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Five Couples Jack Harkness Never Slept With

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Jack had heard about Sentinels. By his time, they were mostly extinct again, but the combination of genes responsible for it had a remarkable knack for resurfacing when needed. The late twentieth century had been one of those times.

What he hadn't heard, but had deduced on his own thanks largely in part to an overactive and extremely graphic imagination was that sex with a Sentinel--or two--could either be mind-blowing beyond belief or utter torture or both. With that kind of sensory acuity, the slightest touch could potentially send a partner over the edge, and just thinking about that had fueled more than a few of his favorite fantasies.

Now that he was standing on a street in Cascade, being placed under arrest for a crime he hadn't committed by two Sentinels, the only hard part was deciding which one to seduce first. On the one hand, there was Detective James Ellison, the first twentieth century Sentinel on record, with the body of a Hercules, the face of an Adonis and piercing blue eyes. On the other, Canada's first Sentinel of record, Annie Langdon, stood beside him, looking like an avenging angel with her long yellow hair and eyes as blue as her lover's in some lights, and a brilliant jade green in others.

To say he was turned on would be something of an understatement.

"Look, I didn't kill him," he argued calmly. "I just stumbled across the guy a second before you two did. And I can prove it to you." He looked straight at Annie. "You're both Sentinels. Is my scent anywhere on him?"

Suddenly Jack found himself being slammed against the wall of the alley, Ellison's voice growling so close in his ear that he could feel the other man's breath: "How the hell do you know about that?"

A heartbeat later, Langdon's gun came to rest against his temple. "I'd answer him if I were you," she stated cooly. "Especially since if I can smell your arousal, so can Jim, and he's a bit...territorial when it comes to me."

Jack laughed. Forget choosing, he wanted them both, and the sooner the better. "Hey, you two are legends in my time. I wouldn't dream of coming between you...except maybe in the literal sense." His hips twitched almost of their own volition, and Ellison had him pinned bodily enough that he couldn't help but grind against the man a little in the process.

He saw Langdon glance over at Ellison, and could imagine the look the other Sentinel gave her in return.

"Let me go and I'll tell you everything you want to know," he promised with a grin that quickly turned into a leer. "Along with a few things you probably don't. But I'll make it worth your while."