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Whispers of Redemption

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Look outside your window
Tell me what you see
Do you see the world ending?
Because to me… That’s all I see


The house was silent; it stood up on the hill not a breath of life there.
The last family, the Strife family had fled the house when two opposing Supernatural sides of Twilight Hill had risen up and consumed everything.
The Silhouettes and the Spirits had split everything up including the family and in the end taking young Roxas’ life.
The Spirits are finally at peace, the Silhouettes live on…
This incident happened nineteen years ago.


It was bordering up dusk when the sun sank beneath the house, it cast a long eerie shadow across the overgrown terrace.

“Let’s hurry up and go inside the house before it gets too dark”

“You wimp, we are getting money if we do this, everybody says that this house is haunted but I don’t think so.”

Two boys reached the entrance gates and looked up the wrought iron bars that were choked by weeds and entangling vines.

Jasper and Isaiah were sophomores at Twilight High. They were currently on a dare from fellow friends to venture up to the abandoned house on the hill.
It was supposed to be haunted but they were only made up stories and Jasper wanted to prove everybody wrong.

It was an old house.

Isaiah on the other hand had listened to the tales circulating around the town. Apparently the Strife family that live on the other side of town had been the last owners of the house. They moved in with two sons and only came out with one.

Jasper heaved himself upwards and the gates groaned under the weight. A screech echoed out when the steel scraped up against each other and he hissed, “Come on Isaiah, you gone chicken?”
Isaiah frowned and put his torch in his pants and jumped up after his friend. They jumped down to the dirt road and they turned around to see the house loom above them on the hill.
The sun quickly disappeared and the sky was streaked with violet and pink.
The boys shuffled up the drive and the flashlights flickered to life.
The light shone over a fountain caked with grass and flowers, the water had stopped long ago by the looks of it.
Jasper shone his torch to the front door and Isaiah followed his gaze, the porch was overgrown with wild roses and the front door hung open revealing the insides of the house.
The boys paused and stood at the porch stairs and they felt a gush of warm air envelop them. A groan came out and Isaiah jumped to Jasper’s side and gripped his arm. His friend pulled away and gave him a disgusted look “Gross, you wimp Isaiah, get away from me you girl.”

Isaiah gulped and bit back down the terror welling up and saw Jasper venture up the stairs and disappear into the depths of the house. The other boy was transfixed by fear shining his torch to the ground. He jumped violently when a hiss echoed from the doorway, “You haven’t gone all scaredy-cat on me have you Issy?”
Isaiah shined his torch and saw Jasper cringe and cover his eyes when the light hit him in the face. He wanted to run away and go home, it was only a stupid bet, why had he agreed to come?

Jasper spun back around and shined his light around the house and heard Isaiah step beside him. Two golden beams of light illuminated the room in front of them. The house wasn’t completely empty, a lounge sat in the middle of the room in front of an empty entertainment unit that used to house a TV.
The kitchen was still decorated in small ornamental statues and plates and cupboard doors hung open and Isaiah saw dishes and glasses still packed up neatly in the cupboards. A dining table set with four chairs sat beside the sitting area and as Isaiah walked over to the table he saw a handprint in the dust.
It was definitely recent.

He saw Jasper on the right hand side of the sitting area and he was gesturing to Isaiah wildly. The boy walked over cautiously and Jasper whispered pointing the light, “we haven’t been the only ones to come here Issy.”
Two sleeping bags were lined up against the wall under a window. They must have belonged to squatters that came here a while ago. They were incredibly dusty and all Isaiah saw was one of the sleeping bags had been ripped by an animal of some sort.
Two small bags of belongings sat beside the sleeping bags and Jasper picked up a wallet and looked inside. “This was the guy that used to live in the drains at Station Heights, remember him?” Jasper held out the wallet and Isaiah saw the ID was definitely a homeless man that had disappeared about four years ago.
Isaiah’s torch wavered slightly and his eyes were drawn to the wood of the floorboards. Panic started to make his chest heave and he whispered hoarsely, “Uh Jazzy, look at this.”
He shone the light and Jasper stepped over forgetting the wallet and mumbled, “Heck.” Long claw marks were gouged in the wood, but on closer inspection Isaiah saw a full fingernail embedded in the wood.
A human fingernail.
He jumped back letting out a wobbling cry and said, “A human done that? What happened?”
Jasper snorted and said, “Probably a homeless guy came here and one was already here and they fought who got to set up residence here.” The boy shrugged and said, “Come on Issy lets keep exploring, we get a hundred bucks if we do this.”
Isaiah let a cry mumble in his throat and tears started to sting the back of his eyes. “I don’t wanna do this anymore; I just want to go home.”
Jasper sighed and he spun Isaiah around and rummaged through the backpack his friend had. He pulled out a video camera and said through grit teeth, “You sook, there is nothing wrong, we have to go up the stairs and just get footage of this stuff.”

