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Secrecy and Lose

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     Stiles has a feeling it will be officially announced in the next couple of weeks...well...thats if they even remembered he existed which that in itself wasn't that likely. Stiles had hardly looked at let alone spoken to any of them for weeks, the exceptions being Lydia, Allison, and little Malia. This has been going on for five months now. Over a total of five months the pack slowly started to isolate him and push him away. He watched as his 'friends,' his 'family' shunned him. And it hurt.

     It hurt to watch Isaac with his big doe-eyes chat and laugh away with Kira and Stiles' ex-best friend Scott. It hurt to see how Erica and Kira looked at him with a care-free expression with a hint of distaste and Boyd's sympathetic looks when he catches his eye. Jackson's glares only grew more venomous every time Jackson saw him. But what hurt the most was how Scott would just smile at him like nothing was wrong.

     He stopped going to pack meetings after two months, pack movie nights a week after his last pack meeting, but not after sneaking a solar powered microphone under the couch (the solar panel was facing the southern windows at the new Hale house) so he could listen in on the pack during meetings. He stopped sitting with them at lunch sometime during the third month. His name was mentioned once during the while meeting and talk of his absence lasted for less than twenty seconds before it was forgotten entirely.

     He cried that night. He cried silent, choked, sobs at how the pack that HE helped CREATE, has risked his life for, sacrificed himself for, cared for, lied to his dad for! And what did they do? They threw him to the street. At least Allison and Lydia still cared about him enough to text him and sometimes even sat with him at lunch or in the library. And Malia, bless her young and caring heart would come climb through his window a few times a week to just talk.

     That night found him lying in a clearing in the middle of the preserve as a red fox, completely aware of the full moon rising in the sky. He is easily two miles outside pack lands so he is certain the wolves won't be out here. He decided to just lie there, reviewing his plans in his head, then remembering all the fun times he and the pack did before they started excluding him. Lost in thought Stiles failed to register the single howl that cut through the silent preserve
-dogfindcomefastplay- soon followed by six other howls.

     A minute later Stiles got up and slowly wandered over to an elbow shaped boulder near the edge of the clearing. Sitting on his haunches in the crook of the rock, Stiles gazed upon the stars, having vivid flashbacks of him and Scott star gazing in his and Scott's backyards as kids, pointing out all the constellations they knew, well, Stiles pointed them out while Scott hummed in agreement. Stiles was violently ripped from his memories by a nearby twig being snapped. He quickly jumped into a defensive position, fluffing out his fur (to make him appear larger) and hackles raised, he scanned the grass and tree line.

     His eyes zeroed in on a pair of crimson eyes that were eerily familiar. Eight more pairs of eyes glowing electric blue and striking gold suddenly appeared on either side of the red eyed creature. They slowly approached and Stiles was able to make out the shapes of nine wolves. Stiles stupidly realized it was most likely the pack, 'what the hell is the pack doing way out here?' Stiles thought angrily, emitting a low growl -stayawayleaveangry- The wolves responded with much more threatening growls, going as far as to bare their teeth at him. Oh yea they don't know about you because you didn't bother to tell them and now they don't deserve to know, Stiles chuckled humorlessly in his mind.

     Shifting his focus back to the wolves and coyote in front of him, he flattened his ears against his head and snarled, slowly backing away from the wolves in front of him only to back into the boulder behind him. The wolves continued to stalk towards him so Stiles did the last thing he could think of that wasn't charging or turning into a human again, he let his eyes glow the electric purple of a shapeshifter. The entire pack froze mid-step and stared, obviously surprised by not only he being a shifter but also by his eyes not glowing a gold-amber color like kitsunes and werefoxes. Stiles curled his tail protectively around his body and growled a little louder and baring his teeth, a sign saying back off.

