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his fingers on his lips

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His fingers on his lips. His face so freaking near to Joe's he can smell the tea Jimmy swallowed down only moments before. Time freezes. He should be listening to the threads whispered by Jimmy Kray, but he can't concentrate, can't focus on anything. His head is spinning. Images of what those hands have done flash in his mind. Of what they could do to him. In every way.
He tries not to drown into those eyes, cold, inhuman, just like Miles described the eyes of their father, insane, but with a playful spark. It makes them seem not that empty. But maybe he's hallucinating. Did he stop breathing? Joe can't tell.
He tries not to react. Not to swallow to hard, not to breathe to loud.
Then it's over. Jimmy's fingers are gone. He falls back onto his chair as if nothing had happened.
DI Chandler tries to relax.