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Hurt and Comfort

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The afternoon sun was shining brightly on the two men sparring in the clearing, the sounds of a heated battle ringing clearly in the empty space. They had sparred here before quite often when Genos had requested as such, sometimes forcing his teacher to hone his skills in a friendly battle. Saitama occasionally entertained Genos and his want to train with him, allowing his disciple to showcase his improved skills. And every so often, Genos surprised his teacher with new upgrades and fighting techniques. Currently Genos aimed his loaded machinery for Saitama, sensors trying desperately to lock onto their target. Each time he sensed his teacher, he fired a blast of scorching fire in the direction of movement, missing his target by the skin of his teeth. Saitama seemed to be dodging all of them with little to no effort, as his poker face never changed to show a sign of exertion. This time, though, Genos had a trick up his non existent sleeve. Without missing a beat Genos had maneuvered his arms to link together, shifting into an even larger canon than he had previously on both arms. His stance wide, Genos shouted with his whole being as he spun himself around, flames jetting out of the canon like a tornado. The heat would have melted any normal metal individual, and the cyborg was grateful to the good doctor for equipping him with a stronger metal alloy. Moments felt like eternity till he ceased fire, Genos heaving a couple of heavy breaths to send much needed oxygen to his brain. The fire tornado died out almost instantly, Saitama nowhere in sight.  

Perched on top of a tree a distance away, an infamous ninja stood hidden behind a leafy canopy observing the two heroes. Arms crossed over his chest, he idly wondered why his oh so dear cyborg had requested yet another spar with the bald asshole. Surely he knew that it was futile, Sonic mused silently. Saitama was, for lack of better words, fucking unbeatable. The man’s strength knew no bounds, and countless times Sonic bore witness to his one punch special. His whole body shuddered at the memory of Saitama accidentally punching him in the gonads, scowling. He’d never forgive, and he’d never forget. That punch wasn’t even on purpose, a slight turn of the hand, and it still felt like he would absolutely die. Sonic wondered if Saitama had complete control over his strength. Has he ever slipped up? What would happen if he did. Thankfully, Sonic didn’t have to worry about that any time soon. He was positive the bald man had enough restraint to hold himself back. Dutifully Sonic watched the two duke it out, Genos giving his all while Saitama continuously dodged each attack with what appeared to be minimal effort. Then, to Sonics’ surprise, a large swirl of flames erupted from Genos, engulfing the two in a heat that even Sonic felt from the trees. Once it had died down, the cyborg was standing alone in the clearing.

“Saitama-sensei!” The younger man’s voice echoed in the clearing, the massive arsenal jetting from his arms still producing a thick smoke from just recently being fired. His teacher had once again dodged his attack, causing the blonde to breathe in exasperation. There was a moment of silence after he called for his teacher, Genos’ sensors scanning for any sign of the older male before there was a sudden blow from behind. His lower torso had exploded from the impact which caused him to be projected forward onto the dusty ground with a loud crash. The force of the impact caused a huge dust cloud to rise, the thick dust obscuring the view of anyone inside it.

“Oh jeez, Genos, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to actually hit you that hard.” Saitama chuckled lightly, the dust in the air obscuring his vision of his disciple. “Genos?” The hero waved some dust from his face, following the skid marks Genos left on the ground when he fell.  "Hey man, you alright?“ There was no response, causing Saitama to furrow his brow in confusion. The cyborg had always answered him promptly, assuring his teacher that he was well and that everything was ok. A strange feeling dug into his gut, Saitama quickening his pace until suddenly a sword was jetting out of the dust cloud mere centimeters from his face. "Wha..” The question hadn’t even left his mouth before the sword was swung with a percice quickness, moving to maim Saitama. Without much effort he had dodged the attacks, tilting his head in question before the dust had finally settled, revealing the only tightly-clothed ninja that could have made those movements. Sonic was standing over Genos’ torn apart body, his stance defensive after having moved to attack Saitama. “What in the world..”

