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End-Of-Year Secret Police WIP Amnesty Showcase

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The scene: Cecil, starting to get excited as soon as Carlos texts to say "don't snack this afternoon...I'm cooking." Carlos, taking over the whole kitchen to make a mix of sweet & savory tidbits, all scientifically optimized for hand-feeding. Curled up on the couch together, Cecil not allowed to move or reach for things himself, just taking everything Carlos puts in his mouth. Lots of finger-licking.

Breaking early for a blowjob, while Cecil is still nimble enough to give one. Carlos making sure to tell him how good he looks with his mouth full. Back to the hand-feeding. Cecil sure isn't hungry any more, but he's not going to stop until he's tried a little of everything, is he? Of course not. Carlos has put a lot of effort into taking care of him, here, and Cecil is going to appreciate every bit of it.

Full, heavy, drowsy Cecil being allowed to lie down with his head in Carlos's lap. Moaning about how bloated he feels and how he can't even move. Carlos gets so hot and bothered listening to that.

But Carlos doesn't let him stop, and Cecil keeps eating from Carlos's fingers, until he finally gets rewarded with a slow, leisurely handjob. Lapping the come off Carlos's hand afterward. And surely he can take it if Carlos feeds him one last deviled egg, or a cannoli, or a few more stuffed olives? (He can.)

Cecil really is too stuffed to move by now. Carlos has a washcloth on standby to wipe off his mouth, then gives him a gentle belly rub to settle his stomach. He's overeaten so much, Carlos can feel the extra swelling of Cecil's torso under his hands. Cecil falls asleep right there, sated and sexed-out and all drowsy from the tryptophan. Carlos keeps touching him for a while afterward, savoring every moment of it.

(...and then belatedly realizes he hasn't eaten anything yet tonight. Quietly polishing off some of the uneaten snacks, all while cuddling his well-fed Cecil.)