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Chapter One 

A Passionate Night 


The man’s black boots creaked as he took a step forward against the cold, stone floors, towards the man seated opposite him. His eyes portrayed a yearning, a wanting. A desire. “Well,” Killian Jones said as he looked at the man, “I’m at your service, your majesty.” He opened his arms receptively, offering his body.

A small smile formed from Prince David’s thick lips and widened itself across his face as he watched Killian’s actions. “I like the sound of that,” he replied, his eyes scanning the figure of the man up and down hungrily, before finding themselves once more looking directly into Killian’s eyes. His beautiful, damn eyes.

Killian took another step forward. And then another step, and another, until he was standing directly before David, less than an inch away. A hairy eyebrow arched, he looked down at David, who was sitting at the edge of the bed. “Mate?” he asked, beckoning the man to touch him.

David did so, placing his hands on the man’s hips and rocking them soothingly. His finger then fell down the expanse of his legs, sliding carefully down the smooth texture of the leather pants he wore. He took in every touch, seeming to want more and more of what he was feeling, and he his hands eventually reached the tight, fleshy bottom of Killian. David squeezed it, pushing the man even closer to him.

All the while, Killian had been rubbing his hand through the man’s short hair, taking in the pleasure that was coming from slight move David made, and his hook had fallen to his side. When David pulled him closer, the bulge that had quickly formed in Killian’s pants pressed up thickly against David’s face, hardening the rock it had become even more.

David licked the mass pleasingly, adding another squeeze from behind. He rose off his seat on the bed, and took his mouth into Killian’s, their tongues meeting pleasurably together setting off fireworks inside both of them. They moaned loudly into each other, the sounds vibrating inside their throats and encouraging them on even more.

With his hook, Killian slashed across David’s cotton shirt, pulling it open with his other hand to reveal David’s muscled body. In all his centuries as a pirate, Killian had never seen treasure so fine and so beautiful as the one that was Prince David’s body, and Killian couldn’t help but run his tingling hand and hook over the finely etched muscles of the man’s front, like a young child seeing seeing something new for the first time.

The Prince followed suit, gripping the rim of Killian's vest and tearing apart the thick wool, sending buttons flying everyone, and, before Killian could realize it, David’s warm mouth was now pressed up against his nipples, sucking it emphatically and flicking his wet tongue up against it. Though there was a slight tinge of pain, the pleasure that was erupting inside Killian from it far, far outweighed it.

Mate. . .” he moaned loudly, before being silenced as David’s plush lips met his again, and they kissed passionately, their hands running over each other’s bodies crazily and hungrily, grabbing to feel for whatever they could. 

But it wasn’t enough for Killian, and, soon, David found himself lying on his back atop the plush cushions of his bed, with Killian’s soft mouth running wildly down the front of his body, eager and hungry for more of David’s body. He ran his tongue over the man’s exceptionally dominant abs, and eventually his perfectly rounded biceps, finding rest at his rock-hard nipples, which David had been twisting himself while Killian was washing his body with his mouth. The man sucked it happily as David ran his fingers through his black, silky hair, drawing his head closer and encouraging the man on. Both men groaned in happiness.

With his mouth licking David’s chest, Killian’s hand was also being kept busy, squeezing and rubbing against the erect, hard rod that had formed between David’s leg, sending waves of satisfaction through the man’s bodies. His hook, too, was no idle, with Killian running up and down the man's stomach gently. 

Suddenly, before David knew it, Killian had torn through the soft fabric of David’s pants and had yanked them off, revealing the man’s thick piece, which shot out like a rocket and bobbed in the air playfully. Killian took the stick into his warm hands, and rubbed it up and down. David had little time to react the glee that was forcing itself throughout his body, before the Killian’s lips now touched against his erection, sending swirls of excitement through him, and the pleasure only began to increase as Killian took it into his mouth and started to suck it vigorously.

David wasn’t sure how much longer he’d be able to hold himself back. He never lasted long when he was in Killian's mouth. . . 



David wrapped a strong arm around Mary Margaret’s shoulder, pulling her body closer to his as she laced her own thin arms around his chest, bringing them even closer together as they walked slowly and happily along the silent, empty streets of Storybrooke. In front of the couple walked Emma and Henry, their own hands intertwined together, causing the smile already across the man’s face to grow even wider. He wasn't sure if he'd ever been this happy in his life before. 

It was less than an hour ago that his wife and daughter had finally gotten back to Storybrooke after being in the Enchanted Forest. For days they had been trapped there due to the hat portal that had sent them there, and David wasn’t sure if he was ever going to see them again. But now, after all that had happened to get them back, his family was finally reunited. And really, that's all that mattered right now. His family was back together, and that, truly, was cause to celebrate. 

In fact, they were on their way to Granny’s Diner right then to do just that.

He pressed a loving kiss on his wife's soft cheek. “I’m glad to finally have you back in my arms after all these years. I thought I’d lost you for good this time,” he whispered to her.

She looked at him with a soft, sweet smile, “You should know by now that you’ll never lose me. I knew we’d make it back, David. I never lost hope.”

“I, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure,” Emma interrupted, apparently hearing everything they had been saying, “Cora - Regina’s mom - she’s. . . one tough bitch.”

“Language, mom!” Henry pointed out, looking up at her with his sincere eyes.

“I mean lady,” Emma corrected herself, squeezing Henry’s hands lovingly and giving him a grin. "One tough lady."

“It wasn’t easy, for sure. Cora she’s. . . well I knew she was a terrible, evil woman, but I was always confident we’d always make it back. The villains always lose and the good guys always win.”

David shook his head at his wife’s words. He couldn’t imagine what they’d been through. 

But at least they were back home. 


Meanwhile, as the Charming family made their way through Storybrooke to Granny's Diner, nearby, on the roof atop of one of the storefronts, hidden in the blackness of the night, spied two vicious villains down on the happy group, who were eyeing their every move, watching everything they did carefully. Plotting their course of action.

“Well, what’s the plan, your majesty?” Captain Hook asked the elegant lady beside him.

“As I've told you before, pirate, to reunite with my daughter,” she replied, turning towards the man with dark eyes. 

“And to get my revenge on the crocodile,” Killian growled between gritted teeth.

“Yes, of course.”

“Neither of those two are here, so why are we watching these goons when we could be out hunting for your daughter and the Dark One?” the man asked, pointing his hook to the group. He recognized Emma and Mary Margaret, but he couldn’t make out the other two due to the darkness. He didn't care, really. All he wanted was Rumplestiltskin

“Because, pirate, that’s my grandson, beside the Swan girl. Henry,” she spoke, her word choice like that of a loving grandmother, but her voice and tone void of any affection or care. Instead of looking at her grandson for the first time, it sounded more like she was seeing a new opportunity.

“And the other?” Killian asked, “Who's the fourth one?”

“I can only assume that's Snow’s wretched fool of a husband with them," she said with disgust, "David or Prince Charming.”

At the mention of the man's name, Killian's heat stopped and his body seemed to go numb as the memories of the man all started flooding back to him at once. It had been decades since he'd last hear that name. . .David . . . and even longer since he'd last seen him. The memories of their relationship had been buried deep inside of him, too painful and sad to want to remember, but, now, they had hit him like a wall. 

His eyes widened as he looked more closely at the four, and he realized it was, indeed, David. His heart skipped a beat and started pounding in his chest, and his stomach started churning like a wheel inside of him.

He wanted to vomit. David.