“YOU did this.” Sonic spat, his cold eyes lit with unyielding ire. He crouched down near Genos, pulling his upper torso into his arm so that the blonds’ head rolled into the crook of Sonics’ neck. His sword never left Saitamas’ direction. “You and your MONSTROUS strength did this. But obviously this was bound to happen.” Once his mouth started spewing word, it never stopped. “Someone like you, who only has to hit something once to destroy it, was BOUND to hurt something that didn’t deserve it.” He gave Saitama a dirty look, lip curling into something akin to a snarl. “Never thought you’d actually hit him though. Finally can’t control that ungodly strength, huh? Maybe it’s time to hang up the cape, baldy.” Sonic’s grip on Genos tightened, the blond slowly moving his head. Sonic lowered his sword slightly, looking at Genos with soft concern that he oh so very rarely showed anyone. “Hey, hey now. Don’t try to move so soon. You just got one helluva beating.” He brushed the back of his hand against Genos’ cheek softly, completely ignoring Saitama.  

“So…nic..?” The blonds’ voice was slightly strained, his brow furrowing in confusion. “When…When did you get here? I was training with Sensei when….when…” Genos had blinked a few times, looking towards Saitama as he processed the events that had happened. He was too slow. Saitama hit him. He broke like frail china. His mid section had been entirely obliterated, legs thrown a few meters away. One arm was twisted a funny way, the other torn off from the elbow down. “Teacher…” His voice rang clear in the silence, yellow irises piercing through guilted brown ones. His teacher looked away, jaw tight with discomfort. Genos, as always, noticed the smallest things about his teacher. Each detail bore into his memory as if it were engraved. Was it out of his aspiration to be as strong as Saitama? Or was it another emotion completely. He couldn’t tell anymore. “Saitama…”

“Yeah, yeah, I heard you.” Saitama replied curtly, not even remotely looking in the direction of his disciple. He kept replaying Sonic’s words over and over again. Monstrous. Ungodly strength. His lip curled slightly, a foul taste in his mouth. It wasn’t the first time hearing such derogatory terminology used to describe him, and yet after sending Genos flying across the clearing without even breaking a sweat made him think. He was dangerous, not only to villains but to those he kept close as well. It caused a familiar emotion to rise into his throat. Fear. After a long silence, Saitama turned away from the two, fists clenching at his sides. “Sonic.” His voice was sharp, hiding any trace of the fear he felt inside himself. “Make sure Genos gets back to Dr Kuseno for repairs.” Without looking back at the two, Saitama walked in the direction of his home, cape billowing in the slight wind that had picked up.

“Saitana-sensei, wait!” Genos shouted, his voice echoing in the vast space. He struggled in Sonics’ embrace, extending the one arm still intact to his upper torso. “Saitama-sensei!!” Please turn around. Please come back. Please don’t leave. Don’t leave. Stop. Genos felt fresh anxiety creep into the back of his mind, the look on Saitama’s face engraved in his memory. “SAITAMA!!” Genos screamed in one final attempt to get his teacher to look back, to acknowledge him, anything. Sonics’ grasp on Genos kept him from toppling over face first onto the ground, his thin arms stronger than they initially appeared. With his last attempt a failure, oily tears threatened to fall from his eyes, Sonic quick to catch them before they fell. “Why did you call him those things? Why..” He broke into a slight sob, his intact hand covering his mouth.

“It’s true! All of it!” Sonic exclaimed defensively, wiping away Genos’s tears as they fell. “He doesn’t know how to keep his strength in check, and it’s DANGEROUS, especially for you. I worry about you.” He muttered the last bit, hoisting Genos up only with slight difficulty. “You need to tell me the way to Dr Kuseno’s place so we can get you repaired quickly. I’m sure you’d rather not be left in….well…this sort of state.” Sonic cringed when he looked at his lovers’ destroyed body. Would he have had any other human parts on him, Sonic was sure that Saitama could have killed Genos without even meaning to. The thought was frightening and left Sonic with a bad taste in his mouth.  

The cyborg was hiccuping slightly with how he was blubbering. His teacher, the man he cared so deeply about, made such a face at him and the ninja. Sure, his boyfriend didn’t quite care for the hero like he did, but Genos was sure that Sonic knew the blond had much deeper feelings than mere student and mentor. For Sonic to say such awful things to him though, it hurt Genos. Not as much as it hurt his teacher though, he was sure. He was blubbering too much to talk, though. Just as Sonic had sides of him he didn’t show others, so too did Genos. Only to one another did they ever show these sides of themselves, confiding in eachother deeply. As Sonic carried him, Genos gave direction to Dr Kusenos’ lab, holding onto Sonic with a tight grip. The walk back seemed eternal as thought of Saitama swam in his head. He’d go to see him after he was fully repaired, and hoped that he could talk to him about what happened. About a lot of things.