s skin, trailing sensual, loving kisses from his collarbone up the length of his neck.

“Oh, Jimmy,” The older man whispered huskily, “What did I ever do to deserve someone as wonderful as you?”

“Whatever you did, Jerry, I’m glad that you did it.” Jimmy whispered back. “I love you, and I love doing this with you.” Ford nuzzled his neck.

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

The ex-president stayed still for a moment to give his lover a chance to adjust to the feeling, but neither of them minded the lack of movement. It gave them plenty of opportunity to kiss, cuddle, and speak sweet nothings to each other. Jimmy reveled in the feeling of being so close to his lover. Their bodies fit together exquisitely, their intimacy was indescribable. Being taken by the older man was like nothing else Jimmy had ever experienced; it was pure bliss.

“You can move now, honey.” Jimmy told him. Ford nodded and began to thrust in and out of him. He started slowly; they always did. There was no need to rush things. As he humped the president, Ford leaned in to press his mouth to his collarbone once more, though instead of the usual kiss he sucked gently, breaking the delicate blood vessels beneath the Democrat’s skin and leaving a bruise. He repeated this action, peppering love bites all along the president’s chest and shoulders as he fucked him, being careful to not mark him in a spot that would potentially be caught by the public’s prying eyes.

“Do you like it when I mark you?” He asked softly, lifting his head to gaze into the younger man’s eyes as they made love.

“Oh, yes,” Jimmy moaned, “I love it. It gives me something to look at to remind me of you when you leave. It reminds me of all these wonderful times I spend with you. Mark me all you want, Jerry. Show me that I’m yours.” Ford complied, leaving yet another love bite on the president’s skin as he thrust into him, making him tremble.

“You’re mine and I’m yours, and I always will be.” He vowed. “Can I move faster now?” Jimmy nodded, so Ford increased the pace at which he fucked him. Jimmy pressed his lips to Ford’s shoulder, leaving his own marks as the ex-president humped him. What he had said was true; he was Ford’s and Ford was his, and they always would be. They could never marry-the American people would not take kindly to two men, two presidents, or a Democrat and Republican deciding to wed-but that didn’t make their union any less official or sacred to either of them. They both fooled around with other men every now and then, they had mutually agreed that that sort of arrangement was okay, but that was just for sex, that was just for fun. When they were together, they didn’t just have sex, they didn’t just have fun, they made love, they became one. Jimmy reached down to touch himself, letting out a languid whine of delight as Ford thrusted into him an especially hard time.

“Jerry,” The Democrat whimpered, “I’m getting close.”

“So am I,” The Republican grunted back, “Should I pull out?”

“No,” Jimmy declined, “I want you to cum in me.” He wrapped his legs around Ford, keeping him locked in place to emphasize what he wanted. Ford fucked him faster and harder, bringing the two of them more and more pleasure with each movement. Jimmy moaned and brought one hand up to cover his reddening face while the other stroked his cock. The ex-president took hold of his hand and lowered it, placing a kiss on his lips and pressing their foreheads together.

“Oh, Jimmy, sweetheart,” He groaned, “How does it feel? How do I feel?”

“It feels wonderful,” Jimmy replied, “And so do you, Jerry.” Ford placed another love bite on his shoulder, making the president gasp.

“Please say my name again, Jimmy,” He murmured against the Democrat’s skin, “It sounds so right when you say it.” Jimmy was more than happy to do that.

“Jerry!” He cried, tightening his grip on his cock, “Jerry! Oh lord, Jerry!” He gave his cock one final stroke and came hard in his hand. Ford came as well, the sound of his name on his lover’s lips serving as the final push to send him over the edge. He stayed inside the president for a little while afterwards, allowing the two of them to catch their breath and enjoy each other’s closeness a bit longer. With one final kiss, Ford pulled out and shifted himself so he was lying next to Jimmy rather than on top of him, allowing the president to get up. Jimmy excused himself briefly to go clean off in the bathroom while Ford stayed behind and waited for him in bed. The president went to the sink and ran his hand under the tap water, washing his seed away. As he did so, he looked at himself in the mirror, smiling approvingly at the many love bites that littered his body. He touched his fingertips to them, feeling the physical, tangible proof that he had been claimed by his lover. He truly was Ford’s, and Ford was his. Jimmy turned off the tap, dried his hand, and returned to the bedroom to cuddle with his beloved.

“Welcome back, Mr. President.” Ford greeted him, wrapping his arms around the younger man as he climbed into bed and sidled into his awaiting embrace. “You know something, Jimmy?”

“What?” Jimmy asked, resting his head against the older man’s chest.

“I would gladly lose that election a thousand times over for just one night like this with you.” Jimmy blushed.

“Oh, Jerry,” He sighed lovingly, “You might have lost the election, but you’ve definitely won my heart.”

Jimmy slammed the laptop shut.

“Oh Jerry, thank the lord you aren’t around to see this.” He sighed, gazing wistfully at a nearby framed picture of himself and his long-dead friend. Ford was a nice man, and the two of them had been very close, but their feelings were purely platonic. Yet here were these dirty-minded teenagers causing shenanigans again and shipping them in their erotic fanfictions. Jimmy shook his head in dismay and rose from the desk, wishing that he could purge himself of the sinful smut.

“Going back on Ao3 was a big mistake…”