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Healing the Damage

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"Jack Harkness you are so going to owe me," Alistair muttered under his breath as he resisted the urge to rub his temples Gwen Cooper had the makings of being a good Torchwood Agent there was no doubt about that. The problem is she is so set in her ways, and she believed that she was always right, that she had the right to know everything that went on with Torchwood and her teammates' lives. She was just so pig head and stubborn and believed that she was in charge that what could have made her a good agent was overshadowed by those flaws.

Lifting the glass of scotch Alistair took a sip of it, he considered indulging himself on Jack's stash payment he was certain that he was going to be the first of many. The immortal had fine taste in scotch and he planned on taking advantage of it.


Sitting at her desk Gwen Cooper was seething she couldn't believe that some UNIT blowhard had dared to talk to her like she was some untrained rookie who had no clue what she was doing and her so-called teammates had just stayed silent as he did so.

Her fingers ran along the chain of the necklace that Mary had given her hidden away within her purse and she was so tempted to put it on to hear what her teammates had been hiding from her. If she could get some dirt on them then she could prove why she was the right one to lead Torchwood Three.

Her eyes flickered up to Jack's office bristling that someone other than her was sitting there. 'If I could just get some dirt on this Brigadier then I could get him out of my way and take my place as a leader and show Jack that I am the one he should have chosen and not Ianto! Everything in my life has gone wrong all because of Ianto Jones!' A smirk appeared on Gwen's face as a plan began to take form with the pendent she had the perfect way of making Jack see that Ianto was using him and that she is the one he should be with and that Ianto belonged in a cell.

Oh yes, Gwen will soon have all that she deserves.


It had been a long time since Ianto had his mental shields so shattered but it was so much easier with Jack by his side.

"You're doing wonderful," Jack reassured him as he ran his fingers through Ianto's hair. Mental shields were never something easy to build or rebuild but his partner was doing amazing.

"A big part of that is in thanks to you," Ianto whispered as he snuggled closer to Jack's warmth.

"I am just here to anchor you, you are the one doing all the hard work," Jack whispered as he pressed a kiss against Ianto's forehead.

Ianto could feel his mate worry for him. "I'm sorry for worrying you. But I think it is time for me to wake up. My shields are as strong as they are going to get. And as much fun as this is I miss feeling your lips on mine."

Relief filled Jack, "I'll be waiting for you and I will make sure you know how much I missed holding you in my arms." Jack promised.

Never had Jack loved a sight more than that of Ianto's eyes fluttering open.

"Hi," Ianto whispered his voice hoarse from lack of use.

"Hi, yourself." Jack didn't care that his voice cracked his mate was awake and that was all that mattered to him. "Don't you ever do that to me again." Jack admonished.

"I'll try not to," Ianto promised but he knew he would act if Jack was in danger.

Jack glanced at his mate that was a little too easy and he wasn't surprised to find Ianto staring back at him innocent looking. "Don't think I'm buying your innocent look for one second, you forget I know you Mr. Jones and you'll do anything to keep me safe just like I will do anything to keep you safe."

"And I will do the same for you." Ianto would rip apart the world if it meant keeping Jack safe. "Not that I am not enjoying our time together but when do you think that we should return to Cardiff?"

Shifting so Ianto was in his arms, "I think by the end of this week, we need to make sure that your shields are fixed and I think Gwen training under Alistair will either help her or prove that she is not fit for Torchwood." Jack knew that soon he will have to decide what to do with Gwen but for now, that can wait, he will deal with that when he and Ianto return right now it was time to focus on his beloved mate.


"Is it just me or is Gwen acting more odd than usual?" Owen asked as he, Tosh and Caden slipped out of the Hub for lunch. "And make sure we get Alistair something nice for putting up with Gwen while giving us a break," Owen added as an afterthought.

"I already have a nice whiskey and scotch picked out for him." Caden promised, "Besides I think he has Cooper well under control after all he is the one man, not only UNIT respects but so does the Queen, Harkness and the Doctor."

Owen had to agree with Caden there were few as respected as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, "Hopefully he can shape her up to at least follow basic commands and realize that she doesn't know everything and that we have more experience than her and know what we are doing."

Tosh silently agreed, she had tried to get along with Gwen in the beginning but the woman's speech about how she was the heart and soul of Torchwood, how she looked down on them for doing what needed to be done and sometimes that meant making the hard choices. "I don't get why she thinks she is better than the rest of us? Just because when she started she had Rhys it didn't mean that we didn't know what it is like to love so much you worry about them. We have all faced our share of heartbreak and pain and we do everything in our power to make it so that no one else goes through what we have and yes that we might not always succeed we still try."

Silence reigned at the weight of Tosh's words as they all lost themselves in those that they had loved and lost.


Alistair had picked up a few tricks from his time working with the Doctor and one of those was how to protect his mind from telepathic races. So when he felt something nudging against his mind he slammed down his mental shields and violently kicked out whoever had been attempting to snoop inside his head, he had an idea as to who had done that and his theory was confirmed when a loud shriek came from the main hub area where Gwen was pouting as she was supposed to be reading her Torchwood manual.

"Jack would have told me if anyone besides Ianto had a telepathic ability, something is not right here." Alistair would have to do some digging into Miss Cooper's recent comes and goings. "It is a good thing that I know people."


Down in the main part of the Hub Gwen angrily tossed the pendent onto her desk as she did her best to rid herself of the blinding pain that had filled her as she had been thrown out of Alistair's mind. Now she knew that the man was hiding something. 'I will figure out what is going on here and prove myself to Jack that I am the right person to be by his side and in his bed.' Gwen vowed there was no way she could fail not now.


Jack had been enjoying his time with Ianto who was currently sleeping soundly in his arms. Careful not to wake his sleeping lover Jack lazing trailed his fingers up and down Ianto's arm delighting in the bite marks he had left on Ianto's neck, they had spent the last few hours relearning every inch of each other's bodies and reconnecting physically. Jack won't deny that he was a little smug that he had managed to wear Ianto out so much. 'I'll let him sleep a little longer than wake him up for a nice long hot shower.' Jack planned so the last thing he expected was for his Torchwood comm to beep. Glancing at Ianto Jack was happy to see that he hadn't been disturbed by the noise.

Quietly Jack whispered into it, "Alistair? What's wrong?"

"Jack I hate to disturb you and Ianto but can you tell me how Cooper has an Arcateenian telepathy pendant?"

A cruse escaped Jack's lips it looks like he and Ianto needed to return sooner than they had hoped.


Gwen hadn't been surprised when she spotted Mary waiting for her outside of the base, she was grateful that she didn't have to seek out the woman as she stalked towards her.

It took everything in Mary not to roll her eyes as Gwen came storming up to her.

"You're pendant didn't work. I couldn't read the wrongfully acting head of Torchwood's mind." Gwen snarled out. Her head still pounding from the backlash.

A cunning smirk overtook Mary's face, "Well then you'll just have to help me get into Torchwood and I can help you break down the barriers that keep you out and then you can find everything you need to get Ianto Jones out of the way."

Delight filled Gwen, she knew that she could get in trouble but once Jack was free of Ianto's control he would forgive her and thank her for freeing him. "Tonight, I'll bring you in tonight when everyone else is gone."

"Perfect." Mary purred out.