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A True Slytherin

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Harry POV


I blinked groggily, raising my hand to rub at my eyes. ‘ What happened while I was asleep? Why do I feel so....tired? Why do I feel so sore when I shouldn't? Did I sleep wrong or something?’ I let out a small groan, before sitting up. However, as I sat up, my hand touched a string that shouldn't be in my bed. ‘ Strange…’ I reached up, and tugged on it. What I saw when I did, made me freeze.

I’m in my cupboard under the stairs, and in my eleven year old body. Well, not quite eleven, if I am still in this cupboard. ‘Why the hell am I back here? Let alone eleven! Last I checked I was nearly seventeen! Bloody hell. No use worrying about how this happened, now. I just have to figure out what day it is.’ That’s when Aunt Petunia came and banged on the door, yelling for me to wake up, Dudley running down the steps a few moments later yelling about the zoo… ‘The zoo! That means my Hogwarts letter will be here tomorrow! If that’s the case, then… maybe I can use this odd occurrence to my advantage. I was getting tired of Dumbledore’s manipulations along with Ron and Hermione’s lies.’


The way Ron and Hermione acted towards me was fake from the very beginning, but it just got worse after they found out I’m gay. Ron basically blew up in my face, and Hermione decided to take his side because she loves him. Though she had attempted to talk some sense into him, it never worked. In the end Ron started to blatantly ignore me when no one else was around while I saw Hermione try to catch my eye on many occasions.

The main thing that got me was Ron’s whispers about how evil I was and that he wishes Dumbledore would pay them more money to be ‘friends’ with me, because what they get now isn't enough, even if it was coming out of my vaults. I could tell Hermione was still unsure, but then Ron kissed her and she was officially swayed to his ideals and ignored me completely after that. I ended up going to Gringotts as soon as I could.

While there I found ten different compulsions, some of them were to fight Voldemort, to believe every bad thing about Voldemort was true, and to believe all Slytherins were bad. Along with that were many memory charms, most of them of Dumbledore catching me listening in on his conversations with Fawkes, usually about how to keep me with Weasley and Granger so I don’t turn dark. Along with that had been moments where Voldemort attempted to tell me the truth before being intercepted by either order members or Dumbledore himself.

There was also a very strong, unnoticeable, tracking spell placed upon me and my wand. Then the hundred gallions stolen from my vault and placed in the vault of Granger and Weasley. To say I was upset, would be a severe understatement. I immediately made arrangements to be emancipated, and to remove every spell casted on me, I also got a new wand; cherry with thestral hair core, which I apparently still have in my pocket. ‘ Even so, I should go ahead and get another wand when the time comes, to avoid suspicion...’

I looked up, glancing at the boa Dudley was trying to get to move; the boa I set loose last time. I smirked, and planned to do it again. ‘ Only this time, I won’t laugh like an idiotic Gryffindor.’

~Hello, would you like to be set free, great Boa?

~Yes, it would be nice to see the outside.

~Very well, one moment and you will be free.

I waited and let Dudley, the stupid whale, push me to the side. Smirking on the inside, while keeping a blank face, I wandlessly and wordlessly made the glass disappear. I waited until Dudley fell in, before having it come back.


~You’re welcome

That night, I went without punishment, as they never figured out in their tiny brains what happened to make their little dudders fall into the snake pit.


The next morning, I found my Hogwarts letter on the floor. Previously, I would have screwed up and let the others see it. Now that I know what it is…

I walked by my cupboard, secretly slipping it through the small crack I made between the door and the wall, before continuing to the kitchen and giving the rest to Vernon.

‘From now on, I’m going to do things the way I should have done them. No more Gryffindor Harry Potter, from now on, I will embrace my Slytherin side, and do so quite happily as well.’