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Little Orphan Anya

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a/n: Let's see how this goes… if there is agreeance to continue I will. If people think it is too corny or what not, I won't waste my time. Tell me what you think

"Anya you have five seconds to get into your room, or I swear I will make you spend the night outside!" The girl ran as fast she could past the kitchen and slid across the floor into the room, her socks getting her there just in time.

"Do you want us all to get in trouble?" The girl on the highest bunk threw a pillow down towards Anya.

"Ow, Roma! I wasn't trying to get you in trouble. I just wanted to see if they were there." Anya hopped onto her bottom bunk, fully clothed in her jacket and boots. Izabela came down from the bunk above her and curled into her. She was two years younger and much smaller. Anya had a wiry frame but her long limbs made her ten year old self look much older. She reached her arm around Izabela and ran her fingers through her hair.

"I'm sorry Izzy. If Ms. Nia makes us do more tomorrow, I'll do it myself."

"That Ice Queen needs to chill." The final girl came into the room, leaning against the door frame, brushing her teeth.

"If she hears you call her that, you're going to be cleaning the balcony for a month." Roma sneered, jumping off the bed and joining the other two girls. The room was cramped to say the least. There were two sets of bunk beds put on opposite ends of the room and a small desk in the middle with chairs fit for kindergartners. Two dressers sat on the wall with two drawers per girl, although their belongings could fit into one. The only sign that the room was inhabited by four young girls were the pink blankets and obnoxious puffy drapes. Reese came back into the room her brown curly hair, tied behind her head. She was the oldest of the four girls, a few months from fourteen. Roma was six months younger but a foot shorter with jet black straight hair. Her small frame was obscured by the large sweat shirts she tended to wear. Izabela was the youngest at only eight with short brown hair and a mousy face. Anya was a contrast to all of them. Her long blonde hair was thin and her skin pale as the moon.

"Were they there?" Reese asked sincerely.

"Don't encourage this." Roma begged. She shook her head knowing the story was about to come.

"No but that's okay, I know they'll be there next time."

"Can you tell me about it again?" Izabela squeaked under her arm. Roma put her hands over her ears in protest.

"There is a group of hikers called the Grounders and they have been meeting for decades the last weekend of the month. They all have these patches that say how many times they have gone and it is the coolest club in the world. My parents used to be in this club. When I was found, there was a blanket with this half of a compass and a note." She twisted the small item which was cut to where all she had was North and West. "Inscribed on the back of the compass is the logo for the Grounders and the year I was born. The note says 'our dearest Anya, may you always find your way and one day…"

"…May we meet again." Roma said nasally, butting in. "Izzy you've heard this story a dozen times."

"I don't care let her finish!" Roma rolled her eyes and let Anya continue.

"I got moved from that area so I figured the only way they would be able to find me is if I went to them. So, every month I go to where the Grounders meet and see if anyone remembers anything." She smiled sadly to herself.

"Do you think you'll ever find them?"

"I don't know but I can only hope they will be better than this." She patted her hard mattress. She was going to say something more encouraging when she heard footsteps approaching.

"Quick get in your bunks!" Reese grabbed Izzy and threw her onto her bed. Roma jumped on top of hers just as fast and slid under the covers. Anya put her thin blanket over her head, pretending she was asleep. The door cracked open. A hand scratched against the wall and turned off the one overhead light.

"You brats can't even turn the lights off." Nia huffed to herself. They waited till the footsteps were far enough away.

"I think you'll find them, Anya." Izzy whispered into the darkness.

"Maybe." She whispered back.


The woman stood at her desk, leafing through a folder that she picked up from her desk. An unknown hand place a cup among the other clutter. She aimlessly reached out for it, nearly knocking it off. The hand grabbed her wrist and guided it to the warm energy.

"Where's the dossier on the new store fronts?" The woman spoke between sips not looking up from the paper.

"My degree and position in this organization generally affords me a 'hello, how are you' before getting into work."

"Clarke, we have three days to get this together, no time for pleasantries."

"It's almost midnight, Lexa." Clarke leaned against the other desk in the room, folding her arms defiantly.

"Did you are astuteness for time come from Harvard too?" Lexa quipped back.

"I'm sorry Ms. Woods, I'll get that dossier immediately." She knew that if she pretended to be angry, Lexa would soften. She took a few paces waiting for the predictable reaction from her boss.

"Clarke, wait. You know I'm just stressed. Between the company's acquisitions and that whole other thing, I don't think I have slept in months." Clarke hid her smile and she turned around.

"By other thing, you mean the fact that you are running for the mayor of New York. That little thing?" Lexa threw a piece of paper at her.

"Can you just tell me where we are on everything?" Lexa leaned back in her chair and put her feet on the desk next to her now empty coffee cup.

"Well, your majesty. The two store fronts are already up and running. You don't have a dossier on them because I already approved everything for you." She held up a hand as Lexa was trying to speak. "The contractors agreed to do the open window pane design and I already got the building permits to boot. I also confirmed your two appearances tomorrow with the Today Show and the city mission. There will be plenty of press at each. You are down in the polls but I think we can gain in the next few weeks."

"I don't understand it, I really don't. This city needs someone like me. I know business, I know politics, what more could they want? I have raised this company from the ground and I could really do the same for this city." Lexa rubbed her temples, frustrated that people weren't as easy to deal with as her gadgets.

"You don't need to give me your speech. I've heard it…hell I think I wrote part of that." Lexa threatened to throw something else at her. "It's not you Lexa, it's just the fact that you are a strong woman."

"How in any scheme of the imagination is that not 'me'," She put in air quotes.

"I'm just saying, men are intimidated by you and women think that you think you are better than them." Lexa starred at her. "Regardless of the truth." She quickly added.

"So, seeing as I pay you the big bucks to figure this all out, how do I simultaneously not be all of these things to the people of New York without seeming like I am pandering? I will not apologize for how people see me. We are who we are, Clarke."

"I'm not saying change." Clarke moved closer, setting herself on top of the only clean space on Lexa's desk.

"Just focus on what you are going to say tomorrow, and I will figure out how to make people see you, like I see you." She smiled genuinely.

"So as a kind, intelligent and generous employer?" Lexa asked.

"No, more like a self-aggrandizing pain in my ass." Clarke ran towards the door before Lexa could throw her coffee cup at her.

"You know I could fire you!" Lexa shouted out the door, even though Clarke couldn't hear her and she would never do that.