     No one got the message and took several steps closer ready to fight the unknown creature now only 15 feet away. Screw it Stiles thought and charged, expertly avoiding swiping claws and powerful jaws. He had managed to bypass the line of wolves! Ha! Not so fast are ya Derek? Right on que a body much larger than his own rammed into his flank sending both bodies rolling with high pitch yelps and growls. When Stiles and whoever hit him stop rolling, he finds himself looking directly into the blood red eyes and large white teeth of Derek. Stiles decides right then and there that he has had enough of this bullshit. Shifting into a cheetah, he kicks Derek off of him and breaks into a sprint, easily out running everyone. He turns towards the boulder that trapped him and jumps up onto it before leaping off. He shifts into an eagle mid air and takes a perch in a tree, and stares at the pack who stares right back. Derek shifts. "What the hell and who the hell are you?" He all but growls. "I do believe that that is a multi-shifter. They are rarer than werefoxes which are already incredibly rare." Peter perks up. Moving to a much sturdier branch, Stiles being the little ass that he is sometimes (mostly) is, decides to play a little trick...he turns into Derek, "I am Derek Hale" Stiles all but sniggers. Real Derek looks like he is going to murder half of Beacon Hills . "Or as that human boy in your pack ...mmm... Stiles I believe his name is...calls you, Sourwolf." Three wolves visibly cringed at the mentioning of Stiles' name, two blond/sandy colored wolves Stiles assumes are Jackson and Erica and a chocolate brown wolf he assumes is either Scott or Boyd. "Oh dear did I say something wrong?" Stiles taunts now looking like Erica, "by the way a few of you cringed when I said Stiles and the way he has been acting the past few months I would think that you kicked him out of the pack that he helped create." Derek released a primal sounding growl "What are you talking about and what have you done to Stiles?" "Oh I didn't do anything, if anyone did anything to the human it was you wolves.  I mean, when was the last time any of you had a actual, genuine conversation with him? Hmm? Go on, say how long its been." The rest all shifted back. Scott's looked horrified at the realisation, Isaac looked genuinly concerned, Erica looked like she didn't care that much, Boyd and Peter had the slightest hint of sorrow and sympathy on their faces, and Jackson just looked pissed. As usual.

     Without waiting for a response Stiles once again turned into an eagle and took off flying towards his home. Stiles landed several blocks away from his house to throw off Derek who had been following Stiles. He made it the rest of the way home as a chipmunk. Once there he collapsed onto his bed and passed out.


When he woke up, he found Malia curled up next to him. "Morning" he said through a yawn. The response was a muffled groan, obviously displeased with having been woken up. "That was you last night in the forest wasn't it?" 'Welp' he thought to himself, 'Looks like I can't hide it anymore.'

      A couple hours later Malia was on her way home, she knew where in the preserve to find him, that he was a shapeshifter, that she could never tell anyone, not even her alpha or her dad any of this information, and that the only people she could discuss this with were Allison, Lydia, Melissa McCall, and his dad. By the end of the day they all had been told the exact same thing: he is a multi-shifter, he was pretty much abandoned by the pack, and that he was leaving to go live in the preserve, that if they need him walk out his back door and walk straight for twelve miles, don't tell anyone in the pack, not even Derek, and that the only people who know about this are the people he trusts the most: Allison, Lydia, Malia, Melissa, an the Sheriff. He then wrote a note to the pack.

Hello Whores (except for Alli, Lyds, and Mal),


Whomever is reading this, don't try to track me and find me because you won't. Yes, I have officially left you all to wither and rot. Over the past five months I feel like I have been slowly pushed out of the pack. It started with you guys talking to me less, then you guys started to forget telling me when pack meetings and movie nights were, next you guys seemed to forget that I even existed. I can prove that fact at least four times. The first time was when no one asked me why I stopped coming to pack meetings altogether. The second time was when no one asked me why I stopped showing up to pack movie nights or outings. The third time was when no one seemed to notice that I had stopped sitting with you all at lunch. The fourth time was when no one even sent me a Happy Birthday text on my FUCKING BIRTHDAY when I know for a fact that you ALL know when my birthday is. Allison, Lydia, and Malia are the only exceptions to any and all of these. At least they had the decency to wish me a happy birthday and Malia thank you for the pretty card you made me, I appreciate it a lot.
There are a total of five people that make me feel at least a little important, two of them are not even in the pack. I have trusted these five people with not only my whereabouts but also my secret, these people have all promised to never tell a single soul dead of alive, my secret and my current location, and don't even bother trying to force them to give it up because they wont for my sake. These people are my Dad, Melissa, Allison, Lydia, and Malia. And don't bother trying to find out what my secret is from Scott because I never told him. Oh and I hope your happy Jackson because you guys have successfully done something nearly impossible in all were actually able to break my only broe once before and it never truly healed and never will. Only Boyd, Allison, Kira, and the Hales would not truly know about the first time it broke, Scott should know...he helped me the most then.

Yours Truly,
~Stiles Stilinski