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“S-Saki!” Kouta nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw his girlfriend enter his room, his hand instinctively reaching to turn his monitor away from her line of sight. “Wh-What are you doing here- I mean, I thought you said that you’d be longer-“

That was curious, Saki thought. For any normal guy like many of her classmates, she would just assume that maybe he would have been looking at porn, but this was Kouta. She smiled at him. “Um, we all finished our preparations for the festival much earlier, so I came right here. Your mom let me in and told me to go in here, I hope it’s all right” she said.

“O-Oh, yeah, that’s good-“ he said, his hand still on the monitor. “Sit down,” he said quickly, “let me set up the game-“

“Thank you,” Saki thought as she sat down on the chair he slid towards her. Kouta had volunteered to help her with a game today, since one of the classes was holding a fighting game tournament tomorrow with a game her uncle had produced. Being Inafune Keiji’s niece, she had been invited by the class to come by with her uncle and while she wasn’t expected to win, she did at least want to make it past the first few rounds. Kouta would win handily, she thought, but maybe it would be unfair to everyone else if she asked him to participate for her. Besides, she wanted to surprise her uncle with how much better she was at fighting games now under Kouta’s tutelage.

“I found it, Saki” Kouta said after reappearing from his closet full of games, the fighting game he was looking for in his hand. He slid the disc into the PS3 and they waited for the game starting screen to load.

Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping.

She was confused for a moment, then remembered that Kouta did usually leave the email alert sound on his computer on in case of game promotions or DLC announcements he didn’t want to miss out on. Since it was his want for DLC that had propelled them into the situation that had eventually gotten them together, she didn’t mind that at all.

Still, it was odd if all the email alerts for those were all coming at the same time today.


He groaned as he turned to look at his PC monitor quickly, grimacing before turning back to his TV and blankly staring at it.

“Kouta?” She tried calling him again and was rewarded with Kouta turning a violent shade of red as he suddenly seemed to find the floor more interesting than anything, including the game starting screen that had finally loaded. “Is anything wrong?”

"It's just my blog," he said quickly. “I just posted an entry before meeting you, so people may have just seen it and are commenting.”

Saki looked at him curiously. "All those emails are comment alerts?" She knew that Kouta was famous online – much deserved, with his skills with most games - but she didn’t know how strong his following was. Wakasa-kun had mentioned something in passing once, that Kouta had fans not unlike his own, though he said ‘my fans are much more beautiful’.

He nodded, though he was still terribly red.

“What game did you write about, Kouta?” She didn’t think that Kouta had any particularly anticipated games to write about this week, else they wouldn’t have seen each other so much. Well, he did mention that he wanted to do an in-depth review of one of the more popular games last year, the things he had missed during his first playthrough, but she didn’t think he would have finished that – he had wanted to play it with her first…

"Yeah, nothing urgent" Kouta said, looking rather evasive. This was normal for him, but the tell-tale blush on his face made her wonder. Saki frowned. She didn't always look at Kouta's blog, but surely nothing he would talk about there could be so embarrassing. Usually he talked about things that he had already talked to her about, you see, certain new things implemented in games, bugs that he had found while playing, easter eggs, tips to get past hard levels.

"Let me see," she said cheerfully, reaching to turn the computer monitor towards her.

"No, wait-"

Unfortunately, the damage was done.

There are many things you want to consider when choosing in this game. Certain choices will lock down entire story arcs and may lead to bad endings with one character but good endings with another. While there are walkthroughs available for such, including the one I have discussed above, it will detract from the gameplay. One of the things the game’s developer does well are the choices – he worked hard to make sure that each correct choice is appropriate for the character-

There was nothing out of place in this blog post, Saki thought as she quickly finished reading it, he had just finished telling her about this game a few weeks when they had played some of it together. So what were people commenting about?

Upon reaching the comment section, though, she suddenly understood why Kouta was so embarrassed.

"Does Ares already have a girlfriend?" - P-chan

"I think so, don't you think his posts have changed?" - A-kun

"Yeah, you see, like when he was discussing Persona and the links one could make last month, his perspective was much different from in a previous post discussing similar games. Not that his posts weren’t clear before, but now they are much clearer. Maybe she plays games with him? Maybe he teaches her about the games?" -B-chan

"I'm jealous! I've never had a girlfriend and Ares-sama has one who plays games?! The perfect girl! Ares-sama, tell me your secrets! Are you also a God of Dating now as well as of Fighting Games?"

"But Ares doesn't play galge, does he? He's never posted about one and I've read all his blogs. While F:E and Persona have relationships, they aren’t strict galge." - K-kun

“Perhaps he will now take on the Capture God like he did the previous God of Fighting Games before?” – M-kun

“We should think of galge we want him to try to prove our theory. What’s the next upcoming galge? Maybe it’ll be a race between him and the Capture God for who can provide the best and quickest walkthrough.” – O-kun

She couldn't help but let out a giggle at what she had just read. "I didn't know your fans were so interested in you to speculate about your love life. They seem to know about me," she teased.

Kouta shook his head quickly, his face red as an apple. "No, I've never said anything about you, Saki, I swear! I-I don’t know where they’re getting this from!"

She smiled. She knew that Kouta would never say anything specific about his personal life in his blogs - it would detract from his commentary on games. This made it doubly amusing since it meant that his fans had come to their conclusions completely organically. She would have to take a look at the posts his fans were talking about.

She couldn’t resist teasing him a little more.

"Maybe you should say something?"

The look on his face was priceless.