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strip you, dip you, flip you

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jeongguk's keenly aware of jimin's eyes on him, he's just pretending that his phone is more interesting. it's not even that jeongguk doesn't like it, he always loves having jimin's attention, but there's always this ball of anxiety in the pit of his belly, this constant fear that everyone's going to find out. they haven't worked this hard to build up their careers for nothing. jeongguk has to remind himself not to get possessive, fingers curling around jimin's wrist loosely, teeth leaving only the faintest of marks against jimin's unblemished skin.

his heart races and when he dares to glance up; jimin's still watching him. he wonders if jimin's thinking about him. jeongguk's always thinking about jimin: about fucking him and kissing him and touching him and it's a little overwhelming but not unwelcome. jimin's gaze is less intense now, more lazy, tired, the coordi noona almost done with his hair. jeongguk had his finished up first.

he's not surprised when jimin saunters over to him, sinking down next to jeongguk in the small space left on the couch. namjoon's asleep, mouth hung open, on jeongguk's other side. jimin presses bodily into him and if he could get away with it, he'd have sat in jeongguk's lap. for now, he settles on resting his chin on jeongguk's shoulder, hand curling around jeongguk's bicep. jeongguk doesn't miss the quick squeeze.

"is your phone more interesting than me?" jimin pouts and jeongguk has to bite back his pleased smile. "what are you even looking at?"

"you're so obvious," jeongguk points out, eyes flickering to jimin and he catches the way jimin stares at his mouth before he looks jeongguk in the eye.

"is that a bad thing?" jimin asks quietly, voice too close to jeongguk's ear. it sends an involuntary shiver down his spine and jeongguk glances quickly around the room before sinking back into his seat, taking jimin with him. when he turns to look at jimin, he can see the pretty fan of jimin's lashes, the cut of his cheekbones as he glows, ever radiant.

"depends," jeongguk says, smirking as jimin's cheeks turn pink from the close proximity. for someone so coy, he melts easily. "i wouldn't mind flaunting that you're mine but your fans might."

"ew," jimin grimaces, nose scrunching up cutely as he pulls away. "you're so gross."

jeongguk watches him stand, follows the curve of his body down to his hips. he's lost weight, and it makes him look even more delicate. jeongguk feels ravenous, wants jimin to fall apart under his hands so only he can put him back together again. the stylists have him in a choker again, black cloth stark against jimin's pale skin, and it makes jeongguk's cock twitch in interest. last week, he'd broken one in half as he'd grabbed at it to fuck into jimin from behind. there'd been an indentation in jimin's skin, nearly a bruise and jeongguk had felt something feral in his chest.

"you're staring," jimin says, but there's this pleased quality to his voice, and he's reaching up to fix his hair despite the fact that not a single strand is out of place.

"can't help it," jeongguk murmurs in response, jimin's cheeks flushing further. he turns away from jeongguk, flustered, and jeongguk knows he's won this round. he watches jimin leave their dressing room, the idea hitting him just as jimin rounds the corner. jeongguk's out of his seat a split second later, his bandmates all either preoccupied with their phones or dead to the world. he follows jimin out, spots him bowing to a senior group passing by. jeongguk mimics the action when they pass him, too, catching jimin by the wrist as he speeds up.

jimin's startled, twisting around to look at who's grabbed him, but when he sees it's jeongguk, he just furrows his brows and jeongguk doesn't let him ask any questions, dragging him down a smaller corridor. they wander for a while, until jeongguk finds what he's looking for. the closet door swings open and he pulls jimin inside, shutting the door behind himself just as swiftly.

"what the hell, jeongguk," jimin exclaims, slightly confused. it's too dark in the closet to see anything but jeongguk doesn't need to see, he needs to touch, hand smoothing up jimin's arm until he has it wrapped around the back of jimin's neck. he tugs jimin close, bodies colliding and jimin catches on, finally, little "oh" escaping his lips. jeongguk's other hand grips jimin's ass, squeezing hard, pulling him in closer until there isn't an inch of space between them.

"you're a little slow today, hyung," jeongguk whispers, takes jimin's bottom lip between his teeth, bites until he can feel jimin arch into him, a quiver in his hands. he sucks in the bruised flesh, tongue delving into jimin's mouth, tasting the coffee jimin gulped down earlier.

"fuck you," jimin breathes, pulling away just slightly. jeongguk takes the opportunity to tug at jimin's shirt, leans in to suck on jimin's neck, tastes the cloth of the choker along with jimin's skin. jimin fists a hand jeongguk's shirt, gasping as jeongguk slides his thigh between jimin's legs.

"that's the idea," jeongguk smirks, laughing when jimin huffs in exasperation. a light flickers on just as jeongguk sets a rhythm, thigh grinding up against jimin's quickly hardening cock. he startles, momentarily stops before realising jimin's found the switch. jimin's mouth is already deliciously pink, jeongguk leaning in to kiss him again, hungry for jimin's moans. jimin whines into jeongguk's mouth, hips rolling against jeongguk's thigh, already desperate for friction. jeongguk grips his ass firmer, lets jimin rock himself up and down against jeongguk's thigh, swallowing all of jimin's little moans.

"jeongguk," jimin pants, breaking their kiss, hands scrambling to hold on tighter. "jeongguk, you're -- ah, please."

"were you this horny all day hyung? that why you couldn't keep your eyes off me?"

"you, you pulled me into the closet, asshole," jimin huffs, eyes narrowing and he's gone this pretty pink colour, mouth swollen and wet. jeongguk likes it almost as much as he likes his tear stained face, cum painted over jimin's mouth, splattered over his face.

