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Five Times Andrea and Daryl Almost Kissed (And the One Time they Did)

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They sleep in the hanged man’s tent. At least Andrea sleeps. Daryl lies awake and wonders why he's out here in the woods with her. It'd be easier and faster searching for Sophia on his own. Andrea’s emotional, fragile, and pale. Not at all fit to be searching zombie-infested woods in the middle of the night.

In the light of the flashlight, as she looked up at the hanging zombie, Andrea reminds him of a picture of Ophelia from one of his mama’s art books. Or maybe she just reminds him of his mama.

He stares at the roof of the tent waiting for the light to creep back into the woods. He tries not to think about Andrea or his mama or that little girl lost in the woods. He tries not to think about anything.

The light is barely coming into the tent when he goes to wake Andrea. She looks more like Sleeping Beauty now. Peaceful and serene.

He leans over her a little so he can shake her awake and he suddenly can’t breathe for how pretty she is.

Daryl’s always known she’s pretty and hot, Merle wasted little time pointing it out, but this is the first time he’s found her pretty. He thinks about kissing her. Just like in the fairy tales, the fair princess woken by the handsome prince. He leans a little closer…

Then he’s pushing himself away from her. He’s no handsome prince, and she’d probably hit him.
The movement wakes her and she blinks open pale green eyes.

“Daryl?” she says sounding disoriented but not like she was going to shatter to pieces.

“C’mon, time to get going,” he tells her.

Andrea might nod, but he doesn’t know. He doesn’t look at her for the rest of the day.