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Booked for a Decking

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“Waaah!” Cucumber cried as he ran from the schoolyard.

His little sister Almond stopped him. “What’s wrong, Cuco?”

Cucumber sniffed. “These bullies were really mean to me! They snatched away my books and they won’t give them back.”

“Aw, don’t cry, bro! I’ll get those books back for you.”

“Really? Thanks, Almond!”

“And I’ll make them pay for what they did!” Almond slammed her fist into an open palm. “They’ll rue the day they messed with my brother!”

“T-that’s not really necessary, Almond,” Cucumber replied.

“Oh, but I insist!” said Almond.

Cucumber smiled nervously. “J-just get the books back, okay?”