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Oklahoma Love

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Gwen never really expected it, but she loved Oklahoma. Being a city girl, she never thought she'd like the country. But then she met Blake, who was a pure country man. No one expected a city girl and a country boy would last long (farmer's only commercials enforced this) but they were still in love.

Blake flew to Oklahoma with Gwen, and so far, it was a pretty good time. They went out for a bite to eat, and we're recognized, but what Gwen loved was that they came to a point where they didn't give a damn if they saw them together and they found it quite hilarious that a bunch of people were freaking out over them. Gwen did see the Miranda fans over social media, and was a bit annoyed at first. But after seeing Blake laugh his ass off at them, she soon joined in.

Their time in the Mexican restaurant was wonderful. This time, they had a casual conversation, but Blake told jokes and Gwen liked to lean on Blake, resting her head on his shoulder. Gwen smiled when someone asked her if it really was her, since she wore next to no make-up, and as Blake joked, she was wearing camo. She felt completely at ease with Blake, away from the city.

Later that day, they were both sitting next to each with Blake peppering her face and neck with kisses. "Can I say somethin'?" looking up, he continued, "It's a bit of a turn on when you are wearing camouflage" he grinned. Gwen laughed and secretly reminded herself to wear camouflage more often. She then had a sudden idea. "Do you want to post a video on twitter?" She took out her phone and opened Twitter. Blake laughed, and continued peppering her face with kisses, even after Gwen started recording the video, which caused her to smile. She stopped recording and kissed him on the lips, french kissing him. "Why didn't you continue the video?" Blake chuckled, pausing to caressing her face. "I think the fans would have had a heart attack" she grinned, and returned to kiss him, their tongues fighting for dominance. She felt calloused hands skim down her body, resting on her thighs, but they paused, with Blake looking up in her eyes, his looking hesitant, as if he was waiting for her approval. Gwen wondered when he'd get used to being able to love someone, without them stopping him. She suspected that Miranda didn't let Blake express his love for her or even showed Blake a similar love that he wanted to give.

She remembered the first time when she realized she loved that man.


She spent the last few days letting tears roll down her face again. She seemed to break down randomly and even though she put on a smiling face when they were filming for "The Voice", she felt awful on the inside. It was worse before filming began, she thought grimly to herself, remembering how she didn't really smile or laugh, expect when she was with her kids. But she started to feel better when she was around her fellow coaches, and surprisingly felt happier with Blake, who was also going through a divorce. One day, Blake shyly asked Gwen if she wanted to go with him somewhere. One date lead to another, and another, and more. They spent time in each other's houses, trying not to get noticed by the cameras. One particular night, they were sitting close to each other, but not touching. Gwen sat next to him, looking the other way, while she thought about her run in with Gavin that morning. She rubbed her face, which was still stinging in the place where Gavin slapped her. "Gwen, what's wrong?" She looked at Blake, seeing a look of concern obvious on his face. "I ran into Gavin this morning" she bit her lip, trying to hold back tears,"we said some stuff, and he hit me" She trailed off, not knowing what Blake's reaction be. She looked away, missing the look of anger that appeared on his face. "Do you want me to kick his ass?" She looked back, surprised at his request. She thought it was a joke, but saw a look of seriousness on his face. "He is a total dick, and he hit my woman. He deserves a proper ass kicking." Gwen was shocked for a bit: the fact he said "my woman", was something she was trying to wrap her head around. She felt his arm wrap around her shoulder, and he brought her closer to him. Blake kissed her forehead, and brushed her cheek with a hand. She rested her head against his chest, gripping the fabric of his shirt. She ran her hand through his hair, lightly brushing his neck. "I don't want my man beating up anyone in front of my kids, no matter how much of an asshole the guy is" she grinned when she saw Blake blush a little, but then smile. "Well, he ain't gonna hurt you no more." They didn't kiss or anything like that, that night. They just stayed there, in each other's arms. They both soon drifted to sleep. She fell asleep protected, he fell asleep grinning. Both fell asleep with assurance of their love for one another.