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Of Mysterons and Agents

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It was cold.

Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue were huddling in a Hummingbird trying to wait out the storm that had hit them. Unfortunately during the mission they had both been hit by debris from an explosion. While Scarlet had already healed Blue had lost a lot of blood and was fading fast. Paul didn't think Adam could last through the storm so had activated the emergency beacon and hoped for a miracle.

"Come in Spectrum Hummingbird," the comms crackled to life "This is International Rescue."

Paul leant over, trying not to jostle Adam, "This is Spectrum, receiving you loud and clear over."

Paul knew of International Rescue. It was an organisation that had popped up a few years ago and helped prevent and clean up after major disasters. They also did smaller jobs like search and rescue due to their advanced equipment. Anyone else, including Spectrum, would not have been able to find them in this weather.

"Spectrum, I'm coming in on your position and will be using my hooks to lift your craft up into the hull. Do you need any medical assistance?"

"Yes, I have one agent here that is injured, over."

"There will someone to meet you in the bay. I am sorry but the lift might not be as smooth due to the storm."

Paul laughed, "That's okay, International Rescue, just get us out of here."

There were some lights overhead. Paul tracked them as they hovered over the Hummingbird, lining her up. He heard the clunks of the grappling hooks and felt the jostle of the Hummingbird being lifted into the air.

The storm around them faded as they entered the hull of the green Thunderbird that was lifting them up.

Paul shook Adam, "Adam, come on. You gotta see this" but Adam was out for the count, "Damn it." he whispered.

Paul opened the Hummingbird door and spotted a person in a blue outfit with a yellow respirator around his neck. His stomach dropped. The man was a Mysteron.

"Okay, where's the injured person? We can get them down to medical to stabilize them as we head over the GDF base a little ways from here," The man smiled reassuringly.

Paul drew his gun, "Stay right where you are."

The man seemed surprised, but didn't move. He put a hand to his shoulder and Paul could see the IR emblem light up, "Ah Virg, we have a shell shocked Agent here defending the injured party. You might need to come down here with your expertise."

"F.A.B. Gordon." Paul heard over the comms.

Gordon just waited, trying to make himself small and non-threatening.

"What is going on here?" Paul demanded.

"We are rescuing you, what does it look like?" The man, Gordon, had balls at least.

"This seems like a Mysteron abduction to me and I’m not letting you anywhere near my friend."

Gordon raised his eyebrows and tilted his head to give Paul a once over, "You know we did hear rumours about someone breaking out from the Mysteron's control."

"Well I’m not going back either."

"Um, I have seemed to have made things worse," Gordon stepped back towards the door, "Look, Virgil is the best one to talk to and he should be here any moment."

The main door opened and a second man entered. Clad also in blue, he wore a green utility belt, "Gordon, Two is currently hovering in on auto-pilot so I need you to go up and fly her. I’ve marked the base’s location on the map and they know we are coming so do your best to get us there smoothly."

"F.A.B. Virgil." Gordon saluted and ran out of the door.

Virgil turned towards Paul, "Now Agent, you said you had an injured person on board. Our craft is equipped with an extensive medical bay."

Paul was shocked into silence. This man was Mysteron too. But International Rescue had done nothing but help Earth when people needed it.

Virgil stepped lightly and slowly advanced on Paul, "I mean you no harm. We are not going to hurt you or your friend in the helicopter. We are only here to help."

The gun hung limp in Paul’s fingers, "But you're Mysteron."

Virgil nodded, "And right now I’m the best chance your friend has for surviving this. You will be there every step of the way and you can tell me to stop anything I am doing for more explanations but we are wasting time if you don't put down your gun and let me get them to the med bay."

Paul stood for a moment then lowered the gun, "Captain Blue has lost blood and is wounded in multiple places."

Virgil stepped around Paul to lift Adam out of the helicopter, "Follow me."

Paul followed Virgil out of the hanger and down a corridor to the med bay. He paused in the door to look around as Virgil lowered Adam to a bed.

Virgil started pressing some buttons on a control pad next to the bed, "All I’m doing right now is scanning Captain Blue’s so we can assess what needs to be done. It will also tell me his blood type so we can synthesise some if a fluid solution isn't enough."

Paul slowly aprroached the bed, "Okay, just don't try anything funny." He had tried to sound threating but he knew it had come out anything but.

Virgil just smiled and nodded; this was not the first time he'd had someone hovering over his shoulder due to worry.

The machine beeped and Virgil read the readouts, "He has multiply entry wounds and burns so they need to be cleaned and sealed. I'm going to take off his shirt and pants so I can get to them."

Paul breathed deeply, the diagnostic sounded bad, "Can I help?"

Virgil looked him up and down then handed him a pair of scissors, "Cut his clothes off so I can get an IV ready. He will need a bag of fluid then after we can see if he needs a blood transfusion too."

"Okay." Paul got to work. This was no time to be panicking; he could do this for Adam.

Once Paul had gotten the shirt off Virgil inserted an IV and placed the bag on a hook on the side and positioned it so Paul could clearly read it. Not that it mattered what was on the label, the bag could have anything in it.

Virgil started putting creams and bandages on Adam’s wound while Paul stood back to watch.

“So,” Paul kept a close eye on all of Virgil’s movements, “About the Mysteron thing.”

Virgil gave him an amused look, “You sure you want to do this now?”

“What other time is there?”

Virgil shrugged, “Fair enough. As you said, I am a Mysteron, my family are too. We escaped Mars and came to Earth to get away from the Mysteron side of the War of Nerves. We don’t get involved directly in Mysteron schemes in case we are detected but we help Earth when we can.”


“It’s a war Agent,” Virgil’s face flashed with pain for a moment before the calm came back, “Do you think humanity is the only side suffering? We are some of the lucky ones who got out.”

Virgil got up to press some more buttons on the screen, “We were just going to stay on the island we landed on; hidden and out of the way. Then we watched the news and we decided we could help. We are so far ahead of your Earth technology that we could do things you could barely dream of.”

Paul came closer to the bed, “And you weren’t found out?”

“We have a contact in the GDF who knows our origin, who agreed to keep our secret so we could continue helping.” Virgil looked sadly at Paul, “I don’t know if anyone at Spectrum knows but I’m not always involved with the politics, I’m just here to help people.”

Paul was about to give Virgil some encouragement when Gordon’s voice came over the comms, “Virg, we are coming up to the GDF base but you’re going to have to bring Two down. These ground wind speeds are too strong for me.”

Virgil frowned then started towards the door, “Look Agent, just stay here. It might get a bit bumpy.”

Paul sat down on the edge of Adam’s bed, “Well, this is all very interesting Adam.”