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links in a chain

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"Willow! Please, you don't understand! I know what is happening with...the vampires, and I want to help."

She's a teenager and she's hating herself for finding herself following along to the coffee and the explanation. She's going to die, she knows she is.

She doesn't.

"Willow. Take this. There is a cross inside. It will help keep you safe and will I." He is tall, white and has dark hair but she has nothing else to say and she is still thinking about the police report.

"There is no reason to trust you!"

"I have not hurt you? And..I'm not going to, Willow. That cross will keep you safe. I 'm going to be fighting the same evil that you are.. just differently but if you ever need me..I'll be there."

He disappears back into the shadows of the streets and she never tells anyone about it. No one would believe her the first time. When he keeps coming back with information and caution and determination that she is not the week link she thinks about it but says nothing. He's an Angel. Her Angel. Willow has gone through enough to deserve one, no matter where it came from.