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Bakery AU

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It was a peaceful day at the bakery Noé worked at. He works diligently all day long helping his teacher, the owner, and co-worker bake all kinds of bread and setting them out nicely on display for the customers. It was a quiet day at the store so the boy read a book about a vampire named Vanitas called “The Vampire of the Blue Moon” all the while petting the owner’s cat, Murr. Murr of course would interrupt his time reading by getting on top of Noé’s book to get his attention.

     “Murr, no. Stop.” He said, annoyed and pushing the fluffy white Parisian cat away.

     The front door opened, a bell alerting Noé that a customer had come to shop.

     “Hello, how may I-” Noé began, closing his book when suddenly the customer had jumped up onto the display counter. “!?”

     The dark haired customer smirked.


     “M-mosier, would you please get down from there? I’ll get in trouble if the owner finds you-”

     “I’ll take every last bread you’ve got!”


     The mysterious customer jumped back down and walked to the register desk where Noé stood dumbfounded.

     “Are you… sure about that order?”


     “Will you be able to carry that much back to your home?”

     “… Oh, you know what? I probably can’t…” The customer suddenly realized. “H-hey, would it be too much to ask of you to help me carry half of my order?”


Getting permission from the owner, Noé helped carry his customer’s bread all the way back to his home.

     “Would you like to stay for a cup of tea? It’s the least I could do for your help.”

     “… Sure.” Noé said accepting his offer.


Noé had stayed longer than he anticipated for. He learned his customer shared the same name as Vanitas in his book; they had been discussing about the tale. Without knowing, Noé’s inner fanboy had been opened up by a complete stranger.

     Vanitas chuckled.

     “You’re quite funny, Noé. I like you. We should become friends and meet up more often on your days off. What’d ya’ say?”

     “But… We just met.”

     “Pfft, silly!” Vanitas laughed, ruffling Noé’s snow white hair. “That’s how friendship works! You meet someone new and become friends with them.” He pulled out his phone. “Here, give me your phone so I can add myself into your contacts and you add yours into mine. We can start out as texting buddies.”

     Noé was hesitant at first. Thinking it over, he didn’t see the harm in becoming texting buddies with Vanitas.


     Vanitas hummed happily.