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First Stage Of Mass Relay Repairs Complete
By Lucas Costa  May 14, 2187

RIO DE JANEIRO, EARTH – Celebrations erupted as news came that the mass relays connecting Earth, Thessia, Sur’Kesh, Palaven, and Tuchanka are all functioning once again.  The fleets have returned triumphant to their homeworlds, and the process of rebuilding galactic trade routes has begun.

Not all the news was celebratory.  The turians are planning a ceremony on Palaven to honor those who died of hunger during the wait, in particular the 5,000 individuals who voluntarily sacrificed their lives so that others might live.  Many of the nearly 500,000 survivors will need treatment for malnutrition.

Plans are underway to repair the remaining relays in Council space and in the Attican Traverse, eventually opening a path to Rannoch.  The time estimate for reaching Rannoch is six months.

Systems Alliance Calls Emergency Elections
By Sara Brighton  May 15, 2187

VANCOUVER, EARTH – With the re-establishment of mass relay transit to Arcturus and to the Exodus Cluster, Admiral of the Fleets Steven Hackett has called for elections to replace the Systems Alliance Parliament, the governing body of the Alliance.  Nearly all members of the Parliament were killed at the start of the Reaper War, when the Reapers destroyed Arcturus Station, the Alliance capital.

The situation of a military officer calling for elections is unusual, but in this case necessary.  The Reapers’ decapitating attack destroyed the usual line of succession, which by the Alliance Charter puts the Alliance in a state of indefinite martial law until Parliament can be re-established.  Once Parliament is reconstituted, it will have the power to appoint a new human councilor to the Citadel Council, replacing the late Councilor Donnel Udina.

The Alliance is a representative democracy, with members of parliament elected by proportional vote.  The Prime Minister, who is head of government, is then chosen via majority vote by and from among the members.  For more information, refer to the Omnipedia article “Governance of the Systems Alliance.”

Spectres Shepard, Alenko Announce Nuptial Plans
By Sara Brighton  June 4, 2187

VANCOUVER, EARTH – John Shepard and Kaidan Alenko, the first and second human Spectres, have announced their engagement.  Reactions varied: while many expressed joy at the news, some questioned whether it was appropriate for two Spectres to marry.  For its part, the Citadel Council gives its blessing.

Unions between Spectres are rare but not unheard of.  In the nearly 1,500 years since the appointment of the first Spectre, only twice before have two Spectres wed: the asari Spectre Levas T’Bren took the turian Spectre Nayra Veritian as her bondmate in 1387 CE, and the turian Spectre Mentas Kirik joined with the turian Spectre Koria Solvum in 1631 CE.

Shepard and Alenko expressed their wish for a small, private ceremony.  As such, neither the date nor the location of the wedding will be announced.  However, the couple promised to release holos after the fact.  In lieu of gifts, the couple asked that well-wishers donate to Shepards, a charity for refugees and orphans established in 2185 that was named in Shepard’s honor by founder Conrad Verner.

Asari and salarians curious about human gender roles in light of this marriage between two human males may wish to refer to the Omnipedia article “Sociopolitics of Human Sexuality.”

Tensions Rise As Reapers Form Coalitions
By Lucas Costa  June 12, 2187

RIO DE JANEIRO, EARTH – With the Reaper War ended, many breathed a sigh of relief – but that relief may prove short-lived.  In recent weeks, the Reapers have begun dividing themselves into factions.  Analysts fear that this may be the first step toward a Reaper civil war.  As the Reapers do not generally state their thoughts and intentions to those they deem “lesser species,” the fault lines causing this division are not known.

While many in Council space would cheer to see Reapers destroy one another, collateral damage would be certain.  The Destroyer-class Reapers are still present on Council worlds, repairing the damage from the last war.  In the event of a new war, it is likely that many lives would be lost, and much of the repair work undone.

The “Applied Theology” task force, named for a fictional discipline in a human novel, is working feverishly to understand Reaper psychology.  The task force is in frequent communication with one faction of Reapers, which has presented itself as the faction most aligned with Council interests.

At the forefront of the task force are Spectres John Shepard and Kaidan Alenko, respectively the first and second human Spectres.  Their experience with Reapers extends beyond battle, as these two humans are among the few to have heard Reapers speak, even before joining the task force.  Shepard, the famed Hero of the Citadel, had even held conversation with Reapers on more than one occasion.

Joining the task force are Arien T’Nassa, an asari xenopsychologist who has devoted most of her career to understanding the Rachni, and Valdin Lam, a salarian tactician whose battle plans were instrumental in keeping the Reapers distracted from Sur’Kesh during the Reaper War.  Upon joining the task force, T’Nassa was quoted as saying, “The challenge ahead is great.  The Reapers’ minds are the most alien we have ever encountered.”

It is not known how these apparent hostilities will affect the mass relay repairs currently in progress, as those repairs are currently being conducted by Sovereign-class Reapers.

Husks Commit To Pro-Council Reaper Faction
By Lucas Costa  June 14, 2187

RIO DE JANEIRO, EARTH – In an unexpected move, Reaper ground forces across Earth have stepped forward and pledged themselves to defending the human homeworld if Reaper hostilities break out.

The Reaper ground forces (collectively “husks”) show no signs of the factionalism that has gripped Reaper ships, and the husks appear to be universally in favor of protecting the Council races in the event of a Reaper civil war.

The husks expressed this interest using American Sign Language (“ASL”), a purely visual human language based on hand gestures.  As automatic translation software in Citadel space was updated years ago to include all major human languages, including ASL, the husks had no trouble making their intentions known.  It is not known how the husks learned ASL.