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“Levi, are we there yet?”

The person in question chuckled. “No, but in five minutes. Are you exited?”

“You can’t tell?”, came the sassy remark, smirk audible in Eren’s voice.

Levi grinned. Eren’s birthday was coming up, but he had already organized something. If there was anything the brunet wanted to have, it was a dog, but since he was allergic to them there wasn’t really an option to have one, or at least so they thought. Levi then had done some research, and he had found a breed which wasn’t only hypoallergenic but also didn’t shed although their white hair could be quite long, probably much to Eren’s joy. He had always liked dogs with long hair, ‘because they’re more fluffy and you can cuddle with them better’. Although Levi preferred his home clean and without a hint of mud and hair in them, but maybe he could at least suppress the urge to clean everything perfectly as long as a dog could make Eren happy.

“We’re here.” Levi said finally, parking his car in front of a little house on the countryside. They had been on the road for two and a half hours to get to the breeder. Not only was the dog breed quite rare in their area, but Levi also didn’t want to go to any breeder. He had already spoke to Mr. Church on the phone, and although they didn’t exactly like the idea to surprise somebody with a pet, they were fine with it as long as Levi and Eren would talk about it before purchasing one.

“Okay Eren, before you misunderstand the situation: we’re getting one if you want to, but not today. Today’s just so we have an idea what might be in store for us, and so we have a look at them”, Levi quickly explained, reminding himself to not spill anything.

“Alright, but what exactly are we getting? Who’s ‘them’?” Eren whined, not having a clue what his fiancée was talking about but being excited nonetheless, especially since Levi made such a big deal out of it.

“You’ll see.” With a sly grin, Levi opened the door of the car and stepped outside before Eren could retort something, but he was standing next to him not a second later, and together they went onto the fenced off lawn after he had locked the car. As soon as the gate was closed again, a terrace door was opened and a small-sized dog ran to them, barking and huffing at the strangers on its territory. Eren immediately crouched down, knowing that he appeared less intimidating to the fluff ball even if it meant that he’d sneeze and have a running nose for two days straight. Levi watched with a grin as Eren let the little one sniff him, a wide happy smile tugging his lips upwards as soon he had caught sight of the animal. “Aww, Levi, look, she likes me!” He squealed in delight as the dog approved of him by licking his hand and letting him pet her willingly. “And her hair is so soft, it’s almost like cotton!”

As the brunet asked jokingly if they could keep her, Levi only snorted in amusement at the irony.

“Ah I see, you already have taken a liking to Chica, haven’t you?”

Both men looked up at the voice and saw a very young looking woman with short, red hair standing in the door frame. Eren stood up again, carefully not to scare the pet.

“Hello Mrs. Church. I’m sorry if we’re a little late.” Levi apologized, taking a step forwards and shaking her hand.

“Don’t worry about it, those two minutes don’t matter!” She dismissed it quickly. “You’re Mr. Ackerman, right?”

Levi nodded. “Please, call me Levi.” He turned around to the brunet, who looked still excited, but had no clue why they were here. “And that’s my fiancée, Eren Yeager.”

They shook hands. “Nice to meet you! I’m Isabel! If you want to, you can come in.”

Eren glanced at Levi, who didn’t do anything to suppress the smirk on his face; he was just too eager to see the brunet’s reaction to the surprise. With a sigh, they followed Isabel inside. It was a large kitchen, walls in a nice cream color and table already set. What really caught their attention though were the litter of puppies scurrying around the grown dog, Chica, as she came in with them. They were quite little, probably fitting into two hands. Levi watched with adoration as Eren crouched down again and the four little pets were storming towards him, wiggling their tails like mad and trying to get him to either play with or pet them. Eren on the other hand struggled to have the upper hand and was giggling the whole time.

"I told you he'd like them", Levi said to Isabel who had watched the scene in front of them with a happy expression.

She nodded and gestured to the chairs. "You don’t have to sit on the floor, you know." While Levi gladly took the opportunity, Eren stayed on the floor, much to their amusement.

Just as Isabel began to prepare some tea, a man came into the kitchen, looking as young as Isabel. He greeted the couple with a calm smile and introduced himself as Farlan. "Do you already have a certain puppy in mind, Eren?"

The brunet didn’t look up from his lap where a little fluff ball already seated himself, letting Eren tickle his belly. The puppy looked a bit larger than the others, but that could also be because of the mass of hair. "This guy here is quite adorable", he smiled.

Farlan hummed. "Buddy's also the calmest one, although he can get quite energetic at some times, when you play with him or take a walk."

"I think he suits you", Levi nodded, making Eren sigh.

"Yeah, he's really adorable, all of them are, actually. It's a pity I can’t take him with me." Suddenly, he went rigid. Levi could almost see the wheels turning in his head before his gaze snapped up to Levi's, eyes wide and mouth hung open. "No way…", he breathed. "Are we getting a dog, Levi?"

“No, YOU are getting a dog. Think of it as an early birthday present.”

“B-but …what’s about my allergy?”

“Coton de Tuléars are hypoallergenic because they have no underfur”, Isabel piped up. “They don’t even shed, you just have to groom them every two days.”

“Oh my God, this is perfect! And you’re serious about this?”, he asked Levi, eyes sparkling in joy.

His fiancée snorted. “Of course I am. Do you really think I’d bring you here for nothing?”

Eren’s grin widened at Levi’s sense of humor and his response in general. He stood up, the now sleeping puppy still in his arms, and went over to Levi to pepper his face with kisses. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!”

Levi chuckled before cupping his cheeks and pressing one firm kiss on the brunet’s lips. “No problem, gorgeous. But first, let’s inform us a bit so we don’t make any rookie mistakes and can properly care for the little guy, okay? No need to take more than one step at a time.”

Isabel and Farlan shared a knowing look.

They’d definitely care for Buddy.

Farlan raised an eyebrow. But I don’t know yet if they have the knowledge you need for getting a dog.

The young woman glanced to them and sighed happily. No, they seem alright. I have a good feeling about them.

Her husband followed her gaze and smiled, noticing how caring and loving they seemed, not only with each other but also with the puppy. It truly made his heart melt as he saw the couple sharing a long, loving hug with the puppy held safely in between them.