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Multifandom Ficlets

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Meredith wouldn't have approached the leggy woman at the table, but she was reading a book whose cover Meredith wasn't ready to touch yet: The Long Goodbye, by Dr. Clarkson.

"Is it any good?" she asked in a voice that could barely be heard over the activity in the airport lounge.

The woman looked up. Meredith recognised her face but she couldn't place a name to anything but the emotions in her eyes: fear, sadness, loss.

"I wouldn't advise reading it unless you have to."

"I have to," Meredith admitted.

"Welcome to my world," she said, rolling her tired eyes.


After introductions, Meredith accepted CJ's offer to sit at her table. CJ asked a few medical questions, and then Meredith asked about CJ's experiences with her father to date. Two drinks later, Meredith unexpectedly asked CJ if she wanted to leave the bar.

It only took two minutes to find an empty bathroom. It only took thirty seconds to kiss. Both women sought comfort in shared experience and in those that were to come.

CJ pressed her against the stall door and lifted her leg between Meredith's thighs, creating friction. Meredith's whimper hitched on a ragged breath, before she returned the favour.


Watching CJ on television was a nice way to spend her break, Meredith decided as she relaxed. When Cristina, Alex, Isabelle, and George came in, creating loud conversation, Meredith continued to watch the television screen.

"Oh, god," Cristina moaned. "Alex, two women can't 'have sex.' It's just lots of groping."

George stifled an embarrassed laugh; Isabelle took Cristina's side; Alex continued to defend his opinion.

Meredith remained silent. She used to believe Cristina. The night in the airport---with CJ's lips, hands, body, in the small bathroom stall---changed her mind. She didn't want everyone to know she agreed with Alex.