"isn't that what you wanted?" jeongguk teases, hand winding around the back of jimin's neck again. he loops two fingers through the back, tugs sharply, jimin gasping as he's yanked back. jeongguk takes the opportunity to kiss up the length of his neck, teeth sinking into jimin's skin, never hard enough to bruise. he knows his limitations, even if it drives him wild that he can't mark jimin as his.

"jeongguk, jeongguk, please," jimin begs, voice taking on a raspy lilt and jeongguk loves that he can do this, loves that jimin just loses it, needy and desperate for him. he's rutting against jeongguk's thigh all on his own, completely indecent as he chases his pleasure. "wanna come."

"already, hyung? aren't you being greedy?" jeongguk tuts, letting go of jimin completely. jimin falls into him and jeongguk uses his momentary surprise to flip him over, pin jimin to the door, face pressed into the cold of the metal. jeongguk pushes up bodily against him, cock pressing into jimin's ass, and he's so small like this, jeongguk envelops him easily. he grinds into jimin's ass, listens to jimin groan, hands moving to undo jimin's belt.

jeongguk leans down to jimin's ear, bites on the shell as he works jimin's pants open, pushing them down along with his underwear. when he has jimin's ass bare, jeongguk lets out an appreciative groan, fingers slipping between his cheeks. jimin presses back into the touch, moans too loud when jeongguk presses a finger to his entrance. "i should fuck your tight little ass right here, hyung, bet you'd like that. bet you'd like my cum dripping out of your ass while you're dancing in front of all the fans."

jimin whimpers, pushes back into jeongguk's hand shamelessly, desperate for more. "fuck yeah, wanna feel you inside me, please, kookie."

jeongguk has to bite back a moan, hand scrambling to find the packet of lube he'd shoved into his pocket earlier. fucking jimin was always something jeongguk liked to keep space for in his busy schedule. he tears it open with his teeth, squirts it onto his fingers, the lube cold as he presses two fingers to jimin's hole. they'd fucked the night before, and jimin's still loose enough to take jeongguk's fingers easily, gasping as jeongguk pushes them in without preamble.

"your hole's already ready for me hyung, like a good little cockslut. god, you love being filled up, right, hyung? can't wait for cock up your ass," jeongguk growls into jimin's ear, fucks his fingers into jimin's ass. the obscene squelch fills up the small closet, mixed in with jimin's breathy gasps for more. he fists jimin's cock in his other hand, head wet with precum. jeongguk strokes him teasingly, likes the way jimin's hips stutter, unsure which direction they want to thrust into more. when he squeezes around the base of jimin's cock, jimin whines, clipped off as jeongguk pushes a finger along the underside of his cock.

"love your cock, kookie, want it all the time, please," jimin sobs, pushing back onto jeongguk's fingers and he's getting too loud, jeongguk pushing two fingers into jimin's mouth as he adds a third into his ass.

"fuck, wish i could fill you up with cum, baby, make you carry it around all day. i'd fuck it right back in, keep your hole slippery and wet for the next time," jeongguk says, fucking into jimin's tight heat. he curls them up, listens to jimin's muffled moans as he manages to rub against jimin's prostate. three fingers could never be enough for jimin, jeongguk adding in the fourth and jimin whines, fucks himself on jeongguk's hand, mouth sucking on jeongguk's fingers simultaneously. he's so wanton, right on the verge of coming and jeongguk watches him, mesmerized, his own cock throbbing.

"come on, hyung, lemme feel how tight you get," jeongguk breathes, clamps down on jimin's ear, sucking his piercings into his mouth. jeongguk fucks into jimin harder, fingers massaging jimin's prostate until his whole body shakes under jeongguk, legs trembling to keep himself standing. he's practically gagging on jeongguk's fingers, spit dripping down jeongguk's hand as jimin arches into jeongguk's touch, ass clenching tight around his fingers as he comes, untouched.

jeongguk slips his fingers out of jimin's mouth, grabs him by his chin as he keeps fucking into him, presses a sloppy kiss to jimin's panting mouth. jimin's whining, little tiny sounds as jeongguk's fingers dig into his prostate, oversensitive now. jeongguk doesn't pull his fingers out until jimin's twisting in his hold, wiggling away from jeongguk's hand.

"fuck hyung, you're a mess," jeongguk laughs, finger wiping cum off of jimin's cock. he brings it to jimin's mouth, watches him obscenely lick it off, make a show of it. jeongguk groans, cock twitching in his pants and it's such a painful reminder of how hard he is.

"who's fault is that," jimin accuses, and jeongguk has to keep a hand on his ass to make sure jimin doesn't slip down the door. "you couldn't wait?"

"you mad?" jeongguk chews his lip between his teeth, jimin's eyes closed as he rests against the door. he looks gorgeous like this, all the tension leaked out of his shoulders, sheen of sweat covering his skin.

jimin laughs, head falling against jeongguk's shoulder as he wraps his arms around jeongguk's torso, clingy. "god, no."

"kay," jeongguk mumbles, glancing around the closet. there's various cleaning supplies and to their luck, huge rolls of paper towels. jeongguk shifts to grab one, yanking a chunk off before moving to clean up the cum jimin's got all over himself. jimin hisses when he wipes his cock clean, jeongguk hushing him with a kiss.

"what about you?" jimin mumbles, hand palming jeongguk's cock. there's a pretty flush to him, sweat cooling against his skin. his fringe sticks to his forehead and that's going to be a little difficult to explain to the noonas.

"later," jeongguk answers. "really wanna fuck you."

"i'll," jimin starts, manages to stand on his own. he licks his mouth, cheeks turning redder, jeongguk watching the motion hungrily. "i'll ride you."

"fuck," jeongguk mutters, eyes closing. he's never gonna go soft at this rate. he swallows, eyes opening to find jimin fixing his clothes up.

"come on," jimin smiles, taking jeongguk's hand. "everyone's probably wondering where the fuck we went."