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Five Couples Jack Harkness Never Slept With

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Something about the late twentieth, early twenty-first century seemed to have produced a lot of territorial alpha males. If the way he was glaring at Jack was anything to go by, Special Agent Jethro Gibbs was definitely one of them. The question was: was he being territorial about the case--which meant nothing to Jack except it stood between him and his latest piece of priceless space junk--or about the way Jack was shamelessly checking out Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, whose hand he'd just taken. Probably a bit of both.

"It's a pleasure..." Jack drawled in his most charming tone of voice, before turning to Agent Gibbs and blatantly giving him a once-over as well. "I have a feeling we'd work very well together. But since Agent Gibbs here doesn't seem to like that idea, let me just get what I need for my investigation and I'll be on my way..."

Gibbs just grunted something unintelligible, and Tony immediately pulled his hand out of Jack's, taking a step back probably without even realizing he'd done so.

Jack glanced from one to the other, a broad grin spreading across his face. Oh yeah, they were a couple, even if they didn't know it yet.

Fortunately, Jack had always considered himself an excellent teacher. He strode past them, discreetly pocketed the worthless trinket he'd come for, and walked back over to the two men, slapping them both on the back. "So. What does NCIS do for fun?"