Jasper flicked the camera on and waved it around the house, “Is this thing even on?” The lens adjusted and on the screen it showed the frightened face of Isaiah. Jasper chuckled and headed for the stairs, “Come on lets do this.”
The boys walked towards the stairs, the darkness surrounded them as they reached the stairwell. The air got instantly muskier and nineteen years of dust billowed around the boy’s shoes.

The stairs creaked under the double weight and through the filming of the camera Jasper’s voice was heard saying in a soft monotone, “This place must be like ancient, look at all this junk.”
The boys reached the top of the stairwell and Jasper handed the camera to Isaiah and pointed his light right down the dark hall. Every door in the hall hung open, either on hinges or lying flat on the ground. The attic door was pulled from the roof and the rungs of the ladder lie broken and scattered over the floor.

Isaiah swung his light around and whispered, “Come on Jazzy, maybe this isn’t a good idea, forget the money.” Jasper scoffed and ventured to a door on the left and peeked in, Isaiah had no choice but to follow.

He stopped at the door and Jasper walked in partly and said, “It’s a room, the bed and everything is still in here.” Isaiah glanced in and whispered, “Jazz, there’s a bathroom look inside that.”

Jasper walked to the ensuite of the bedroom and saw grime decorating the once white tiles. Broken plaster and tiles littered the floor. The showers door had been pushed in and leant up against each other and a gaping hole revealed the ancient plumbing.
Isaiah backed to the door and said in a shaking voice, “let’s get the rest done and get out of here Jasper.”

Jasper backed out of the room and headed down the left hand side of the house, Isaiah glanced in with the camera, greeted by empty room after empty room. He sidestepped the rubble and Jasper pushed a door. They jumped back when it fell backwards, snapping the hinges and landed with a loud ‘bang’. Dust swept up in a cloud and gasping Jasper covered his nose and said in a muffled voice, “Looks like a Master bedroom.”
Isaiah swung the camera around jumping when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The hairs at the back of his neck instantly began to prickle and he saw nobody. Jasper looked at him with an eyebrow quirked and said, “What! What’s the matter?”
He hadn’t heard anything.
Isaiah gulped and stared at the stairs a little longer then stammered, “n-nothing, I thought I heard something.” Jasper frowned at him and snorted, “It’s your imagination you baby, now hurry up, I need the camera.”

The camera started to wobble precariously in Isaiah’s hand as they wandered over to the other side of the house. A smashed bathroom was all that was seen when they turned from the bedroom up the front of the hall; Jasper went to a door that was firmly shut.

Isaiah stood some distance away as Jasper pushed up against the door. It was stuck.

“How dare he, we should do something before he pisses them off, you know what Axel is like.”
“Hush, it won’t be Axel I am worried about, you know how Roxas gets, he has really harnessed his power now.”
“We can’t sit here and do nothing, I am going to try and scare them off.”
“Demyx! Don’t - sigh- why do I even bother?”

There was a rush of wind, followed by a low growl. Isaiah froze and squeaked to his determined friend. “Uh Jazz, did you just hear that?” he got a simple grunt in response as Jasper threw himself against the door.
A bang echoed down the hall and Isaiah could only shiver with fear.
All he wanted to do was leave. He was terrified. Just because Jasper wanted to prove himself against some stupid dare.
He stared down the hall until he heard Jasper whisper, “Isaiah, get a load of this!” the small brunette boy spun around and he Jasper pointed to the bottom of the door. Isaiah pointed the camera down and with shock and wonder they saw the darkness from under door suddenly light up.
It was like somebody had opened a window and the sunlight had flooded in.
Thing was, it was getting later at night.

