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[podfic] Mine

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This is my podfic of Kinkyfenris's work 'Mine'. It was recorded on a day where the temperature where I live reached 41 degrees celsius (that's 105 degrees fahrenheit for those who use that), and I had no air conditioning lol please forgive me if my voice gets a bit squeaky or faraway in places. Nevertheless, an attempt was made

This work comes hand in hand with a lot of things that I like, but things that are not everyone's cup of tea. If anything on the following list offends you/makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, then this is not the fanwork for you: Bloodplay, Blood Kink, Panty Kink, Voice Kink, Verbal Humiliation, Insults, Possessive Behavior, BDSM, Dom/sub, Master/Slave, Clothing Kink, use of frequently gendered slurs like "whore," and "slut."


I'm not sure, but I think in my heat addled daze I may have forgotten to express my proper appreciation of Anders being insulted like he is. I fucking love it. So much. I am here for this 100% always yes please, I'll take 10.


Enough chitter chatter, here's the mp3, click to stream, right click and save as to download! (length: 30 min 4 sec | size: 28 MB)


I hope you enjoy listening ;)