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A Midsummer Night's Twerk

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Truly, it doth brighten every inch of his heart
to watch the flesh 'twixt my back quiver and part;
The flexibility that I do display
bringeth to his face joy for the whole day.

As I doth flex and pop mine self, I become acrobatic;
in troth, only the vine's fruit can unleash for me these tricks.
As thou doth know, I shall make mine body leap,
but thou canst not join, thou meddlesome sheep.
In this arena, all of you shall witness
the tribute paid to me for mine intensive fitness.
I swing my body left, I swing my body right;
I shiver and shake about all through the night.

With my great skill, I can move in many ways.
Unlike any other, thou shalt find thyself amazed.
Yes, I can spread mine limbs as though I were a star
blessed elixir doth bring mine skill to above-par.
As I performeth these most enchanting gymnastics
mine body becomes synchronised with the sonics.
And to bring these movements to a spectacular end
I poppeth mine pussy and turn mine self upon my hands.

To all those attendant I doth give them their time
for when I start to dance their attention becomes mine.
In my grace I needeth not to claim the throne
for the realm's treasures doth already be mine own.
Regardless of my position, thou standeth in awe
for I doth maketh mine ass poppeth some more.
Both it and mine dance are as untamed and wild
and the royal staff upon which I shall ride.