Isaiah heard another noise, it sounded like a footstep. He spin around and through the camera’s screen he was able to see a figure coming out of the darkness. It took a shape of a human and Jasper whispered beside him, “Do you see it too?”
Isaiah let a wobbly cry escape his throat, his hand was shaking so badly that the camera started to wobble as well. The shape jerked towards them and Jasper let a yell of fright rip from his chest. He jumped about a foot in the air and barricaded back into the door. There was a shudder and the door slammed inwards.
It slammed against the wall with an ear deafening bang and Isaiah spun around with a yelp. The light inside the room vanished and Jasper scrambled up and spun around.

“There is no way I’m going in there, Axel will flip the lid.”
“I told you not to do it Demyx, now; you will watch what will ensue.”
“B-But Zex-.”
“NO! You will watch Demyx. Then you will deal with Axel and Roxas.”

Isaiah was the first to recover and he lifted the camera and looked around the bedroom. It was semi empty, a large bed sat in the middle of the bedroom. A dusty bedside table sat beside it. A broken bookshelf sat in the corner and an empty TV cabinet stood against the wall.
Other than that, it was empty. And incredibly dusty.

Isaiah swung the camera back to Jasper and whispered furiously, “This is what you wanted to see Jasper! Can we get out of here now?” Isaiah stepped back towards the door.
They paused when there was a brief flicker of fire that danced in the corner of the room. Isaiah turned to camera to the corner and a small flame continued to burn. Jasper looked fearfully to his companion and they both backstepped to the door.
They both jumped and screamed when the door slammed shut, Isaiah dropped the camera. It was still filming as it hit the floorboards.
On the screen, behind the door stood a black clad figure.

It was a boy, he had wild golden spikes and his blue eyes were quickly dissipating and turning black. Red and black veins raced up his face and he opened his mouth, rows of sharp teeth glinted in the dimness. A loud hiss erupted out and a low raspy voice whispered out. “What are you doing here?”

Isaiah turned around desperately and let out a large yelp when he saw another black clad figure stepping beside them. He had fiery red hair that was even wilder than the boys. His face was deathly pale but his eyes were green and not black.
He let out a fierce chuckle.
“You boys are going to regret coming here, Roxas gets terribly unhappy.”

“Roxas!” Jasper gasped, “Roxas Strife, he’s the boy that died.” He cast a glance to the golden haired boy who let a frown cement his face.
“How dare you” he rasped.
His fists clenched at his sides; “You have no right to be here, then to come into my bedroom and say that I am”-
He struggled with the word and the red head folded his arms and glared menacingly at the boys.
“We aren’t dead you little bastards.”

Isaiah stepped over the floorboards, his voice wobbling and tears rolling down his cheeks. “I’m so sorry” he blubbered “We will go, wont we Jasper?”
The smaller boy cast a fearful glance to his friend and was despaired when the arrogant boy stood defiantly.
“Well you cant be dead can you? You are standing right in front of us. You shouldn’t even be here.”

The red head smirked “Then why are you here?”

Jasper pursed his lips together and Isaiah murmured “Jazzy they’re giving us the chance to run away!”

Roxas scowled “And you lost that chance the minute you entered our house.” His face went a dark red colour and a soft golden light shone down his sleeves before wicked looking claws appeared.

“You will regret you ever came here.”
He revealed long, sharp fangs and lunged.


The abandoned Twilight Mansion that eerie night, erupted out in a long shriek. The front door swung open so hard that the old hinges snapped and the large wooden door fell to the balcony with a deafening ‘thud.’

Jasper let a scream rip from his chest, the blood still dripped from his cheeks and staining his shirt. He dashed for the metal gates and lunged at them, making them rattle noisily. He cleared the fence and disappeared down the road screaming;
“Somebody help me!”