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find a way or make one

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The door pinged open.

Eobard was still wrapped around Barry, and Barry stared up at him sheepishly, with that scrunched up look on his face that Eobard tried not to find adorable. Barry had pillowed his head on Eobard’s shoulder, ridiculously contorting himself to fit under Eobard’s arms, blithely ignoring the fact that he was too big to be the little spoon, that between the two of them, he was the taller one.

Barry looked at the door, and then looked back at Eobard. “I had it on a timer?”

Eobard narrowed his eyes, his suspicions confirmed. “No one was watching.”

“I…still can’t believe that worked,” Barry said with an abashed smile, somewhat concerned with damaging Eobard’s pride, no doubt. “I was sure you were going to look at me and just know. But seriously, I would have died. Died. Could you’ve imagined Oliver’s face? Like, how would you even start that conversation? Hi, I’m going to lock myself in a room with my, uh, my whatever it is you are, and he’s probably going to beat the living shit outta me and you have to let him; no, seriously, I mean it, it’s going to be bad and you can’t interfere--”

Eobard hooked his fingers beneath Barry’s chin, tilting up his head, and met Barry’s eyes with a baleful expression. It did nothing to hide the pride he felt. “Well played, Mr. Allen,” he said dryly.

The sheepish look only intensified.

“So you’ll help me?” Barry asked, wincing again.

Eobard pushed himself up on an elbow and took a hard look around himself. Both of their suits were stripped off and lying in small heaps around the cell. Barry was boneless and satisfied against him, his entire body gleaming with sweat, and he didn’t look in the least upset with the rough treatment Eobard had given him. In fact, he seemed positively pleased with himself; was staring at Eobard with a hopeful look. The fact that Barry had conceived of such a plan in the first place, that he had recklessly come into Eobard’s cell at all, that Barry had happily followed through on his insane idea—Eobard tried not to think about what it would mean for them.

“I have always believed in you, Barry,” Eobard said, quietly irritated with himself. It was pathetic, the way this boy brought him low. He nodded his head in answer to Barry’s question. “Why should I stop now?”