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Darcy Lewis vs. The Tabloids

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America’s Sweetheart: Steve Rogers confirms he has a girlfriend, says it’s serious

Darcy arched her brow at Steve’s wide grin as he tossed the tabloid onto the table in front of her. “What?”

“Check page 3,” he said as he headed to the kitchen for some coffee.

“You’ve been spending too much time with Nat,” she grumbled as she scanned the front-page headlines—apparently someone had spotted Bigfoot outside Atlantic City—before turning to the third page. “Being all secretive and—OH MY GOD,” she yelped. “You…?” She trailed off and looked up to find him smiling at her from just a foot away. “I thought we were going to keep this, you know,” she mumbled, waving her hand between the two of them, “private.”

Steve rolled his eyes and leaned in to press a soft kiss against her lips. “I didn’t give them your name, since that should be your choice, but maybe this will stop the worst of the inaccuracies. At least,” he added, taking the paper from her hands and settling into one of the other chairs around the table, “they’ll probably stop saying I’m sleeping with Tony now.”

Darcy giggled. “I dunno, they are pretty stuck on that one. I think they just like the visual.”