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Even God Can't Stop Me

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I don't really know how it happened, all I know is that I'm in Kris' bedroom and he's laying in bed with Adam, both naked! They must have had sex!Woohoo!!! Finally, they found their way to eachother!
Oh-ooh, Adam's phone buzzing! Hopefully they won't see me here...

 Adam picks up the phone, reads the message and drops his phone on the ground, he's crying... Kris wakes up from the noise and sees Adam crying,he reaches over him to pick the phone up from the ground, reads the message and drops the phone too, he lays down his head on Adam and starts crying too

" What the hell is going on here? " I ask myself and I slowly get down on my hands and knees and crawl over to where the phone's laying, I gasp as I read the message " Allison Iraheta, 17 year old girl and ex-contestant of American Idol season 8, has died in a planecrash... That's how it's mentioned in the papers, I thought I should be the one to tell you this before you had to read it, I'm sorry... Matt "
I can't believe it! I... I'm death?!
Then it all comes back to me... All of the people getting hysterical in the plane I took to get too one of my shows in Europe. Me just sitting in mychair, holding on to the bar that's on my right side, with my left hand I just hold on to the chair like my life depends on it. Right before the plane hitthe ground I pleaded to God to not take me away, I still had something to take care of before I could die and go up to heaven. I guess he only did half of what I asked him to do, I did die, but my soul is still on earth, I 'm not up in heaven yet.
Oh-ooh, they're moving! They probably can't see me, but I better get out of the way...

Adam gets up out of bed, wiping the tears from his eyes and quickly putting his clothes on. Kris pulls himself up to sit and looks at Adam,concernedness clearly shown on his face

" Adam... "

" Not now Kris... " Adam's voice is barely hearable, it's so soft and broken

 " Adam please... I know it hurts, it hurts me too but.. " Kris sounded almost pleading

" SHUT UP! Just shut up okay? We shouldn't have done this... It's wrong... It's all wrong! " Adam was crying again

" Adam... " Kris stood up and walked up to Adam " This wasn't wrong... It didn't feel wrong to me... " Kris started to blush 
* So cute! *

" Come on Kris, we had our first sex together last night and Allison dies on that same night... Can't you see it's a sign? " Adam was getting angry

" A sign for what? " Kris asked, although he probably already knew the answer to the question...

A sign to show us that what we're doing is wrong... You just broke up with Katy and we're already having sex without even having a proper date yet! I don't want this...  It's only going to lead to both of us getting hurt... " the look in Adam's eye was full of hurt and sadness 
* if only I could hug him now*

" What are you saying Adam? You... You want to break up with me? You want to break up with me before we even have a proper realationship? " the look in Kris' eyes was the same as Adam's 
* Damn, I Really want to hug those two now... *

" That's exactly what I'm saying Kris, it's over... It hasn't even really started yet, but I'm stopping this, I'm stopping this now! " Adam sounded angry and hurt at the same time 
* No! No, Adam, don't do this! *

" Adam please... I know you're hurt and maybe, maybe you just need time to place all this. Please, just think about it again before you break this up...Please... " Kris really started begging now  
* Please listen to him Adam! *

" I don't need to think about this Kris, I already made up my mind... It's over, there's no more you and me... " Adam grabbed his carkeys and left the room, slamming the front door behind him as he left the house

" ADAM! " Kris screamed, but Adam was already gone... Kris fell back onto the bed, burrying his head into his pillow, crying his heart out...
* Shit, now he made me cry too... Damn you Adam! Damn You and your stupid stubbornness! *