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My Love For You Is A Secret (Santa)

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Whilst enjoying their lunch, Hoseok decided it would be a fun idea for the seven of them to do a secret santa.

The rest of them agreed despite Jimin's opposition, "What if one of us buys a gift that's better than what we get? Wouldn't that make us feel bad? Maybe we shouldn't do it? And just get small gifts for each of the other six?" See, Jimin has a problem. He's sort of, kind of, definitely in love with his best friend, Kim Taehyung. And its slowly tearing at his heart. Every time he sees Taehyung doing something weirdly cute, (Isn't that all the time? That boy comes up with the most bizarre ideas) it causes Jimin's heart to beat at an alarming rate, to the point where it doesn't seem healthy. Taehyung is fairly affectionate, constantly hugging Jimin, with the occasional kiss on the head, cheek, etc; he wishes Taehyung didn't have so much height on him, it made Jimin a much easier target for domination. The small things, symbolic of Taehyung's love and care for him are what cause him to feel as if someone implanted metaphorical cocoons inside his stomach and they were now just hatching into dozens of butterflies.

"Jimin, when will you stop worrying so much? Its all in the spirit of Christmas!" Hoseok screeched in his usual high-pitched, excited vocal. All seven of them wrote down their names and put the tiny slips of paper into the container that held Yoongi's (now finished) sandwich. Namjoon suggested they write an ideal gift for themselves, in case their secret santa was unable to find a gift. He put on the lid and shook it around, randomizing their names. Jimin waited anxiously, praying he didn't get Taehyung. He was the last to choose, and let's out a grief ridden sigh. Of course, just what he wanted. Taehyung. The bell rang and all of them hustled out of the cafeteria, heading to their next class. Jimin attempted to speed away, but he still felt the hand on his shoulder. "Jimin-ah, who'd you get for secret santa? You can tell me, I won't tell anyone, I promise!" Jimin smiles to himself, damn, how could this boy be ruining his life this much? "That's for me to know, and you to wonder, young one," at least he was able to gather himself enough to give a convincing answer.

"Well if you're going to be like that, I guess I won't tell you mine. But, I still love you," Taehyung yells across the hallway hurrying to his next class.

The bell rings and the hallway is vacant, but somehow Jimin is still standing there, contemplating this conundrum his friends got him into. He pulls the slip of paper with Taehyung's name out of his pocket. He hadn't seen the small writing at the bottom, was this the ideal gift part? In tiny letters, Jimin sees "love" written in cursive. He giggles, man could he get more obvious. I mean, at least it was an easy gift, and something Jimin could definitely give to Taehyung.

When Jimin gets home that day, he begins to think about how he will give Taehyung this so called, "love" he asked for. Jimin thought carefully. Kiss him? No, that's too straightforward, he would rather not scare him away. A love letter? Definitely too cliché. But if it means Taehyung will finally know how I feel, and not having to vocalize it, (which is a lot more difficult in my mind) I'm all in.

He finds the nicest piece of paper and pen he owns; this has to be perfect. Jimin's entire life is on the line because of this letter confessing his love. He begins to write:

Dear Kim Taehyung,

I was praying I didn't get you for secret Santa, just because I knew how hard this would be, but here I am. I'm doing what I've wanted to do for the past four years. Well, here goes nothing. Kim Taehyung, I'm in love with you. I'm almost positive you don't feel the same way, but I'd still like you to hear me out. Whenever you kiss my cheek, a blush more red than your favorite sweater creeps up my neck and flushes my entire face. I know its a platonic gesture, but it still doesn't help the butterflies in my stomach that I get whenever I'm near you. You are the most comforting thing I know. Every time you sleep over my house, you climb into my bed with me, claiming the blanket you brought with you, "Isn't warm enough," when we both know it is. The collision of our skin causes a fire with a permanent burn, unable to be seen by the naked eye, or any eye for that matter. It feels like a shaken up bottle of soda in my stomach, and as if my body has bursted into flames, unable to burn out like those candles you always use on my birthday cake to irritate me when I can't blow them out. Still holding that against you. I simply can't resist your boxy smile. Your happiness puts me on cloud nine. Knowing you're happy is better than any drug. The emotions you contain are so infectious I can't help but feel the same emotions whenever I'm around you. Besides those matters of fact, if all of that doesn't say it for you, I'll say it again. I'm so in love with you, I don't know what to do with myself. Its okay if you don't feel the same. I just have always wished for you to know. But if you do, I truly hope I can give you the love you wanted this Christmas.

With love,
Park Jimin

An entire week has passed, a nerve wracking one at that. Every waking hour of Jimin's day was spent thinking about how Taehyung would react to his letter. Today is the day. The day he finally confesses to him. He approaches Taehyung's front door and quietly knocks.

"Hyung, what are you doing here at 11 at night?" Taehyung's hair is disheveled and he's wearing only a loose long-sleeve shirt and underwear. And Jimin doesn't think he's seen anything more beautiful.

"I'm sorry, this was one thing that could not wait. I know the gift exchange is tomorrow, but I'm too nervous to wait any longer." Jimin walks past Taehyung and up to his bedroom, looking down at the floor the entire time. Taehyung quietly follows Jimin.

"So does this mean you're my secret santa? Why was your gift so important that it couldn't wait? Not that I don't want it or anything."

"Just read it you idiot. I might explode if you don't." Taehyung carefully opens the envelope, revealing two pages of Jimin's beautiful handwriting that he's always adored. The room sits in silence for about ten minutes and millions of things are going through both of their heads.

Jimin looks up to see the other staring into his eyes, his face illuminated by the strings of lights he always put up around the holiday season. Taehyung pulls Jimin into his lap and kisses him. His eyes widen in shock but Jimin slowly eases into it. It's all he ever wanted, isn't it? They stay in the same position for what seems so short for what they both want until Taehyung is the first to break the kiss, "How come you didn't tell me this earlier?" Jimin is taken back by Taehyung's alarmingly loud voice (which was only a whisper, but seemed like he had a megaphone in this type of silence), "Are you really that oblivious? I've been in love with you since the day we met. All those gestures that seemed, for the most part, platonic were actually ways to get you to realize it."

Jimin gazes in awe until he begins hysterically laughing. Is this a joke? "You're actually kidding me right? There's no possible way you're in love with me."

"Stop being in denial, I just told you didn't I? Now just shut up and kiss me will you?" Jimin clearly couldn't properly function with his brain scattered everywhere and his heart beating so fast he doesn't know whether he should call 911 for himself or not, so Taehyung took matters into his own hands. Shortly after, they both fell asleep, laying on Taehyung's floor. No blankets or pillows because the comfort of each other is enough. Half-asleep, he mumbles into Jimin's ear, "I'll take you up on your offer to give me the love I wanted this Christmas."

The next day, at their gift exchange, Seokjin questions the fact Taehyung doesn't have a gift in his hands. "The only gift I need is right here," squishing Jimin's face with a single hand.

Jungkook walks out of the bathroom, not expecting some type of sappy love-fest. "Finally, I was waiting for the day you two were going to notice how infatuated you were with each other. But at least get a room please? I'd rather not watch you guys be all lovey-dovey." The two of them completely ignore him and begin giggling at each other. Jimin shuts Taehyung up with a short kiss. This is definitely all he wanted for Christmas, and he hoped he gave Taehyung what he wanted as well.