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Crystal Clear

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Crystal Clear
They had found her. Chaos. Seems she was last seen inside or near the Loki-Fogrufjoll volcano. It had been a hard two years. Thor sighed deep in his chest. Since Darcy’s death things had fallen apart. Jane was so distraught that she had taken to hiding from the world. Their relationship had fallen apart. Clint and the lady Widow clung to each other when not throwing themselves into battle. The worst had been Anthony and Steven.
Tony had not created anything new in two years. The Iron man armor was held in a locked case. Never to be used again. The best that could be said was Tony had not had a drink in all this time. Steven was just as bad. He had handed his shield to his shield brothers James and Sam. They carried it into battle and were successful. Steven was a husk of his self. No drawings, no appreciation of any art came from the man. It was as if all the joy had been sucked out of them all. Grief hung about like an unwanted quest that would not leave. Both Steve and Tony were leaner than they should be. Aged in a way they should not be.
But they had found her. Sitting on a short tripod stool. Spinning nothing into thin crystal clear threads, which threw rainbows against the cobalt blue waters at the lake near her feet and against the black and reddish cliff wall behind her. They were near the volcano itself but far away enough not to harm the more fragile humans. This cave and lake system was warm and clear from the storm and snows outside.
She was…not what he was expecting. Blue jeans, bare feet and white tank top. Thor could only blush. This woman, this being was lush. He could see where she was related to Darcy. The little smile on her face caught his attention. She knew. She knew why they were here.
“Greetings Thor of Asgard. And Champions of Terra. What could ever bring you to me?”
Steve stepped forward. “Ma’am? We came about Darcy. She was with you on the morning of her death. Can you…” Tony stood behind him. Silent but with a pleading look on his face.
“Can I what Steven Grant Rogers? Tell you why I was there? Tell you who she is to me?”
“Yes Ma’am.” Chaos stood up from her stool, leaving the spindle and her spinning still working away even though she was away from it. Light and rainbows still reflecting off the threads.
Every one blinked at her. Tony cleared his throat. “We loved her ma’am. She was…everything. And we just want to understand.”
“And yet, you still killed her Anthony Edward Stark. You and he could not pull your heads out of your arse and killed my granddaughter. What could you possibility want to know from me?”
Tony and Steven looked gutted. Everyone’s face paled at the thought. This being was going to pull no punches here.
Steve was close to tears as he whispered, “we didn’t know.”
As she stepped forward the clothing morphed, this was the Queen that addressed them now.
“And why should you! She was the gift of Mischief and Joy! She was supposed to be the muse and change of ten thousand years! TEN THOUSAND! You two idiots were supposed to enter into a triad relationship with her and birth the new generation of gods! Sons and Daughters that would make this world strong. Your children would not only have defeated Thanos but destroy him. Freedom and peace were to be spread throughout the universes.
Healers, Soldiers, Engineers, Men and Women of Science and Magic. You two were supposed to find the cures for diseases and expand the lifetimes of humans to two hundred years. Heroes and Villains and everything!!”
Chaos sneered at the group. Every Avenger, new and old stood before her. Time for the blow that would shatter.
She hissed at them, her voice reverbing and curling into their very souls. “And now everything dies. Twenty years. That is all this world and every world has. Twenty years. Asgard destroyed its gift of my blessed Loki and darling Frigga. Asgard will fall first. Its rot destroying it. Then Terra will fall and crumble. Humanity will die because of you two.”
“No.” Chaos spun and looked at the man that dared to negate her words. James Barnes stared back with a steel resolve to match his arm. She could see him pull himself together to firm his resolve against her glare.
“No, I can’t let that happen ma’am.”
“Because she would not have wanted that. She would want to find a way to fix this. Darcy spoke of you to me. Her beloved grandmother that could make anything happen. They say you are Chaos. I think you are. What do I have to do to bring her back and set everything back the way it is supposed to be?”
Angry sounds and questions were hurled by the others but Bucky and Chaos stared at each other.
“A life. Pain for pain, joy for joy, a life for a life.”
Thor tried to move to Bucky’s side to argue with him. None of them could move.
“What do I have to do to redo time and keep all of the people alive to make life keep going? Fix all the wrongs so that she can fix the world and those two morons?”
Chaos moved towards Bucky. “Kneel on one knee. Pledge to me and give me your Life. I will return things to the beginning.” Bucky removed the weapons from his body. He knew everyone was held fast as to not interfere. For a split second he had a picture in his mind of what he should do. Kneel before his new queen like the knights of old, she would kiss him four times as a way to grant her blessings onto him and then he was to get everyone the hell out of here and back to the Tower.
James moved forward and ignored his team pledging and yelling at him to stop, to not do this. He almost did when he heard Steve say “please don’t do this, I can’t lose you too”. But he really did think this was a good deal. His life for all the others. For all the children that should have been born. One life was a cheap price.
He knelt before her. Her hands cupped his face as she leaned forward. Her lips brushing his forehead. “My blessing unto you.” He felt his eyes drift shut as she placed butterfly light kisses to his eyelids. “True sight and knowledge I gift you with…”
“Excuse me.” Everyone but the two people involved whipped their head around to stare at the newcomers. Three hooded female figures and a tall thin man stood off towards the left.
“This is not what we planned.” Said the three grey woman at the same time. “The Norns”, whispered Thor under his breath.
Chaos smiled the same small smile, never taking her eyes off Bucky. “Yet, it is what I am going to do.”
The male responded. “Then we must destroy you Chaos.”

Chaos kissed Bucky on the lips with a peck of a kiss. “run,” She whispered.


So he ran. Grabbing onto Tony and Steve, he hauled them with him. There was no way he was looking back until he was at the jet. Those that could fly grabbed those were not moving fast enough. As they entered the ship Bucky glanced behind him. It was so horrifying. He knew this is what they called eldritch horror. Bucky got impressions of teeth, fangs, and even claws in the shadows of the writhing mass of pure madness and something terrifying beyond human understanding. The screaming was the worst.

"We need to get to the Tower! We have to get out of here." Steve hit him on the shoulder as they lifted off. Clint seemed to think flying back to the tower was a good thing.
"What the fuck was that!" Steve and Tony glared at Bucky
"What was what?"
"I lost Darcy, do you think I want to survive with out you too?"
"I was thinking that one life was a hella good exchange for 9 billion. I was thinking that if we got Darcy back you two could save the fucking world. She wasn't going to kill me."
"She said a life for a life. What the hell did you think she was going to do."
Thor's voice rumbled. "She will take him as one of her own."
Tony flailed a bit and asked, "What does that even mean!?!!"
"I do not know. It could be anything."