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Trial Balloon

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As Tony Stark walked on ahead into Dorsia, Bruce Wayne pulled out a gold ring with a red diamond from his pocket, just to reassure himself that he was really going to propose. He hoped that Tony wouldn't think it was too cheezy or feed his ego too much. But then again, if it did, Bruce could always require Tony to train with him some more. Bruce smiled at this thought and put the ring back in his pocket as he followed Tony to their table.

As he reached the table, Tony paused and patted his coat pocket as if checking for something that he apparently found before smiling as he sat down across from Bruce.

"So, Cupcake, how's Gotham been treating you?" Tony said cheerily. "I hope all the doom and gloom that it oozes from every pore hasn't been too harsh on you. Wouldn't want you going batty," he continues, chuckling at his own joke.

"I thought I told you not to call me Cupcake, Tony."

"Do you really think I'm going to stop?"

"I sure wish you would," Bruce mumbled as their waiter came.

Once they were done with their entrées, Bruce mentioned, "To answer your first question on how Gotham's been treating me, Tony, I recently had an… intense experience recently, which you've no doubt heard about since you read anything that mentions me."

Tony smiled. "Gotta make sure my Cupcake's okay, don't I?"

Bruce glared at the nickname. "Anyway, it really put things into perspective for me. Made me realize that anything can happen and if I want something, I shouldn't wait to get it." As he said this, he pulled out the ring he had in his pocket and kept it in his fist as he got up and knelt down on one knee and held the ring out to Tony. Tony's eyes grew wide with recognition at what he was doing. "Will you marry me, Tony?"

Tony started laughing uproariously. Bruce suddenly felt very awkward and was thankful that they had a private table.

"Oh my God, Bruce, before you think that I don't want to marry you, let me tell you something. Yes, I saw what your experience was and I didn't want to lose you," Tony said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold ring with a black diamond in the middle. "So I was going to propose to you after dessert."

Bruce smiled and chuckled, finally understanding why Tony laughed. "I take it that's a yes, then?"

Tony smiled, held out his hand and replied, "Aren't you supposed to put it on my finger, Bruce?" Bruce smiled and did so immediately. Tony looked at the ring on his hand for a couple seconds before handing his ring over. "I'd put it on your finger as well, but I want you to read the inscription."

Bruce took the ring and looked on the inside, where it read You make me Batty. He smiled as he gave it back to Tony. "Now you can put it on mine." Tony grabbed Bruce's hand and kissed it before putting the ring on his finger. Bruce smiled at it, pulling Tony into a kiss. "I love you, Tony."

"And I love you, Cupcake."